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Total Value of Products on DIY Online Store

June 29th, 2011 No comments

We have just created a widget that shows the total value of products being sold through our DIY Online Store platform.

The widgets are updated in real time and as clients add new stores to the platform or more products the values will add up.  So feel free to visit our site at any stage and look at the updated running total.


The widgets come up in three spots

Home Page Widget


DIY Shopping Cart Value


Side Bar Widgets

DIY Online Store Value small

Hard Bounces, Soft Bounces and reducing bounces in Email Marketing

June 28th, 2011 No comments

What is a Bounce in Email Marketing

Bounce means that your email has returned (bounced back), the server where it was sent rejected it for a reason and sent it back to you. A bounce means that your email was not delivered. There are two kinds of Bounces

A Hard Bounce (can’t deliver email at all)

This is your more logical reason for a bounce, that the email address is invalid or doesn’t exist. Reason for a hard bounce can be

  • The subscriber has left the company (and their email has been removed from the server – not redirected but removed)
  • The domain has changed or removed (the company has changed their domain or stopped using their domain)
  • The email address is spelt incorrectly

A Soft Bounce (can’t deliver email at that time)

Soft Bounces happen when there the email could not be delivered at that time. The email address is still valid but couldn’t get the email at that time. This could be because

  • The email is too large than the servers size limit
  • The subscriber’s mailbox is full and cannot accept any more emails at that time.
  • The recipient mail server is temporarily down

    How does DzineMail DIY Email Marketing platform handle Bounces

    Dzinemail handles the two bounces separately

  • Hard Bounces are automatically put into bounce list and not sent any more emails
  • Soft Bounces are not sent any more emails if they have bounced 3 times in a row. Dzinemail does this since this is very unlikely for normal email addresses and there is no point in sending out emails to someone who cannot receive emails.

How can you Reduce Bounces?

Obviously, there is no point in sending emails to subscribers who have moved on or can’t receive your emails. Depending on your list, you can expect for it to reduce by 10-30% over a year by purely bounces. It is very important to make sure that you are cleaning your data as well as bringing new subscribers to your list to make up for the cut.

Make sure all of your data is opt-in

Obvious but we have to say it. Make sure your data is all opt-in. So many times we see clients trying to send their email to the whole world and that just means you are paying more. Only communicate with users who want to hear from you.

Want to make it even more focused? make it a double-optin list

Clean up the email address mistakes,, etc  Is there a ! in place of a @. Make sure you go through your list quickly before and after the email to make sure that there are not email address mistakes. Don’t rely on your subscribers to give you the right information.

Follow up with a phone call

Depending on how big your list is, or how big your average order value is, this might be a good strategy. If you see an email address as bounced, get someone to give them a call and get their right email address. It will build up the relationship.

Domain Delivery Reports

Sometimes some servers block your emails. Happens to everyone 🙂

We once managed email for a huge company, who had paid subscribers but one of the ISPs blocked the emails. This meant that the paid subscribers couldn’t get their emails. This popped up in one of the domain reports that there were about 25 users on that domain but no opens and clicks on the domain. We had a quick chat with the ISP, threatened them that we’ll ask our members to change ISPs and they enabled the emails.

Always keep an eye out for the domains and if you see any irregularity in domains. If you see a lot of bounces under the same domain, there might be something wrong.

Check your email for spam

Make sure you check your email for spam before you send it out. Every time you send out an email you should at least get a spam report on it. Sometimes things combine to push you just over the line. Over time, if you have spammy emails, your emails will start bouncing.


Need an email marketing platform with capability and a team with the smarts?

Contact us for a pricing. We work with clients all over the world in email marketing.

Friday’s Weekly Stat

June 23rd, 2011 No comments

We have now started a weekly stat on Friday where we bring up an interesting stat from the weeks technical/marketing news and one about DzineClub.

Marketing Stat of the week

How much is a unique visitor worth for Google, Microsoft and Facebook?




Please note that this data is from ComScore for 2009


DzineClub stat of the week


The total value of products from our clients currently on sale on our “DIY Shopping Cart” stores.

Personalised Results in Google? Good or Bad

June 22nd, 2011 No comments

We live in an era of filtered and personalised information. Our biggest sources of information are personalised to our needs. The top 2 sites providing us the most information in our daily lives are heavily personalised to our needs.

Facebook filters your news feed based on what you have clicked and viewed
Google filters the information based on where you are, what you have clicked and viewed in the past

Bing now combines search with social results.

Ironically, that’s the reason we love them and spend so much time on them and if they didn’t we probably wont use them as much.

Here is a great video that discusses relevancy and filters.

