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Keyword Cannibalisation – quick tips

September 27th, 2010 1 comment

What is Keyword Cannibalisation

Keyword Cannibalisation is a process where your pages don’t get indexed properly by Google because they are similar in content or keywords. So in essence they are fighting with each other to gain rankings on Google and at the end not getting anywhere because Google cannot prioritise and distinguish those pages.

So having more pages with similar content is not necessarily a good thing to lift your ranking. It might be working against you.

Obviously Search Engines don’t want users to build copies of popular content to get higher rankings on websites. Remember Search Engines want the user to have a good experience on the site. Most of the things that Search Engines do is based on the user and not on the website.

Search Engines want to see a good distributed content across the website so that when a visitor jumps from one page to the other, they get good information from the second page.


What causes Keyword Cannibalisation

  • Multiple pages with same titles
  • Multiple pages with similar heading tags
  • Multiple pages with similar content
  • Multiple internal links going to different pages, so if you have a link saying services which goes to 5 different pages, it is suss 🙂
  • Multiple similar external links going to different pages

Solution to Keyword Cannibalisation

  • Create different titles for each page and make them separate
  • Use different keywords in headings of your pages
  • Don’t create multiple similar copies of the same page. This is pointless form SEO, user experience and conversion perspectives. After a few pages on the same topic, just go back and improve them instead of adding new ones.
  • Don’t have similar links going to different pages of the website. So in one page if it says click here to view services, make the other one click here to view our ABC Services etc

Zuccala Homes

September 27th, 2010 No comments


Zuccala Homes

We are currently in the stage of developing a website for Zuccala Homes. Zuccala Homes are home builders based in Melbourne, Victoria. Here are some of the important things for the website


The user experience on Zuccala Homes

The user experience on Zuccala Homes is crucial. We want to make it easy for a home-buyer to search for houses that they like and show them the house designs in the most detail with minimum clicks. Once they are satisfied with the home design they can either download a PDF to view more specifications or send an enquiry to Zuccala Homes.


Zuccala Homes Front Page

We have used the corporate colours of Zuccala Homes to build the website in their branding. Also a banner rotating on the front page lets the user go to different main areas of the Zuccala Homes Website.

Zuccala Homes - Melbourne Home Builders - User Experience


Zuccala Homes Designs Page

The home designs page allows a potential home buyer to search for any Zuccala Homes Design. A visitor can search through the Search Panel on the left or click on the individual home to get to the Zuccala Homes Design Page.

Zuccala Homes Home Designs


Individual Zuccala Homes Home Design Page

The individual Zuccala Homes Home Design Page allows a visitor to quickly view the Home Design of their choice. To give all the information of Zuccala Homes, information is put into different tabs where you can click and view more information, download PDF of the Zuccala Home or Enquire about that particular home.

Zuccala Homes Individual Home Details


Please feel free to click on the links and view the website. We will be updating with more posts which details the user experience, usability, tracking and marketing of the Zuccala Homes website.

Joomla SEO – Sydney Client

September 25th, 2010 No comments

Improving your Joomla SEO to increase visitors

We are currently involved in doing some SEO work for a new client in Sydney. Usually most Joomla sites are setup and used to push out content. You usually tend to use extensions to do  outside most of your out of the box functionalities.

As we are working through their site, here are some things you should do from a SEO perspective if you have a Joomla website.

Search Friendly Urls in Joomla

Make sure you have search friendly Urls. You can use multiple plugins or use the generic Joomla functionality to create hits. By default this is not enabled and you have to go in and enable this manually.

Use tag Clouds

Use tags and have a tag list or a tag cloud. This gives search engines more ways of indexing your data.

Use Menus, Categories and Aliases properly

These are not just for identification, these are also to make sure that Search Engines know what kind of content you have. So take full advantage of these

Integrate Web Analytics

Integrate a better analytics solution than what Joomla provides. Something like Google Analytics which is a free tool.

Create a Sitemap

Without a sitemap, you are relying on Search Engines to go through each and every one of your links. Make it easier by creating a xml standard sitemap and having it post to Google and Bing.

Website Update Checklist

September 22nd, 2010 No comments


ReDirect Old Links

We are currently in process of updating a few websites for our clients. We are moving a lot of clients  from ASP to PHP.

This causes a lot of issues where all the old links are .asp and the new links are .php. This means that all the links that are already indexed by Google will be completely replaced with new ones. This also means that they possibly will lose a few links to that. So we are making sure to put redirects so that this doesn’t happen.

Improve Usability and Functionalty

A new website should always improve the functionality over the old one. It should be based around what works and improving those, removing what doesn’t work and testing new things. Do some A/B testing and come up with the best results.

