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Facebook Design Update – DzineClub Australia

August 31st, 2010 No comments

Facebook Services Page – DzineClub Australia

We have just put a Services Tab on our Custom Facebook Fan Page Design.  You can not only click on the buttons to view our services but also request a free 1 to 1 Consultation in either Melbourne on Sydney.

Please feel free to jump around and test the page. Also if you like the page and want to be updated please click on the like button 🙂

Click here to view >>>

Facebook Fan Page Design for DzineClub Australia

Online Stores / e-commerce Must Do’s

August 30th, 2010 No comments

Easy to reach contact Information on each page

Helps the customer enquire about the product at any stage of the purchase. If they were not sure about buying the product, your reply should help them make the decision.

Allow to buy without creating an account

Make it easy and quick for the casual shopper to your online store. As long as you get paid for the product and it is easy for the customer to buy it, that is all that should matter. Also make sure that you have the option to create an account for easier repeat purchases.

Product refining options

As you dig deeper into category, there should be options to refine your search based on different attributes. Colour, size, price etc.

Price Range Options

Have a few price ranges to match the budget against products. More often than not a visitor is thinking more around the price than the product

Multiple and Detailed Product Pictures

With latest zoom plug-ins and scripts, there is no excuse to not have a picture that can be enlarged and zoomed into. Most products also require multiple angle shots for best customer experience.

Detailed Shipping Rates and Calculator

Don’t make the shipping rates a last minute surprise (or shock) Inform your visitors from the start on how much it would cost them to ship the product.

Return Policy

Customers are always wary of buying products online. Make sure that you have detailed the return policy and re-enforced it on the pages to keep them at ease.

Alerts for out-of-stock Products

Set up alerts for products that are out of stock. When the product lands in the store, the customers get automatically notified.

Related and Combined Products

Show a list of related products. If a customer is already looking at a product, chances are that they will want a related product or look at a related product as an alternative.

Product Pictures in Real Life

Make sure you have enough of the product pictures in real life scenarios. Think of IKEA for example. This makes a huge different in user perception.

Facebook Fan Page Gallery ShowCase

August 28th, 2010 4 comments

Check out for custom Facebook Fan Page Gallery Showcase. We recently helped build the framework and launch which is a gallery showcase of custom Facebook Designs and helps visitors rate and feature the best designs.

Facebook Fan Page Gallery


Features of

Rate Custom Facebook Page Designs

Click on the star button to rate individual Facebook Fan Page Designs. You don’t have to log in to rate a facebook Page.

Add Comments to Facbook Fan Pages

See anything interesting in any of the pages, please click on the comment icon to view comments and to add comments

Goals in Piwik Web Analytics – Tracking Conversion

August 27th, 2010 No comments

Piwik Web Analytics

One of the newer plug-in in Piwik Web Analytics is Goals. This plug-in allows you to track Goals on your website, put monetary value against them and analyse which areas and sources of traffic are contributing to your goals.

It is not as advanced as Goals in Google Analytics and not as comprehensive. It doesn’t have a conversion funnel and multiple stages but still does a really good job of giving you an overview about how and why a conversion is happening on your website.


Types of Goals and Setting them


Visitor Goals

Visitor Goals can be set up and assigned a dollar value when

  • a visitor visits a page on the website
  • a visitor downloads a file
  • a visitor clicks on a link to an external website

Manual Goals

Manual Goals can also be set up and called as required

  • Visitor makes a purchase (The price value can be passed to the Goal)
  • Visitor clicks on a link
  • Visitor Fills a form (or a form element)

Once all of these are set up, comes the interesting part.


Reporting – The Interesting Part

Once you set up your goals, this is where it gets interesting. The data you can get out of Goals in piwik quickly is amazing. Here is the info you can get

Please note that all the reports below are reflective of only one goal – enquiries

How many Goals you are hitting every day

A graph of daily Goals on your dashboard, which gives you a quick overview of how many goals you are hitting daily and the trend

Goals Trend Piwik Web Analytics

What is your conversion Rate on Goals

Based on the conversion graph you can see how many conversion you have had, and what is our conversion rate. If you have setup multiple goals you can see the overall conversion rate for all the goals

What Keywords and giving you the highest Conversions

This report is very good and quickly gives you a good overview of what keywords are producing conversions for you.

