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DIY Online Store – DzineStore – Updates

November 30th, 2010 No comments

WIth the launch of two new online stores based on dzineStore framework here are the udpates on the platform:

Modern Skin – Looks Better

The store has been updated so that it looks much better than the older store. It is more sleek, pleasing to the eye and more functional.

The buttons have been smoothened and the menu bars have been give the web 2.0 effect.

DIY Online Store - New Look


Share your product on Facebook, Twitter

The social media integration has been improved. There is a button next to each product to like it in Facebook or tweet about it in twitter.

DIY Online Store - Social Media Integration

Build more subscribers, fans, followers, viewers and customers

The Store itself now has integrations with your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and eBay accounts. If you have a Facebook account, a twitter account, a YouTube page or an eBay store, all you have to do is put the link to them on the control panel and they will automatically show up on the homepage and on the store pages.

DIY Online Store - Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

Google Analytics Integration with Online Store

Just put in your Google Analytics code and the Online Store will start showing Analytics reports on your Google Analytics Dashboard.



Campaign Monitor Integration

Do you use campaign monitor as your email provider. If you do, the newsletter section can subscribe visitors directly into your campaign monitor account.

online store campaign monitor integration


Flash Slider on Front Page

You can choose between a flash slider or a jQuery slider on the front page to promote your products. Having jQuery slider means that your store is 100% visible in iPhone and the iPad and your mobile customers can buy products using their mobile devices.

Better PayPal Integration

We have improved the PayPal integration so that you only need an email address to start your online store making it quicker and easier to set up. You can also accept payments via credit cards through the PayPal integration making it more safe and secure for both yourself and your customer.


Lots of more updates coming soon, stay tuned. Pricing for dzineStore starts at $1000 AUD + GST per year. If you need a store by Christmas, please contact us at

Top 1000000 website Analytics Providers Research

November 28th, 2010 No comments

Are you a web analytics company?

Do you want to know how many websites are using your software?
Do you want to know how many websites are using your customers software?
How do you competitors rank with you in the top 10, top 100, top 500, top 1000 for any country in the world?

Do you offer products and services around web analytics?

Do you have integrations with web analytics platforms?
Do you want to only approach companies who use a particular analytics platform?
Do you want to sell your services to companies who use the platform that integrates with you?

If you answer yes to these, you might be interested in our analytics platform that analyses analytics companies usage.

We will soon be releasing a tool that allows you to find out what analytics provider a website is using (any website in the top 100,000). Stay tuned for more details.


The top analytics providers websites for top 10 websites in Australia

top analytics providers in australia

Interested? Contact us at for more details

dzineStore Online Stores going live

November 27th, 2010 No comments

The new version of dzineStore now officially version 3 is up and ready to help Small and Medium businesses sell sell sell online.


2 new online stores going live this week

Based on the new version, there will be two more online stores going live this week. Right in time for christmas. One of the stores only started a few days ago, which means we had to do some improvements on the framework to allow for speedier uploads and set ups.


New Customisations

The platform now allows multiple customizations. Not only can you use your own colours and look and feel, but the new framework allows a whole css file to be uploaded giving you more control on the positioning of the elements.


Front Page Sliders for Promotions

The Front Page Promotions has been upgraded so that you can choose between a flash one or a javascript one. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.


iPhone and Android Compatible – Mobile Commerce

The store looks good on both the iPhone and the Android browsers. A customer can also buy products using the mobile.


Quick to Set Up

The store is even quicker to set up. If you have the product images and a paypal account handy, it will be a matter of minutes before a customer can buy your products online.

More information coming soon. Stay tuned.

Questions? Tweet @dzineclub

November 25th, 2010 No comments

We have been using our twitter account mostly for updates and promotions but since a lot of you are now using twitter as a conversation tool, we are opening our twitter account for answering questions and talking to you.

So if you would like to ask us a question, please send us a direct message or include our tag on your tweet so that we know it’s addressed to us.

All you have to do is use @dzineclub in your tweet and we’ll track your tweet down and reply within 24 hours.

Happy Tweeting!

Social Reputation Management

November 19th, 2010 No comments

Lately we have been working with a number of clients in improving their Social Marketing. We have been working with these clients in getting more fans in Facebook, getting more followers on twitter, more subscribers for their emails, more MySpace fans and so on. What is evidently clear based on the conversations that your social network is having about your brand is that the power is with the consumer. Even if they are not a customer but connected to one of your customers, they have the power to essentially build or break your brand.

That said, we still work in an industry where Social Media is in an infancy. There are companies who have tasted the customer backlash and to be honest, there is not a single company which can please 100% of its customers. Customers have different needs, different demographics which makes it impossible for a bigger company to look after each and every one of them. The best way is to please as many customers as you can and do you best.

