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Current Online Projects

October 27th, 2010 No comments

DzineClub is a fairly new business so not everyone knows what we do and what we are currently working on. Everyone that we have been talking to is asking what Projects DzineClub is working on currently. So I thought we would put up a list of our projects so that you know what we are working on, our expertise and if you have a similar project in mind.

Home Builders Website – Zuccala Homes

We are currently finalising Zuccala Homes website which is a CMS driven home builder website. The website has a good mix of jquery, flash and social media components. Here is a list of what we are doing with them

  • Custom CMS Implementation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Web Analytics
  • Email Marketing

Recruitment Website – Melbourne

We are currently building a recruitment website for a Recruitment company in Melbourne. The CMS will allow the client to post jobs and use custom advanced pages

  • Custom CMS Implementation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Web Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy

A high profile rapper from California

We are currently doing the whole digital strategy for a rapper in California who is about to launch his debut album.

  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Selling Songs and Ringtones
  • Merchandise store

Hopefully this gives a basic idea of the projects that we are capable of running. Feel free to reach out on for any questions.

New Facebook Fan Page for Toys Etc

October 25th, 2010 No comments

We have just designed and coded the new Facebook Fan page for one of our new clients, Toys Etc. Toys Etc is Australia’s fastest growing independent online toy store and an authorised LEGO ecommerce retailer of LEGO products.

Facebook Fan Page Features

The new Facebook Fan Page for Toys Etc features the following advanced tabs

  • Welcome tab to give non-fans a quick information about the business
  • Online Shop integrated directly into the Facebook Fan Page
  • Offers that are only available for Facebook Fans
  • Subscription to the email newsletter directly from Facebook

Please click here to view the fan page or on the image directly and become a fan.

Facebook Fan Page for Toys Etc

Finalising the site – Zuccala Homes

October 23rd, 2010 No comments

Finalising the website for Zuccala Homes

We are now finalising the Zuccala Homes website. Based on user feedback and customer feedback, we have implemented a lot of changes towards the newer version of the website.

New Changes

The navigation menu has been turned black, the search boxes orange and house and the Google maps from House and land packages has been removed because it wasn’t being used.

A header image that will be the default on all the pages that don’t need flash interactivity has been used to freshen up the look and reflect on the main theme of the page.


Mobile Friendly Website

With most of the home builders websites, we realised that most of the websites were built in flash so was not accessible from the iPhone. Zuccala Homes Website has been built so that it is mobile friendly and can be accessed just as easily through an iPhone, Android or a Windows Mobile phone.

CMS running behind the Zuccala Homes website

A custom CMS that runs behind the website is being built to allow Zuccala Homes to add new homes, house and land packages and display centres themselves. Next time we will discuss how the CMS works and how it was built.

Magento Commerce Test Store

October 20th, 2010 No comments

Based on our hosting offering, we have now launched a test store so that you can test the speed and features of Magento Commerce.

Here is the link for the store front. Please note this is a test store so there are no actual products on the store.

Magento Commerce Test Store

In-Page Analytics: Visualising web analytics

October 19th, 2010 No comments

In-Page analytics in Google Analytics

Google Analytics have just released the beta version of In-Page analytics. This tool helps your visualise user engagement on your website visually. This report is similar to the overlay report but adds multiple layers of depth and customisation to your reports.

The report shows the percentage of clicks against any link and when you hover on top of it, it will show the clicks, goal value and a breakdown of all of your goals.

In-Page analytics supports image maps, advanced segments, and also outgoing links.

Figure below shows In-Page analytics in one of our partner sites

In page analytics for

Accessing In-page analytics from Google Analytics


To access In-page analytics from your Google Analytics account, please click on Content > In Page Analytics

Accessing in-page analytics


Using In-Page Analytics


There are some cool things you can do using In-Page analytics. Here are a few of them

Visitor pathing analytics – Go through the whole website

Click through your whole website while in In-Page analytics mode and try and determine what paths users take.  Pick your front page (or your most popular landing page) and If you look at the top percentages on each page and follow that path, you are following the most popular path that visitors take on your website.

Have a look at how clicks affect on pages depending on where a visitor is.

Advanced Segments Breakdown

Click on the top right and bring down the advanced segments and see how your segments interact with your website. Do new visitors tend to click on about us more than returning visitors for example. You can also view any advanced segments that you have created on your Google Analytics account.

Advanced Segments in In-page analytics

Toggle Full Screen mode

Toggle the full screen mode to view the whole of your website without the sidebar

Use Filters for advanced analysis

You can click on + Add Filter to filter a subset of your visitors for better analysis.

Filters you can use are:

– What type of a visitor it is
– What Geographic location that visitor has come from
– What campaign did that visitor originate from
– What is the source of the visitor

and other filters such as browser, screen resolution, operating system etc

What actionable information does In-Page analytics provide?

