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The complete? Google Analytics Guide

The complete Google Analytics Guide

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used analytics software in the world. Google analytics/reporting tool is free and provided by Google. Google Analytics is hosted by Google. Google Analytics allows you to track multiple websites that you run/operate.  For each of those websites you can then

  • Track your Visitors, their attributes and how they interacted with the site
  • Track your traffic sources and where your visitors originated from or how they found your site
  • Track your Content, how often it was viewed, which pages were viewed etc
  • Track your Goals that you have associated with your websites
  • Track ecommerce if you have a shopping cart
  • Track your email marketing, Google Adwords, Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Here are the main areas of Google Analytics

      Google Analytics Dashboard

    The dashboard contains all of your custom reports in one location. When you set up your account, it automatically has the main reports on the dashboard already. You can remove the ones that are not relevant to you and you can add any report you like that are more important for your particular business. Dig deeper when setting up your dashboard and compare past results on your reports.

    Google Analytics Dashboard
    By default on the dashboard you get the visitors report, the site usage report, visitors overview, map overlay, traffic sources overview and content overview.Visits and Site Usage Report
    screenshot.22-03-2010 22.10.26 These reports give you a line graph of site visits for the last month. On this particular site the blue line indicates the visit for this month and the green line indicates visits for the month before that so that you can compare. On the Site Usage statistics it shows you

    -  how many visits you had for the month (compared to last month)
    -  how many page views did you have in total (also compared last month) and this calculates the pages/visit
    -  Bounce rates (visitors only visiting one page) compared to last month
    -  Average time on site compared to last month
    -  percentage of new visits (visitor loyalty)

    google-analytics-dashboard2 Then its followed by

    Visitors Overview

    How many visitors you had for the month (not compared to last month) 

  • What language do your visitors use
  • What network locations are they coming from
  • What browsers are the using to view your site
  • What screen colours are they using
  • What is the visitors screen resolution while viewing your website
  • What kind of plugins do they use รขโ‚ฌโ€œ such as java or flash
  • what internet connection speeds do they use

Map Overlay

They say ๐Ÿ™‚ a picture tells a thousand words. A quick visual guide into where the visitors are coming from. The map overlay can go deep into suburb/city level.

Traffic Sources Overview

  • Where are your traffic coming from, what search engines
  • What affiliate sites and sending users to your website
  • What keywords they are using to find your site
  • How successful are your SEM campaigns

Content Overview

  • What are the top pages on your site
  • Navigation analysis: how visitors found your content
  • What entrance path they are using to get to your content and how are they flowing from there. So at Dzineclub, we can click on our services page and see how the traffic flows from that page > meaning what are users most interested in
  • Top exit pages – where are your users dropping off

Site Search Reports

  • What are your visitors searching for in the site
  • What keywords are users searching on your site

Event Tracking Reports

  • What custom events are you tracking
  • What links they are clicking on
  • Download tracking
  • Events in Single page tracking

Goals Set up and Tracking

  • Funnel Visualisations
    Tell how many users went to your quote, contact us page and how many completed.

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