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Joomla SEO – Sydney Client

Improving your Joomla SEO to increase visitors

We are currently involved in doing some SEO work for a new client in Sydney. Usually most Joomla sites are setup and used to push out content. You usually tend to use extensions to do  outside most of your out of the box functionalities.

As we are working through their site, here are some things you should do from a SEO perspective if you have a Joomla website.

Search Friendly Urls in Joomla

Make sure you have search friendly Urls. You can use multiple plugins or use the generic Joomla functionality to create hits. By default this is not enabled and you have to go in and enable this manually.

Use tag Clouds

Use tags and have a tag list or a tag cloud. This gives search engines more ways of indexing your data.

Use Menus, Categories and Aliases properly

These are not just for identification, these are also to make sure that Search Engines know what kind of content you have. So take full advantage of these

Integrate Web Analytics

Integrate a better analytics solution than what Joomla provides. Something like Google Analytics which is a free tool.

Create a Sitemap

Without a sitemap, you are relying on Search Engines to go through each and every one of your links. Make it easier by creating a xml standard sitemap and having it post to Google and Bing.

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