Improved Web Analytics and Reporting

Always improve your reporting when you update your website. Reporting and Web Analytics are evolving all the time. Make sure that when you update your website you dig in deeper into your reports and try and set up custom reports that give you better understanding of your visitors.

We recently built a report for one of our customers who can now see for every keyword that they got traffic for what page that keyword was on.

Improve User Communication

Make it easier for your potential customers to send you enquiries and make it easier for you and your staff to communicate with those users.

Improve SEO

Make sure that firstly you dont lose your SEO ranking and also make sure that your new website is better positioned for Search Engines than your last.

How do you do this? Please check out our SEO platform which helps you track your SEO.

Start Data Capture

Find out how you can start capturing visitor information.

Should you make a whitepaper available?
Should you create an email newsletter?
Should you let users subscribe to your blog via email?

Integrate Social Media

Link it to your facebook, twitter, linkedin feeds. Allow your visitors to share your content to their network and become fans of your facebook page.

Keyword Conversion Tracking – Analytics

September 18th, 2010 No comments

Keyword Conversion Tracking – What is it?

The most important stat for a website is conversion. A conversion might be a purchase for an online store, a filled enquiry form for a services company, a whitepaper download, etc etc. Keyword Conversion tracking helps you understand the most important thing that contributed to that conversion. The keyword that the visitor put into the Search Engine, landed on your website or microsite and triggered a conversion event. These are the visitors that are doing conversion on your website. Lets look at how you can track this.

Keyword Conversion Funnel – Customer Conversion LifeCycle

Lets have a look at a customer conversion lifecycle. 

What you have at the Traffic stage where most of the data gets analyzed is a lot of noise. At this stage, you have visitors coming from multiple sources, referrals using multiple keywords. When Visitors land on your page, some bounce back. Some move into research stage where they are consuming the information.

Once satisfied, some visitors will move into a consideration stage, and with the right information in front of them eventually move into a conversion stage. This is where you want to track what your users searched for to eventuate the conversion.

Keyword conversion tracking

Using Keyword Conversion Tracking with Web Analytics

You need a fairly robust analytics solution to track Keyword Conversion. You need at least Google Analytics or Piwik Web Analytics at the free end. At the paid end, you get more robustness, flexibility, analysis and offline data analysis through platforms such as Adobe SiteCatalyst powered by Omniture, CoreMetrics or WebTrends.  Please view our post on the list of Web Analytics Platforms for more information on these providers.

Google Analytics Keyword Conversion Tracking

  • Set up Goals in Google Analytics (against your conversions)
  • Click on Traffic Sources > Keywords
  • Click on the Goal Tab that refers to your conversion
  • View the report (Note: click on the heading of your conversion name to sort it)

Piwik Web Analytics Keyword Conversion Tracking

  • Set up Goals in Piwik Web Analytics
  • Click on the Goals Tab and pick your specific Goal
  • Select  a suitable date range
  • Click on keywords > Conversion Rate to see the most popular converting Keywords

Keyword Conversion Tracking Outcomes

So now you have the data! But what do you do with the data?

  • Focus on converting Keywords
  • Focus on optmising our landing pages to those Keywords
  • Review Visitor Traffic Path
  • Optmise Visitor Traffic Path.

Source Conversion Tracking & Referral Conversion Tracking

Similarly, you need to start tracking your source and your Referrals for best way for conversion.

DzineClub Web Analytics Services

DzineClub Web Analytics Implementation and Consulting services can help you gain these insights from your otherwise flat ordinary reporting and help you really evaluate your business. Using these information you will know where to invest in moving forward. 

For more information please email us at

SEO – DzineClub Australia

September 15th, 2010 No comments

Here is a compiled list of all of our SEO articles since last year in the blog

Google Instant – bad for most businesses

An article on why Google Instant might be bad for most businesses who are not on the front page of Google.

Social Media Optimisation – Facebook Optimisation

A post on why Social Media Optimisation is just as important as Search Engine Optimisation for your business.

How many keywords to target – SEO

How many keywords should a company target for a good Search Engine Results

DzineSEO – SEO Platform Update and Offer

Our own SEO platform built so that you can track how well your Search Engine Optimisation Efforts are Working for you.

Get to front page of Google – List your business to Google Maps for free

If you can’t get to the front page of Google, how you can use Google Places to get to the front page of Google.

How do I improve my Google listing

What can you do today to improve your listings in Search Engines.

Free Australian Business Directories – more leads, improve SEO

A list of Free and Paid Australian Directories that can help you generate more leads and improve your back links for better Search Engine Placement

Quick tips – 15 minute SEO –  Search Engine Optimisation

15 Minute Crash Course on SEO and how you can improve it yourself

Thinking of starting a blog? Advantages of a Blog!

