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Facebook Landing page

July 29th, 2010 No comments

To showcase our Social Media capabilities, we have created our own facebook page and have created a landing page for our facebook fan page.

To view our facebook page, please click here.

We will be posting a lot of special offers on our facebook page, so please click on the like button to be notified.

Social Media Marketing Australia - Facebook

dzineSEO – the SEO platform for Online Businesses

Also in the DIY tools down the bottom, we have indicated our new product for Small to Medium Businesses called dzineSEO. dzine SEO is a SEO platform. We will update information about dzineSEO on our facebook page as well.

To find out how you can use us to create facebook fan pages like this, please contact us at

Integrating Social Media with Email Marketing

July 29th, 2010 No comments

Integrating your Social Media with your Email Marketing creates an opportunity for your email content to immediately go viral. If your content is great and it gets shared by a Social Media influencer, you could reach a huge amount of users by sending out your normal email newsletters.

Integrating Social Media with Email Marketing to reach viral customers

inserting links to your social media account

  • follow us on facebook to your facebook account
  • follow us on twitter to your twitter account

This will help you grow your fan base

allowing email subscribers to share your email newsletter on their social network

  • inserting share link to facebook (link it to the online version of your newsletter)
  • inserting share link to delicious (link it to the online version of your newsletter)
  • inserting share link to digg (link it to the online version of your newsletter)

This will help you push your brand out.

Website Design Process – Website Update Process

July 23rd, 2010 1 comment

Process – Website Design / Website Update

One of the questions that we are asked all the time is what process do we use to create or update websites.  We have had a process page up on our site for a while but never put anything in there. So here is the process we use to for all of our Website Design.

Website Design Australia Process

Scope – Website Design

At this stage we will sit down with you and find out more about

  • Who your target market is for your website
  • What do you want to achieve out of your website design

We will then create a mockup based on our discussion and existing websites if you have one.

Implement – Website Design

This is the process of going live. We ideally want to get you live as soon as we can. So we go through the following process

  • Create a prototype of the mockup
  • Fill in the content
  • Implement SEO Components based on SEO analysis
  • Test Website
  • Go Live

Improve – Website Design

The last stage is looking at how successful the website design is for you and then making changes based on that

  • We view visitor behavior
  • We review content and see what is being consumed
  • We improve the website based on the findings

Accessing Google Analytics and Piwik through Adobe Air applications

July 22nd, 2010 No comments

Everything is great about analytics but over time analytics loses its value because of these two problems

  • It is hard to access
  • You do not know what actions to take based on the reports

    Making Analytics easy to access

    We’ll look at how we can solve the first issue on this post, being hard to access.

    Google Analytics has a great way of setting up alerts and scheduling of sending reports that makes it easy for you to access data. The problem with things being sent to you is that you are not motivated to view them. For me, my analytics reports land on my inbox once every 2 weeks and I barely look at them. What I really do to view what my visitors are doing is use custom applications that read analytics data and I can access information that is important for me through these. Here are a bunch of applications on iphone and Adobe Air that you can use to keep track of your analytics.

    For this post we’ll mainly focus on free applications:


    Google Analytics – Adobe Air applications



    Polaris for Google Analytics

    Polaris is a cross-platform desktop widget for Google Analytics. With 8 standard reports it’s the easiest way keep your data always instantly available. The rich interface and swift navigation make it a pleasure to use.
    Download Polaris for Google Analytics here



    TrakkBoard Adobe Air Application for Google Analytics

    Trakkboard allows you to compare and view reports on single or multiple Google Analytics accounts form one dashboard. You do not need to log into Google Analytics and can create multiple dashboards for the data you are comparing.

    Download TrakkBoard for Google Analytics here


    Piwik – Adobe Air applications

Desktop Web Analytics for Piwik

Desktop Web Analytics for Piwik

If you use Piwik Analytics, Desktop Web Analytics for Piwik is an amazing app to visualise your analytics. You can set up multiple profiles so that you can view multiple analytics accounts. There is also a live tab where you can view what users are doing live on your website.

