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Changes to Facebook Business fan Page Layout – DzineClub Australia

August 12th, 2010 No comments


From August 23 Facebook is making changes to facebook Business fan pages. The changes are fairly minor and wont affect most fan pages. Here is what you need to know

facebook Boxes are going away


Boxes are going away so if your fan page used boxes to show applications or third party content, it wont be available from 23rd August.  Also the boxes tab will go away completely.

facebook Custom Tabs for fan pages

The width for your custom tabs will be restricted to 520 px. So if you have welcome pages, custom images in your other custom tabs, its best to cut the graphic width to under 520 pixels.

As you can see below on the DzineClub fan page, the main image is cut on the right.


what is in an email address? heaps – email marketing Australia

August 11th, 2010 No comments

So you have an email marketing list as most companies now a days. Normally you’d be doing any of these things based on time and resources

General email marketing process

  • you send email newsletters to them regularly

  • you send ad-hoc emails during promotions
  • you look at reports and try and keep your open rates high

If you are fairly bored with repetitive emails

  • maybe you look at bounces and try and correct them
  • you might change your subject lines and try and get higher opens

If you are an Advanced email marketing user

  • you might A/B test different subject lines and content to optimise user experience
  • you might connect your emails to your analytics and read ROI from emails rather than open rates
  • you might use social media tools and connect your email newsletters to your social networks to leverage

    Knowing your email subscribers social media details

      We all know that the better we know our subscribers, the higher our open rates and higher conversion, But I doubt many people look at the existing list and try and use external tools to enrich user data in them.  With all the social media and api’s that let you collect information about users, it has come to a point where you should look at your subscriber list and get information such as

      • age groups
      • social network involvements (facebook, twitter, linkedin)
      • How involved they are in facebook, twitter, linked in

        Imagine …

      Imagine that your list that you have today of just email addresses, lying in your email marketing platform can be grouped as active facebook users, active twitter users, social media influencers, age groups, gender, location etc The way you will be able to target the list will exponentially increase your email marketing effectiveness.


      What can you do with email marketing data like this

      • send emails to facebook users asking them to join your facebook fan page
      • send special offers to twitter influencers, where if they tweet your brand, they get special offers or discounts
      • target gender specific emails on product sales
      • target age specific emails
      • target location specific emails

      Contact us to Generate demographic user information from email addresses

      If you have an email marketing platform and you have a good social media strategy, we can help you get demographic and social media involvement about your users so that you can target them better and increase relevancy

      Website and Online Marketing Software – Announcing DzineLabs

      August 10th, 2010 No comments


      dzineLabs is where our developers create software that helps your build your website and online marketing. Essentially it is our software development area. Currently there are two inhouse software that we have developed which makes it into dzineLabs.

      Currently dzinelabs beta products are only available to existing clients so dzineSEO is available to our existing clients. Full products such as dzineStore is available to all our clients.

      Please click on the links to view more information about dzinelabs software

      SEO analytics platform for SEO professionals and companiesdzineSEO – the SEO reporting platform 

      The SEO Platform for SEO Professionals and Online Businesses – DzineSEO

      dzineStore – quick and easy online stores

      5 minute shopping Cart

      The SEO Platform for SEO Professionals and Online Businesses – DzineSEO

      August 10th, 2010 No comments

      SEO platform for SEO professionals and Busienss

      dzineSeo is one central platform that allows you to track how well your SEO efforts are working for you. Currently companies spends thousands of dollars to get that elusive position in Google. There are SEO companies everywhere who are working for clients and a lot of money is being spent in SEO.

      However when it comes to seeing how well that work is performing for you, there are not a lot of tools available. This is where dzineSeo comes into the picture.

      dzineSeo is an inbuilt platform by DzineClub which helps you track keywords and how your business is positioned against them. Currently we only work with Google. So on a monthly basis you can see how your keywords are performing on Google. You can also rate your sites through multiple SEO ranking tools and get a report every month.

      Quick Overview of features for dzine SEO

      • Track your keywords
      • View positioning of keywords in Google
      • Get monthly reports on keyword positioning
      • View SEO ranking reports
      • compare SEO rankings to last month
      • get alexa ranking reports
      • Track your competitors for keywords

      For more information on this exciting tool/platform please send us an email at

      Facebook stats for businesses

      August 8th, 2010 No comments

      facebook statistics for Business Pages

      Facebook Statistics (Business Fan Page Perspective)

      • 68% of facebook users are more likely to buy a product recommended by a friend on facebook
      • 51% of facebook users are more likey to buy a product from a business they follow on facebook
      • A facebook user joins 10 fan pages on average
      • 33% of facebook users do product research on facebook
      • 60% of facebook users are more likely to recommend a brand to their friends
      • Most facebook users join a fan page to show their support for a brand to their friends

      What does this mean for your online business


      • If you don’t have a facebook business page, this is the time to start
      • If you have a facebook business page and you are not maintaining it, you should start spending some time looking after it
      • If you are not linking your website to your facebook, you should link it now

      Thinking of starting an eCommerce store / shopping cart?

