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Zuccala Homes Experience – Usability

Zuccala Homes

We are currently in process of building the website for Zuccala Homes, a home builder based out of Melbourne.  The site is up live and now we are tweaking the website for Usability based on user experience and what visitors have done on the website so far. Here is the screenshot of the front page.

Zuccala Homes Website - Front Page

Zuccala Homes House and Land Packages

We just went live with the House and Land Packages section that displays all the current house and land packages available by suburb. While you can use the search functionality on the left hand side of the page, you can click on individual suburbs to view the current suburbs.

Zuccala Homes - House and Land Packages

Zuccala Homes User Experience and Usability

So far we have tweaked the tabs, the search functionality, Enquiries to make sure that the user experience is better and works properly. When we started the website, there was also an issue with speed, that has now been fixed so that it loads quickly.

Here are the new tabs that we are using.

Zuccala Homes - Home Designs - User Experience

Zuccala Homes Web Analytics

Web Analytics has been a core component of the whole website. It is very data driven and we are making changes to make sure that houses are easier to find, navigate, get information and enquire.

Zuccala Homes - House and Land Packages - Richmond Street - Wallan

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