In your website, In-Page analytics answers questions such as

  • Are your call to action giving you results
  • Which links are your visitors clicking
  • What path are your visitors taking in the site
  • On any page, are your visitors doing what you want them to do

Magento Commerce Hosting

October 17th, 2010 No comments

Magento Commerce Online Stores

Magento Commerce Logo 

We are currently involved in building a few Magento commerce stores in the next month for our clients. Stay tuned to view all our online stores as they go live before the end of November. Magento Commerce is a very exciting and feature rich platform powering over 30,000 online stores in the world.

As exciting as it is to be building Magento Commerce Stores, there is a big issue with the speed of Magento Commerce platform.

Full features of Magento Commerce platform

Magento Commerce Speed Issues

While other ecommerce platforms have 20-30 tables to run, Magento Commerce has over 300 tables that it pulls information from to show the information. This creates a big problem with normal web site hosts because of the amount of information that is being pulled out and the number of tables (sources) that you pull product information out of. Usually on a normal web hosting package, a Magento commerce page loads in roughly 20-30 seconds.

Some web site hosts also can have connection time out issues where your online store will not load because the data that is being pulled is taking too long to come.

Announcing Magento Commerce Hosting

On the back of building all these Magento Commerce websites for our clients, we have started using multiple hosts to see how they compare and hosting our clients websites on hosts that provide the best results. With that in mind, we are now announcing our own hosting packages that we can help you run your Magento Commerce platforms from. Because of our testing and hosting multiple ecommerce stores, you can be rest assured that you are getting stable hosting with the speed and performance that your Magento Commerce platform requires.

Contact Us for more Details

We will be releasing more details about the specifications of the store shortly, but meanwhile if you need more information please use our contact us page.

Example Magento Commerce Stores

Send us an email at to view example Magento Commerce stores that you can play around with.

Test our Magento Commerce Hosting with an live Store

The example store is now live at the address below for you to play around with.

Magento Commerce Test Store

Sydney Day Tours – Sydney Joomla SEO

October 17th, 2010 No comments


We have just started working on SEO with a client in Sydney who run day trips to the Royal National Park.  We are using WordPress and Joomla to generate content to get visibility across main keywords on the website. We are then using tools to get properly indexed by Google and Bing to maximise visibility on both the Search engines. The third process is going over Facebook and creating a good presence there. Then its all about using online tools to create better customer service.

Here is a bit of information about Understand Down Under. There is a bit of information about the two most popular trips that UDU run for visitors as well.


Day Tours from Sydney – Understand Down Under


UDU commenced in 2006, after over three years of planning.  Its main focus was providing an experience of a lifetime, and everyone who has been on an UDU our will tell you that’s exactly what it is.  UDUs first eco tours where it’s guided bushwalks, a challenging adventure through wilderness and remote beaches.   UDU now has day tours from Sydney that allow people of all ages and abilities can understand the Royal National Park’s hidden beauty.

The Royal National Park is Sydney’s hidden secret. More than just bush & rainforest, the Royal boasts beautiful coastlines.  It is only 30km South of Sydney; so instead of sitting on a bus, UDUs travellers relax or swim at the beach.

Here are the two most famous UDU tours:


1 Day Royal National Park Eco-tour


Sydney Day tours - Coast Track  Sydney Day Discovery Tour  Sydney Day Sea Cliff Bridge Tour  Sydney Day Tour - Wattamolla

UDU’s day tours are a great mix of active discovery & serene relaxation.  The highlights of the itinerary are:

  • Discovery Eco-walk – exploring the magical Wattamolla, learning how to live in Australia’s bushlands & hear dreaming stories
  • Garie Beach – plenty of time to swim, play Aussie beach games, relax or sunbake.  For the more adventurous, climbing to the cliff-top for a breathtaking panoramic view
  • Throwing boomerangs & spears, alongside the Hacking River
  • Tranquil bushwalk through temperate rainforest
  • Afternoon tea with awe-inspiring views from Bald Hill; home to Lawrence Hargraves, Australia’s pioneer of flight
  • Grand Pacific Drive – taking time to see this incredible area, including the distinctive Sea Cliff Bridge.  


Sydney Moonwalks- Sunset to Sunrise


Sydney Moonwalk Tour Dinner  Sydney moonwalk trip picture  Sydney Moonwalk Sunset Picture  Sydney Tour - Evening Trip Picture

For memories that are out of this world!  After a candlelit dinner, as the sun sets and the full moon rises over Wattamolla lagoon, join in on adventure of a lifetime. Get your glow sticks on and get back to nature, where you will learn all of the Royal National Parks natural wonders, and become a first class night photographer. 


Book Sydney Day Tours


To book a Sydney Day tour, please click here to view available dates:

Book Sydney Day Tours now

Facebook Commerce – Tools and Reasons

October 16th, 2010 1 comment

Why you should sell via Facebook

Here are some stats on user behaviour.

