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Live plugin/feature for Piwik – open source web analytics

One of the features that we love after using Piwik web analytics for DzineClub Website is the live plugin/feature. This allows us to see in live and real time where our visitors are coming from with what attributes, how long they are spending on the site and what actions they took on the website.

Using Piwik Web Analytics, we can see for example our latest visitor was from France and came through Google Search Enging searching on Social Media Marketing. He/She spent 3.5 minutes going through roughly 6 pages on the site.

This also gives us a better information on our Paid Search Engine Marketing so that we can see on an individual level, how our various Search Engine Marketing campaigns are working out for us and improve them as required. The Live plugin for Piwik – open source web analytics allows us to look at that information at that granular level.


Interested in Analytics solutions for your websites??

DzineClub can help you strategize and implement analytics solutions (Google Analytics, Piwik Web Analytics) on your websites based on your requirements. Please send us an email at info@dzineclub.com for more information.

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