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What to track on your ecommerce store

For every order on your online ecommerce store/shopping cart, you should be tracking

On an Individual Basis

– what keyword and search engine got you the sale
– how many products did the customer look at before deciding to purchase with you
– What other products did the customer look at when purchasing that particular product
– was it a new or a repeat customer
– what affiliate website or geographical location did the customer come from
– What additional pages do they go to before making a purchase (terms and condition, support, postage etc)
– what items did they search for on the site

On a group level

what is your most successful landing page (entry page)
– what page do you have the most exits from
– What is your overall average time on site for product pages
– What is your overall average time on site for category pages

What do you do with this data

– For keywords generating higher sales, run a SEM campaign with those keywords
– Invest in marketing in geographical locations and affiliates which are giving you sales
– If the customer looks at a higher number of products before purchase, put similar products on the product page as recommendations
– Try and convert more new visitors into customers by having information such as postage, product material, terms within easy reach.
– Fill up your inventory with products corresponding to search queries that resulted in no results
– Remove distractions once they click on checkout and make it an easy process. Only put information such as support/terms and make it so that you wont have to click or go away from the page

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