* Visitors now spend more time on Facebook than Google
* An average person spends more time in Facebook than watching TV
* Bing user Facebook liked pages and links  in its search engine results
* A Facebook fan has 68% chance of buying a recommended product through his social network
* There are 500 million Facebook users
* All signs and trends points towards Facebook Domination rather than Facebook downfall

Essentially Facebook is so integrated online and with search engines, that without a good Facebook presence, you are potentially discarding almost half or more of your customer base.

Facebook for Businesses

Its amazing how most people still see Facebook as a place where teenagers go to talk to their friends. In the last few years Facebook has identified and filled the gaps to pull businesses and help businesses work better in Facebook. Some of the examples are

Facebook Events

Facebook Events Image

Facebook Events allows a business (or individual) to host events and invite their social network. The social network can then RSVP and tell if they are attending, maybe attending or not attending. We wont’ go into depth here but we have a few posts on Facebook events on this blog.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups image

Facebook Groups has had a good revamp that allows businesses as well as individuals to not only create groups and discussions but also leverage it for marketing and promotions.

Facebook Fan Pages for Businesses

Dzineclub Australia Facebook Fan page

A game changer, with Fan pages, businesses could virally generate huge amounts of leads and promote and market to those users.


Facebook Like and Facebook Share

Facebook Like

Facebook Like and Facebook share allows easy integration with websites/links but those links now show up in Google and Bing.


Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect

Facebook Social Connect allows a business to leverage Facebook logins on their website making it easier for customers to interact with their website.

So Facebook is vibing community for individuals and businesses.


Advantage of Selling in Facebook over Google/ website


Humans are social beings. We talk, we socialise and we get persuaded by what our friends like.  We tend to like paintings that people are gathered around etc. Facebook creates this opportunity for social recommendations that Google and your normal website can’t. There are ways to validate products on your website / Google but not as effective as the way you can leverage on Facebook.



Tools Available to sell things on Facebook


Facebook Marketplace

The inbuilt solution that allows you to post things on the marketplace. It is not as effective for commerce.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Plugins

There is an ever growing list of plugins that allows you to put your inventory in the fan page. This is the best way to put your products online. Some plugins allow you to rate products etc.

However this said, it wouldn’t be right to just have a Facebook store and not a website. A day might come when you might just have products no Facebook and mobile apps but that day is still a long way away. So you should also do a really good Facebook integration with your ecommerce store.


Facebook to ecommerce Website Integration


Facebook Comments on Products

Allow your customers to comment on products on your website via their Facebook login.

Facebook Like and Facebook Share

Allow your customers and visitors to like and share your products. This has multiple advantages such as:

  • Users don’t need to log in via your website
  • Most liked products show up in Facebook Search when Facebook users search for the words
  • Most liked/shared products show up in Bing Search Results

Best Selling Products List

Have a best selling product list on Facebook so that users can quickly view your best products. This will help you turn the lookers to bookers Smile



dclogo_smDzineClub does Facebook commerce and consulting for its clients everyday. We live and breathe social media and websites. Talk to us for tips and tricks that we have implemented for clients but can’t discuss on the blog.

User Experience and usability for Zuccala Homes

October 16th, 2010 No comments

Zuccala homes display homes built in Flash

Interactive Display Homes for Zuccala Homes

We have built a flash interactive Display Homes viewer for Zuccala homes that allows a user to view all the Display Centres. The flash viewer shows all the Display Centres with maps and allows a visitor to quickly know where the display centre is.

Houses on Display


Zuccala Homes Mernda North Display Centre

The individual houses on display are connected through the Display centre. The display centre lists which houses are on display. The visitor can click on the individual home on the display centre and view the home details.

Google Maps Integration with Display Homes


Integration with Display Homes and Google Maps

To make it easy for the visitor to find the home and eventually go to the display home centre, the system is connected to a Google Map that shows all the locations. From here a user can view all the houses in google maps, get directions etc.

Twitter Stats – DzineClub Australia

October 9th, 2010 No comments

Facebook Stats

Few months ago, we created an infographic about Facebook Stats and what is the propencity of a facebook user to like, interact and buy from a fan page.  Please click below  to view the post.

Facebook stats for businesses


Twitter Stats

We have now created a similar infographic for Twitter followers as below.

twitter stats online business australia

Here is what the twitter stats are telling you as a business owner:

Adding up the numbers on average, the top reasons for a twitter follower to follow your brand is to either receive updates or deals.

* The reason why a twitter user follows your brand is to receive discounts, get updates about upcoming sales, get samples, coupon vouchers etc. So “what is in it for me” is a big factor

* The reason a twitter follower follows you is because they want to stay informed and receive updates about the company.


Twitter Stats Australia

Please note that the research above only covers American twitter users and not Australian twitter followers. But basically the demographic and user behavior for American users and Australian users wont be that much different in assumption.

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