      August 8th, 2010 No comments

      Thinking of starting an eCommerce Store or a shopping cart. Here are the things you need to consider before setting one up.

      1. Stock Inventory

      How are you going to manage your inventory. If you put up a product online, you will need to make sure that you have the product in stock. Also if you sell the product from its physical location, you need to make sure that you update the product inventory on your website.

      2. Postage, Handling and Delivery

      How are you going to deliver your product.

      • Are you going to check every order, put them in envelopes and send it through the post
      • Are you going to hire a courier who can run around and get your products delivered quickly
      • Does your product meet the requirements to go through post/courier
      • Is it a fragile item?
      • How much are you going to charge for Postage and Handling?
      • Are you going to offer international postage?
      • Do the dimensions of the product make it an issue for Postage?

      3. Photographs of products

      • How are you going to get photographs of the products.
      • Do the photographs of the products adequately display the product
      • Do the photographs answer all the questions your potential customer has from the look of the product
      • Are the photographs so well done that the actual product looks inferior compared to the photograph?

      4. Sale and Promotions

      • Are you going to run sales and promotions
      • Does your eCommerce platform allow you to mark products down
      • How will you communicate sales and promotions to your customers

      5. Marketing your Online Store

      • How will you market your store?
      • How will you initially get customers to the online store?
      • Have you got a list of email addresses of customers that you can communicate to?
      • Have you got an social media strategy?
      • How will your existing customers know that they can buy products online?

      More to come on this later….

      Website Design Portfolio Update

      August 4th, 2010 No comments

      Website Design Portfolio

      Its been a while since we change the look and feel of the site. So we have finally decided to give it a quick facelift. We are putting in a lot of javascript to make it more usable and easier to find information. We are starting with the front page and have just implemented a showcase of work that we have done using tabs.

      Currently you can go through the tabs and see some a quick portfolio of our work. They are categorised in

      • Website Design
      • Content Management Systems
      • Shopping Carts
      • Email Marketing

      We are also finalising two websites this month so those will be added to the portfolio shortly. Please click on the yellow tabs down the bottom to scroll through the portfolio.

      A/B Testing Guide for Website Design – AB Test

      August 2nd, 2010 1 comment

      1. What is AB Testing

      A/B testing is the simplest method of checking which content works best for your target audience. You create two versions of your content, divide your target audience into two random groups and show the two versions. You then compare the conversion metrics on those two groups to see which one works better.

      A B Testing Guide for Website Design

      2. What things can/should you test on AB Test

      • Call to action Buttons
      • page Layouts
      • Sign up Forms
      • Email Subject Lines
      • Checkout Processes

      3. Where can/should you use A/B Testing


      On your Website

      • Home page of your website
      • Sign up pages on your website
      • Any High Traffic Landing pages on your website

      eCommerce Store

      • Checkout Page
      • Add to Cart call to action
      • Product Landing Pages

      Email Marketing

      • Subject Lines
      • Call to action buttons

      Search Engine Marketing

      • Main Tag Line
      • Descriptions

      4. A/B Test Best Practices


      Test Pages with high traffic

      Not enough traffic means that the results might not be accurate. Make sure your testing sample size is large enough.

      Keep the Tests running until you are confident that one wins over the other

      Small conversion wins are not a good indication of a winning content. Have the tests running for a reasonable time and only accept content that is visibly winning.

      Start Small

      If you are starting out on A/B testing, start by making smaller changes such as placements of content blocks on your website

      Put  Bolder Testing for smaller percentages or New Visitors

      if you are making a radical change on your content to test, test it on a small percentage first. Lots of times big changes on site don’t resonate well with the visitors. Many tools allow you to test new visitors rather than returning visitors so test on this group first before testing it on all the visitors.


      5. AB Test Case Studies

      These websites give you case studies on what has worked and what haven’t worked when it comes to A/B Testing has a repository of A/B tests performed by users and uploaded to the website. You can see the different versions, what was different on them and how they performed. A/B testing resource

      Similar to shows the different test and results of testing. It also allows you to test your gut feeling and see how correct you were.

      which A/B test won


      Google Website Optimizer Case Studies

      Success Stories Section of Google Website Optimizer with information about what was tested and what kind of results came up.



      6. A/B Testing Tools


      Free A/B Testing Tools

      • Google Website Optimiser

      Paid A/B Testing Tools

      • Adobe Test & Target powered by Omniture
      • Amadesa A/B and Multivariate Testing
      • Maxymiser Multivariate Testing
      • Optimost
      • SiteSpect
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