Social Media Backlash

So what do you do when your customers tweet bad things about you? The best way is to have a lot of good tweets so that you can officially display that it was an isolated incident.

This is very similar to the rating system for an eBay seller. Most of the eBay sellers don’t have a 100% rating because out of the 10s of thousands of customers some have had bad experience. But overall you can see that they are isolated incidents.

Building Walls

The best strategy however is to build walls around your business so that Social Media backlash (small or big) has a very minimal effect on your business. That you can still manage your business properly and allocate time to fix those issues instead of putting your business on halt.

Social Reputation Management Service

Talk to us about how we have helped clients overcome Social Media Backlash. We can help you put measures in place that can help you ascertain the effect of the backlash as well as a long term strategy to fix the issues you have now and avoid it in the future.

Zuccala Homes–CMS Build

November 8th, 2010 No comments

WordPress or No WordPress

We are now building the CMS platform for Zuccala Homes. Initially we were going to go with WordPress but turns out that WordPress is not very suitable because it cannot handle the tables and relationships of the database properly. That said however, we are doing another project where WordPress is the perfect solution for the CMS.

Custom CMS Build for Zuccala Homes

As such we built a custom CMS fro Zuccala Homes.This allows them to upload images, upload brochures, connect house designs to their house and land packages. We have also built all the image templates in Photoshop which they can now use to build promotions etc. themselves. The image is a very draft stage of the CMS which is being finalised right now.

Zuccala Homes CMS


Cutting Costs

We are setting up the CMS in a way that allows Zuccala Homes to make changes to most parts of the website so that they can cut down on maintenance costs of the website and use that budget on marketing to drive more visitors to the websites.

Using Photoshop to create web-ready images

November 8th, 2010 No comments

1. Making changes to an existing File


Opening the file
Click on File > Open and pick your file from your computer

Once the file is open select Image > Mode > RGB Colour

Click on Image > Image Size and make sure the resolution is 72 pixels per inch


2. Starting a File from Scratch

Click on File > New
Make sure Color Mode is RGB Color and 8 Bit
Make sure resolution is 72 pixels per inch



Resizing Images

To resize images click on Image > Image Size and make the appropriate changes in size. Usually Photoshop keeps the proportion standard. So you might not be able to resize a 1000 px by 200px image to 500 px x 150 px. Photoshop does allow you to do it but then the image will be all stretched.


Saving the Image

After you have made the appropriate changes, you can then save the image. To save the image, click on

File > Save for Web and Devices

Make sure the image type is JPEG. Adjust the quality between 50 and 70 to get the best results

Click on save and save it to your local folders


Facebook Deals–Location Marketing

November 5th, 2010 1 comment

As you could have seen it coming, Facebook has just launched “deals” to go along with Facebook Places.

What is Facebook Deals

Facebook Deals is a good way for Small and Medium companies to offer promotions and discounts.

Facebook Deals allows

  • a business to offer deals to potential customers who have checked in nearby
  • a consumer to check in and find deals near the location that he has checked into

    How does Facebook Deals work

    1. When Facebook users click on places they see nearby businesses offering deals by yellow boxes.

    2. A user then clicks on the business to view the offer and checks in.

    3. This will give them a promo to show to the cashier for the discount.

    Facebook Places - Nearby Places   Facebook Places - Facebook Deals  activating Facebook deals

    Mass Appeal and Viral Component of Facebook Deals

    Once a customer had checked in and utilised the deal, Facebook shows a wall post saying they have claimed a Facebook Deal at the place. It also shows details of the deals. This should have a viral effect and the best offers start getting heaps of traffics and on the ground customers. Just the fact that it is offers based, it should get more and more people using Places. It would be interesting to see how

    How can Businesses set up Facebook Deals

    Businesses have to first claim their Facebook Place. Then they can set up four different type of Facebook deals based on Individual, Group, how often the customer has visited and charity. Obviously all the deals have to be approved by Facebook before they are available.

David Jones Online Store

November 5th, 2010 No comments


After venturing unsuccessfully in the Online retail space in early 2000, David Jones have just launched their online. The store looks great and we are excited that it will bring out all those other big retailers back into the online space.  Big Australian retailers has traditionally not been as open to online stores and have tested the waters and decided not to jump in. This hopefully paves the way for online shopping.

There are some things that we don’t understand from a usability perspective why they have been put in such as double scroll bars. However the store is sleek and works fairly well. Hopefully this works great for them.

Forward your Google App email address

November 5th, 2010 No comments

Sign in to your Google App email account


Click on Settings on the top right hand side



Click on Forward and POP/IMAP



Click on Add a forwarding address



After adding a forwarding address you will have to confirm the new email


After confirmation you can then use this email address to send all your email or filter your email and forward selected emails

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