What Keywords are attributing to your conversion - web analytics 

What Search Engines are Giving you the highest Conversions

A report on what Search Engines are Giving you the highest Conversions

What Search Engines attribute to your conversion

What Websites / Affiliates are Giving you the Highest Conversions

Some Affiliates might be sending you a lot of traffic but not necessarily turning that into conversion. This report will help you identify the hit rate for goals against your affiliate websites

What Marketing Campaigns are giving you the highest conversions

This includes your email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, Advertisements, Offline campaigns that you have tracked as well as your SEM Campaigns

What is your breakdown of conversion across Search Engines / Direct Entry and Referrers

Which of your referrers gives you the highest conversion. I

Conversion Goals referrer breakdown - web analytics

Conversion Goals  Breakdown by Country and Continent

What countries and contributing to your Conversion Goals

Conversion Goals Breakdown by Country - Piwik Web Analytics

Conversion Goals Breakdown by Time of the day

What time of the day are your visitors most likely to convert

Conversion Goals Breakdown by time of the day - Web Analytics 



Would you like to get these reports for your website? Get in touch with us at

How many keywords to target – SEO

August 25th, 2010 No comments


Small Businesses

Small businesses will struggle to target a broad range of keywords because that requires a good online infrastructure, online time and money investment and a good SEO investment. The best way is to target very niche sniper keywords (upto 5) which are location focused or very niche product focused. You should however make sure that you are updating your sites with 10-15 extra shotgun keywords which will be brand focused so that as you grow you can expand on these.

Medium Businesses

The more infrastructure you have, the more time and money you can spend, the better your results will be. Medium Businesses can target upto 20 sniper keywords based around their niche products and services and constantly target upto 50 shotgun keywords. Obviously you will have at least 3-5 that pin points customers to you.


Tracking Keyword Performance

Make sure that if you are spending money on your keywords, you are tracking each individual keyword in these 3 settings

  • How are you ranked against those keywords
  • How many impressions are you getting organically and how many searchers click on your link to get to your website
  • How many conversions you are making against those keywords every month

These stats will help you cover the gaps on the traffic flow.

DzineSEO – SEO Platform Update and Offer

August 23rd, 2010 No comments

SEO Melbourne - the platform

dzineSeo now has 5 active clients currently tracking their keywords, SEO Rankings, Google Stats and Traffic stats every month. There are some screenshots of dzineSEO attached down the bottom of this post and an offer for Australian Businesses.


Features of DzineSEO – SEO Platform

  • track your keywords
  • track your SEO Rankings
  • track Google Stats
  • track your Search Engine Optimisation Attributes

Advantages of the SEO Platform – dzineSEO

  • Track if your SEO efforts are producing results
  • Track how well your competitors are using SEO for themselves
  • View how you are being treated by Search Engines
  • Find out if you are getting ROI from your SEO

dzineSEO Offer

Would you like to see how dzineSEO can help you maintain a grip on your SEO? We are giving away free dzineSEO for 3 months for Google, SEO Rankings, Traffic Rankings and upto 10 Keywords for every website that we do till the end of the year. Please email us at for more information.


Screenshots of SEO Platform – dzineSEO

Here are a quick screenshots of dzineSEO for a client. Because of sensitive data we can only include some information here.

Screenshot 1: When was the report last updated

dzineSEO last updated date

Screenshot 2: Traffic Rankings Breakdown

dzineSEO - SEO Australia - Alexa Rankings 

Screenshot 3: Position Breakdown

dzineSEO  - SEO platform for Australia

How can Businesses leverage Facebook Places

August 20th, 2010 No comments


Depending on how you look at it, Facebook places is either an amazing new feature or a big invasion of privacy. I think facebook places is amazing, a technology that is long overdue and should be a part of our every day life.

