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Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing

September 11th, 2010 No comments

We at DzineClub are seeing a fundamental shift in the internet powerhouses, particularly Google and Facebook but Yahoo and Bing lurking at the background. Lets look at some recent stats and news on how all this is evolving and what it might mean in the future.


Google Vs Facebook : Stats on Search and Social Media


According to new reports, In the month of August, Americans spent more time in Facebook than in Google. Add this to the fact that around March, Facebook topped Google in the amount of users coming to the site and got no 1 status in Alexa.


Sharing Vs Searching – Google Vs Facebook

The clear indication here is that we are now socializing more than searching and it only expected to increase with time.


Google’s swipes at Social Networking

Google BuzzGoogleBuzzLogo

The famed Google Buzz has not made an impact as it was supposed to. Google Buzz had a massive whiplash from users because of automatic opt-in.


orkut-logo Orkut, Google owned Social Network and extremely popular in Brazil,Paraguay and India  is at risk from Facebook gaining grounds at those countries.

Google Me

There are rumours that Google is building a competitor to Facebook as “Google Me”. If the rumours are true this could be a worthwhile competitor to Facebook. Only time will tell how Google Me would stand against Facebook if it is underway.

Facebook’s swipes at Search / Video


Facebook Search

Facebook already uses Bing for its search. However lately, Facebook has been testing a search feature which shows current news and web pages based on how many users have liked it or shared it. Blogs and News Websites are the forefront of information production and most of them now have a Facebook share or a Facebook like button on them. This means Facebook doesn’t have to go out and index its content, but its users do it for Facebook.

However Facebook status updates are very personal and sharing news on Facebook is still in infancy which means that search will lack recency and news content. This is where Bing comes in. More details on that below.

Facebook Fan Pages on Google

Google has started integrating Facebook Fan Pages in its search capabilities. Searching for Any reputable business now shows the home page and then their Facebook page after it. With new Custom Facebook Pages, how long before we just start searching for those businesses from inside Facebook?

Facebook is now the third largest Video Site in the US

The latest research also puts Facebook at the third largest video site in the US after Google Video Sites (Youtube / Google Video) and Yahoo Sites (Yahoo, Flickr). While Youtube lost half a million viewers, Facebook seems to have jumped 3.6 million new viewers. Yahoo also had a significant grown of 10 million new viewers.




Yahoo seems to be another big winner in August with all the redesign and social networking integrations paying dividends for it beating Google in monthly traffic. The search integration with bing  brings a neat search results for Yahoo.

Yahoo’s swipe at Google:

We love this video




While this is going on, Microsoft’s Bing has been winning a few battles of its own.

Integration with Facebook

With Bing powering the external search on Facebook, Facebook has the capability to list news recommended by Facebook-ians 🙂 and list Bing underneath it for Real time and more relevant search.

Bing and Yahoo Integration

From August 24 , Bing has been powering Yahoo Search in US and Canada. This creates a much better search experience for Yahoo users

Wolfram Alpha and Twitter Integrations

While Wolfram Alpha integrations are now showing in Bing, Twitter tweets were powering the Bing real time search.


So what does this mean to businesses?


Advertising your business

Its the time to advertise your business in Facebook and Google. Facebook for products and services that are likely to sell via recommendations and for the long tail effect and Google for short tail effect and to target specific searchers who are specifically looking for your product.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation should be focused on Google but also Yahoo/Bing. Make sure that you are focussed for Yahoo/Bing combination as that covers 3 grounds. Yahoo, Bing and Facebook.

Social Media Optimisation

Your online properties should be now optimised for Social Media too. Make sure you have like button against your news and recommend buttons next to your products. Make sure lots of fans like your content and your pages.

Custom Facebook Page Design – DzineClub Australia

September 8th, 2010 No comments

Lately we have been involved in building a few Custom Facebook Pages for our clients. Please view the screenshots and jump to view the pages.


DzineClub Australia Custom Facebook Page Design

Our own custom Facebook page design that shows what’s possible within Facebook. It features


A custom facebook landing page

All of our non-fans are directed to this page which prompts them to like the page. It also has a few screenshots of our work across different services that we provide.



Custom facebook portfolio page

This features a slideshow of our work. you can click on back and next and view the websites we have built and also click on them to go to the individual websitess



Custom facebook flash portfolio page

This is an Adobe flash version of our custom portfolio page. It is similar to the portfolio but is built in adobe flash so does an automated slideshow.



Custom Services Tabs

These are custom tabs of our services. You can click on individual tabs and get a description on what we can offer businesses.



Custom Facebook Enquiry Section

If you click on the Free Consultation tab, you can put in a meeting request with us directly.



Next time we will look at some custom Facebook pages that we have built for our clients.

How are Companies / Users using Twitter – Twitter Tales

September 4th, 2010 No comments

Twitter Tales - How companies are using twitter - DzineClub Australia

Twitter has launched twitter tales which is all about how its users (and companies) are using twitter in their daily life.

Currently there are 4 stories in there and we would love to see more in there.


Twitter is about art - DzineClub Australia

Museum of Modern Art – Twitter is about ART


The goal of this twitter account was to give everyone a behind-the-scenes access to the museum of Modern Art in New York City and its programs. Tweets which were question to public, art news and global events information were experimented on and the account focused around the community rather than marketing Museum of Modern Art.

Read Twitter tale here >


Twitter is about life - DzineClub Australia

Natasha Badhwar – Twitter is about Life

Natasha is a filmmaker, photographer, writer, a self-described compulsive multitasker and a mother of three based out of New Delhi. She talks about how she started sharing things with herself (self therapy) using twitter and started to create an online world that she started living in. However in March 2010, after following Roger Ebert and him retweeting her poems, posts and photography, she went from 70 followers to 1000.

Read Twitter Tale here >


Twitter is About Community - DzineClub Australia

Caltrain – Twitter is about Community


Ravi Pina, a techy Silicon Valley worker created this account after getting sick of constant train delays in the San Francisco – Silicon Valley Train Service. His Community of 400 Contributors update mechanical delays on train lines to 4000 followers (which is otherwise extremely difficult to relay electronically) making it a less stressful ride for the followers.

Read Twitter Tale here >


Twitter is about humor - DzineClub Australia

The Bloggess – Twitter is about Humour



The Blogess was blackmailed (in a way) by her friends to start tweeting. Her goal being “If I am going to do this, I am going to entertain myself”. What started as a behind the scenes commentary to her blog, ends up being “an irrelevant, rebellious, oddly, wig-filled and utterly hilarious documentation of an otherwise normail(ish) life.

Read Twitter Tale here >

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