Download Desktop Web Analytics for Piwik here

Adding images to WordPress pages or posts

July 21st, 2010 No comments

Please note that you have to be logged into WordPress to do this

Open the WordPress page/post that you would like to change

Click on pages / posts

Click on Add New to add a new page or post
Click on edit on a page to update any of the pages or posts

Upload Image

On the page that opens up, on the top left hand there is a Upload/Insert area

adding images to wordpress posts 

Click on the image button image

A new popup will open up:

adding images to wordpress pages

Click on select files and select the file to upload. This will start uploading the image, once the image is uploaded it will take you to this popup.
adding images to wordpress pages

Remove the link URL (so that the image doesn’t link to itself). Click on None to do this:
adding images to wordpress posts 

Give it a SEO friendly title (currently it will be the image name, make it a description of the image, spaces are allowed)
adding images to wordpress posts 

Leave alignment as None
adding images to wordpress posts

Select Full Size from the size menu
adding images to wordpress pages 

Insert Image

Click on Insert into Post

 adding images to wordpress pages

This will insert the image into the page or the post

Facebook Social Media Strategy

July 14th, 2010 1 comment

Social Media Strategy - Facebook Strategy Australia

Stage 1: Build a compelling facebook business page

  • Keep it informative and fun
  • Use a catchy profile image

Stage 2: Get facebook fans

  • Send an email to existing subscribers with either a gift for joining facebook or showing the advantage of joining facebook
  • Tell your friends
  • Put Like box on your website and like box on your blog posts
  • Put Like box on your high traffic pages

Stage 3: Build on the facebook fan base

  • Advertise on facebook to your fans friends
  • Advertise to your target market
  • Run Viral campaigns that get fans talking about you to their friends

Stage 4: Convert fans to customers

  • Offer facebook only discounts
  • Look at birthdays and offer freebies or discounts
  • Set up buy now links which take you directly to your store

5 minute online store / 5 minute shopping Cart

July 11th, 2010 1 comment

Continuing our trend of 5 minute DIY website/marketing setups we are currently working on an Online Store software that allows you to publish your products live within 5 minutes and start accepting payments.

    5 minute shopping cart / 5 minute online store

New Features of Shopping Cart

    The new version of DzineStore allows you to setup your online store within 5 minutes and start selling your products online. The new version of DzineStore features:

  • A funky custom slider with captions for you to showcase your products or catergories
  • Social media integration – allowing you to put links to your facebook, twitter and ebay stores
  • Email Marketing – a bare bones email marketing platform that allows you to communicate special offers to your contact base quickly

Existing Features

  • Product Catalog Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Category Management
  • Paypal Integration
  • CMS system for creating supporting pages
  • Email Newsletter Subscriptions


We will be putting up some example stores next week and launching the platform at the end of July so stay tuned.

What to track on your ecommerce store

July 11th, 2010 No comments

For every order on your online ecommerce store/shopping cart, you should be tracking

On an Individual Basis

– what keyword and search engine got you the sale
– how many products did the customer look at before deciding to purchase with you
– What other products did the customer look at when purchasing that particular product
– was it a new or a repeat customer
– what affiliate website or geographical location did the customer come from
– What additional pages do they go to before making a purchase (terms and condition, support, postage etc)
– what items did they search for on the site

On a group level

what is your most successful landing page (entry page)
– what page do you have the most exits from
– What is your overall average time on site for product pages
– What is your overall average time on site for category pages

What do you do with this data

– For keywords generating higher sales, run a SEM campaign with those keywords
– Invest in marketing in geographical locations and affiliates which are giving you sales
– If the customer looks at a higher number of products before purchase, put similar products on the product page as recommendations
– Try and convert more new visitors into customers by having information such as postage, product material, terms within easy reach.
– Fill up your inventory with products corresponding to search queries that resulted in no results
– Remove distractions once they click on checkout and make it an easy process. Only put information such as support/terms and make it so that you wont have to click or go away from the page

DIY Online stores and shopping carts from $750 + GST.
Includes advanced reporting and 5 minute setup.
Talk to us at

Email Newsletter Showcase

July 2nd, 2010 1 comment

We have started uploading Email Newsletters that we have done for our clients in the past. Some of the designs are outdated and we are starting from the start so we’ll add them over time. So for examples of emails that we have done head over to our email marketing section under Services. Once we have uploaded about 20 odd designs, we’ll create a separate page for them. Please click on the image or the link to view our email newsletter showcase.

Our Newsletter Showcase gets updated every week with new designs so please bookmark the page.

Email Newsletter Design Showcase >>>

Email Newsletter Showcase Gallery

Also if you haven’t checked it out yet, please click here to see how you can send out an import a list, set up an email campaign and send it out in 5 minutes.

5 minute email - set up and send out an email in 5 minutes

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