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Website Design Process – Website Update Process

Process – Website Design / Website Update

One of the questions that we are asked all the time is what process do we use to create or update websites.  We have had a process page up on our site for a while but never put anything in there. So here is the process we use to for all of our Website Design.

Website Design Australia Process

Scope – Website Design

At this stage we will sit down with you and find out more about

  • Who your target market is for your website
  • What do you want to achieve out of your website design

We will then create a mockup based on our discussion and existing websites if you have one.

Implement – Website Design

This is the process of going live. We ideally want to get you live as soon as we can. So we go through the following process

  • Create a prototype of the mockup
  • Fill in the content
  • Implement SEO Components based on SEO analysis
  • Test Website
  • Go Live

Improve – Website Design

The last stage is looking at how successful the website design is for you and then making changes based on that

  • We view visitor behavior
  • We review content and see what is being consumed
  • We improve the website based on the findings

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