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The facebook Social Media Advantage for Businesses

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Facebook has traditionally been viewed as a personal social networking tool by many businesses. The perception for some companies is that it exposes public lives and public information to your business contacts. Obviously no one wants that.

Facebook over time has evolved into a very good business platform. It is a bit of work and hard to leverage some features of facebook from a business perspective but some features are done in 5 minutes and businesses can leverage those advantages almost immediately.

The first thing to understand is that TODAY and NOW, facebook is not just a personal social media tool. It is a thriving business community and you can generate leads, inform prospects and customers, build better relationships and expose your brand to a massive community without having to put pictures of you drunk at the last christmas party 🙂

Over the next few weeks we will look at scenarios where you can leverage these functionalities for your business. The first one in the series is using facebook events to lift attendance to your online/offline events.

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