Facebook Like/Send Button

June 22nd, 2011 No comments

The Facebook Like and Send Button

Facebook has recently launched the Like/Send button that replaced their old like/share button. This means that now a user can do one of two things

Publicly like the page in Facebook

By Clicking the like button, the user us publicly liking the page and letting all of his friends know that he likes the page. The result of clicking the like button means that this information is displayed on his feed (wall).

Privately send the page to Facebook friends or Facebook group

A user can also use the send feature to send the page privately to one or more friends or to a group in Facebook.

Test it out

What does it look like? and how does it work? Test it out on top of the blog post here

DzineClub Digital Services explained

June 16th, 2011 No comments

Since DzineClub looks at end to end services, we always get asked what we really do. The answer is that we believe that it is a whole process and we provide services around everything digital.

Here is a quick graphic that explains all the services we provide:


Getting New Leads/Prospects/Traffic

We help you get your traffic through SEO, SEM, Facebook Marketing, Linkedin marketing and Email Marketing.

Online Development

We help you engage these leads through a variety of applications and channels including Websites, Online Stores, Mobile Websites, Facebook Apps and Pages and Catalogues


We can help you then turn these visitors into leads/customers using Conversion Forms, Shopping Carts and Downloadables. At this point we will also look at cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to maximise your conversion.


Once the conversion happens, we get into phase 2 where we put Nurturing Programs, surveys and automated emails to help you retain these customers for when they need your products/services at a later stage.

So what is our distribution of Clients

90% of our clients use more than one services from us. Ranging from Online Stores, Websites, Email Marketing, Web Hosting almost all of our clients use multiple services.

Here is how they use us:

DIY Online Store: 10+ Clients
Keyword Rank Checker: 5+ Clients
DzineMail Email Marketing: 15+ Clients
Website Hosting: 25+ Clients
CMS Platforms: 20+ Clients

We will post all the examples of our services over the next week so that you get a better idea of what we offer.

New WordPress Development – PointPal

June 14th, 2011 No comments

PointPal WordPress Website now Live

Imagine no more bulging wallets or purses -  and no more lost rewards and store club cards. Imagine being able to join new rewards programs right from your phone. Imagine never having to sign up for another program again. You can do all this with PointPal and best of all, its free to use. Head down to their site to view the demo, sign up for a free trial or to receive a quote.

Pointpal - Get the points wordpress website

WooThemes WordPress Themes

June 14th, 2011 No comments

We have just got memberships with the best WordPress themes websites out there and with Developers license, it means that we can offer that to you as clients for no extra costs.

So if you have been liking any WordPress theme from any reputable wordpress theme website, feel free to reach out to us at for more information on how you can use that on your website.

Not sure if you should use a Theme or have us develop a custom theme for you, here is a quick guide

Budget for WordPress website:

If you are low on budget then go with a pre built theme otherwise get it custom built. Using a theme means that you will be up quicker and will save the time needed to build a custom look. There are hundreds of Themes to choose from so chances are that you will be fairly unique.

Flexibility for WordPress website:

This is a grey area as some themes provide better flexibility than your standard themes. However most of the themes we develop for our clients are completely flexible, so you can change anything on the site. So for the ultimate flexibility it is worth building your own template.

Time to launch the website

Custom themes take time. Plus with tens of variations of browsers to test on, it is a fairly daunting task. So if you want to get up and running quick, you are best off with a pre-built theme.

Click here to view all the wordpress websites that we have built for our clients.

PremierClean Interactive eCatalogue now Live

June 2nd, 2011 No comments

Turning PDF catalogue to interactive flip book

Interactive eCatalogue for PremierClean is now live. We have transformed the traditional PDF catalogue to a more realistic online catalogue that features

  • Table of Contents
  • Page Flip effect to provide realistic catalogue interface
  • Mobile capability (can view on iPad and iPhone)
  • Deep Google Analytics Integration to view which pages are being read more
  • Multi Level Zoom Features
  • Fast and Full Text Search

PremierClean Interactive e-Catalogue

New WordPress Site – El Kool Koala Now Live

June 1st, 2011 No comments

We have just gone live with a new wordpress site for El Kool Koala.  El Kool Koala are a Backpackers in Taganga, Colombia.

Old Website

Their old web site was not maintained properly and was difficult to make changes to.

New WordPress Website

The new website makes it easy for them to make changes manually and has the following features

  • Adding photo galleries
  • Adding and changing pages
  • Adding and changing content on teh pages
  • Integrating Google Maps
  • Posting all the Backpacker reviews on the website

El Kool Koala WordPress Website

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