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How do our Sitemaps/ frameworks work?

January 1st, 2010 No comments


If you are one of our customers, before starting a website we would have given you a sitemap/structure of the site. This would list the structure of the site and the pages inside the site. If you have never seen one of these then there is a chance that they might be a bit hard to read. Here is a quick overview of how the frameworks work:


Home box:


Home box is the home page of the site that users land on when they type the website address on their browsers.


Blue Boxes:
All the blue boxes are the categories of the pages on the site. They don’t mean pages only how the pages are categorised.

Green Boxes:


The Green boxes are the separate pages that build up the site. Each of the box represents a single page. Upon finalization of the structure, they will be built into pages on the site. 

Yellow Sub Boxes:

Some Green Boxes have sub yellow boxes underneath them. These specify contents of that particular page. For example a box called contact form will have a form where users can put in their details (which will send an email to the website owner)

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