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How to set up your facebook fan/business page

Please note that to set up a facebook page for your business, you need a facebook account. If you don’t have a facebook account, please go to www.facebook.com and create one.

Step 1: Visit the Facebook Pages page

Step 2: Classify your Page/Business

  • Select form the following options
    Select a category for your page/business. Please use this option if your business is local to your area
    Brand, Product or Orgainisation
    Select a category for your business here. If you already have a business and a brand, this is the place to add it.
    Artist, Band or Public Figure
    Select this if you are setting up a page for an Artist, a Band or a Public Figure
  • Give the page a name (name the page to match your business)  and submit the information.

Voila, your page is set up, Now what can you do with your facebook page


Add a company logo

To upload your company photo, go to your page. You should be on the page now. There will be a box on the left top with a question mark on it. Hover above it and it will give you the option of changing the picture. Click on the link to change the picture of your page.

Upload General Product and Service/Company Images

To add general photos to the page, click on the photos tab. If you don’t see a photos tab, refresh the page or visit the page at a later time. When you click on the photos tab, it will ask you to create a photo album. Create one and upload photos into that album.

Add Business/Company information

Click on Info
Click on Edit Information
On the Basic Info, Please provide the year the company was founded
On the Detailed Info (might have to click on the arrow to expand this), please provide the website address, Company Overview, Mission and Products.
Underneath the company Logo/Photo, there is a box to do a quick intro to your business, click on the box and provide information there.

Facebook Comments

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