How a blog can help you skyrocket your way into Search Engines

Google now including facebook pages in search – importance of social media

Google Instant and the user experience

September 12th, 2010 No comments

I am sure by now everyone has heard of Google Instant and already used it. If you don’t know what Google Instant is (it has not been released for domain in Australia), please see the section below – Google Instant Australia for some explanation and a quick video. Google instant is a search enhancement that shows results as you type them. Google Instant is based around a key technical insight that people type slowly but read quickly so you can scan a page as you type.



Google Instant User Experience – Great


From a user experience and usability perspective, Google Instant is great. It’s not amazing but it does save those few seconds when you search. Google Instant can save upto 2-5 seconds per search, give you smarter predictions and more quick results.

Personally I use search boxes on browsers rather than actual search engine, so it doesn’t make a huge difference for me.


Google Instant Australia


Google is not instant at domain 🙂 so if you are searching in Google Australia, chances are that you have not seen it.

To see Google Instant, go to and click on Go to link on the bottom right. Then search for anything and see what pops up! Here is a quick video introducing Google Instant

Google Instant – might not be good for most businesses

September 12th, 2010 No comments

The DzineClub team is very excited about searching on Google Instant but as we study our behavior on how we use Google Instant, we are fairly disappointed with what it means for most Small to Medium Businesses. We see Google Instant as great for searchers and overall search experience but not great from a SEO perspective.

As we were testing Google Instant, we realised that we are very keen to see what is in our screen and not scroll. If we want better results, we were more interested in changing / appending search terms on the search bar. Essentially we did not even scroll down to see the bottom of the page but were very focused on what was on the first few results.


Google Instant for Small/Medium Businesses – Good and Bad

Bad – Searchers might click on what’s in front of them than go through pages or scroll

Essentially Google Instant will get users used to getting the info straight away and clicking on it. Which means that the top 10 links will get more clicks. So if you are on the front page, you will get more traffic while the rest of the pages will get less traffic. This is not great news for companies which are fighting to get to the first page but have been getting trickled traffic on the other pages. When you use Google Instant, you are more inclined to stay on the search box and tweak your search terms there than to even scroll down to the 7-10th positions.

Good – Searchers will add words to make search more specific

We doubt most users will even scroll down to the bottom, but will be more used to changing the search term on the instant bar to get relevant results.

This is a good thing as you can now tweak your SEO to not target those broad keywords to get on the front page but more specific keywords to get users who tweak their keywords to get those relevant results.


Overall we see this as a win for the users, but not necessarily for the companies unless you are already on the front page. Searchers will be using more broad terms and only going specific if they can’t find results.  We think that the bottom dwellers even on the front page will lose a bit of traffic and subsequent pages will lose even more.

Free Business Leads Generation

September 11th, 2010 No comments

One of the keywords that users are searching for on our site is how to get business leads in Australia. Here are some quick thoughts for free leads

Free Lead Generation – ticking all the boxes

Here are some free ways about how you can generate leads for free for your business.


Free Business Directories

List yourself in all the free business directories. Below is our blog posts that list all the free business directories.

Free Australian Business Directories – more leads, improve SEO


Add yourself to Google Places

Make sure you add yourself to Google places to make sure that you are showing up when users search locally. This is also another way to get to the front page of Google.

Get to front page of Google – List your business to Google Maps for free – Google Places


Make your business a facebook fan page

Make a facebook fan page for your business and invite all of your facebook friends to like it. Once you have a few fans, start listing a few products and services there and see how you go.

How to set up your facebook fan/business page

Service Page with phone numbers

Ever seen those “looking for a roommate” ad on your local laundromat? Type something up in Word, Print it out and post it to where your target market hangs around.


Call people

It is hard to do but is the only way to offer your products/services to new clients. Get an unlimited plan or set up VOIP in your home so that you get unlimited landline calls.

Social Media Optimisation – Facebook Optimisation

September 11th, 2010 No comments


Is it time to start Social Media Optimisation?

With the onslaught of Social Media tools and we sharing more than sharing, is it time to start Social Media Optimisation? Facebook was the number 1 site in US in March and in August, Americans spent more time in Facebook than in Google. If this continues, chances are that your brand will be researched by more and more Facebook users every day. Is your brand ready for this?

Facebook Powered Search Box



Do you have a Facebook fan page?

Facebook is not what it was a couple of years ago. It is not where teenagers go and chat to their friends now. Google indexes Facebook Fan pages. Companies have millions of fans on their fan pages. When a Facebook user searches for a product/service that you sell, does your Fan page come up in the list?


Custom Facebook Fan Page



Does content on your website have a Facebook like or share button?

Facebook is testing search where when you search for content, content that is being liked the most by Facebook users comes on the top of search results. You need to make sure that your content has a share and like button on your website.

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