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Google Instant and the user experience

I am sure by now everyone has heard of Google Instant and already used it. If you don’t know what Google Instant is (it has not been released for Google.com.au domain in Australia), please see the section below – Google Instant Australia for some explanation and a quick video. Google instant is a search enhancement that shows results as you type them. Google Instant is based around a key technical insight that people type slowly but read quickly so you can scan a page as you type.



Google Instant User Experience – Great


From a user experience and usability perspective, Google Instant is great. It’s not amazing but it does save those few seconds when you search. Google Instant can save upto 2-5 seconds per search, give you smarter predictions and more quick results.

Personally I use search boxes on browsers rather than actual search engine, so it doesn’t make a huge difference for me.


Google Instant Australia


Google is not instant at Google.com.au domain 🙂 so if you are searching in Google Australia, chances are that you have not seen it.

To see Google Instant, go to Google.com.au and click on Go to Google.com link on the bottom right. Then search for anything and see what pops up! Here is a quick video introducing Google Instant

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