Facebook solved a lot of communication problems we have today. Our two best modes of communication – Mobile phones are costly and complicated overseas communication, emails – while solving those issues is more of an overload, not personal and hard to communicate to (with all the hyphens, numbers, domains too much to remember etc).

Facebook solved those issues and as a result has grown as big. Facebook places along with facebook fan pages for business is arguably its best feature to date. Facebook places takes facebook from a communication channel to a catchup channel.

Facebook Places–Checking In


Opportunity to Location Market to Mainstream users

However facebook places does not only bring a new shift in user to user communications but creates a massive opportunity for Businesses. What Foursquare, BrightKite haven’t been able to do, facebook Places makes it easy for a business to reach out to mainstream consumers that are located near their premise of operation. While Foursquare and BrightKite were more of a geek culture, Facebook places is mainstream.

Special Offers based on consumer location

Knowing facebook, you should be able to start targeting ads based on location. There was limited ability to do this already through networks however networks are not updated and too broad. Now you should have  a change to pin point target location and offer relevant deals.

Facebook Connect for Location Marketing??

Chances are that you will be able to leverage some location information using Facebook connect. So you will be able to divide your customers based on where they hang out or where they shop for your/competitors products. You should start thinking about how you can leverage this information in communications that you provide your customers already. Do they hang out at a place where you have a store/location but they haven’t been there? You could leverage this information to get them notified.


Build Brand by encouraging check ins at your location

68% of Facebook users are likely to buy a product that is recommended by a friend on Facebook. Add location to that, and all of a sudden you are able to reach out to hundreds of contacts of your Facebook fans that live/shop near you.

Encourage them to check in at your location and give something back for that. Remember that anything shared on Facebook is viral. Also make sure that there will be a lot of concern around check ins early so make sure you let your customers know that you respect their priavacy.

Get your Facebook Business Fan Page ready for Facebook Places

Make sure that you have a Facebook business fan page and pick a more pin pointed location than what you have right now. There is a chance that a user will be able to look at businesses around where they are based on the information in you Facebook fan page. You are only able to supply one location for your business fan page, this might be a time to think about creating separate pages for each individual locations.

Encourage location sharing!

It’s going to be good for your business.


Facebook Events

There is a good chance that this will get integrated. It makes sense to know what events are happening around where you are.  This also creates a big opportunity for traditional dating and personal services businesses to stand apart and provide a better service.

Great Examples of Facebook Fan Page for Business

August 17th, 2010 No comments

New facebook fan page design – DzineClub Australia

August 16th, 2010 1 comment

We have just updated our facebook fan page with a completely new design. Also we have added a lot of interactivity.  Here is a quick screenshot and some details underneath. Please click on the screenshot below to go directly to the new look with the portfolio.

Facebook fan page design


So what is new:

Videos embedded in facebook fan page:

We have added our Youtube video on how to design and send out an email in 5 minutes. Please click on the video tab to view the video.

Flash Portfolio embedded in fan page:

We have also integrated a flash portfolio on our portfolio page. Please click on the portfolio page and click on enable to view our portfolios.


Like our fan page? would you like a quote on how much it would cost for you to have something even better?

Enquire about our “facebook fan page design” service by sending us an email at

Facebook for Business Guide

August 12th, 2010 No comments

DzineClub staff have written a lot about facebook in the last year while the blog has been live. We thought it would be best to consolidate all of them in one central location. When we add new links, we’ll add them here too so that it is easier to find.


1. Available Social Media Channels

2. Facebook Social Media Advantage for Business

3. Facebook Social Media Strategy

4. Facebook Business Landing Pages

5. Facebook Stats for Online Stores

6. Managing your Business events using Facebook

7. Tangible facebook – putting a money value on Social Media


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Facebook Business page for DzineClub

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