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Email Marketing to Facebook Email Addresses

February 2nd, 2011 No comments

Facebook Messages – Facebook Email Address

The internet has been rife for a few months with the news of Facebook Messaging coming up.  Facebook is not just launching an email platform but a whole new way we send messages to each other. So it integrates your emails, sms, Facebook messages from your friends etc.

Given the amount of users Facebook has, and the fact that we use Facebook to connect to most of our friends, there is no doubt that this is the next big thing when it comes to emails and messaging. This could potentially be the next hotmail or gmail.


Facebook messages is live

Facebook messages is also now live, which means that some users are starting to get their Facebook email address as well. I have just recently got mine and started to play around with it. Over the coming days and weeks, more and more people will start having their own Facebook email address. You might start seeing Facebook addresses on your email subscribers lists soon.

Email Marketing to Facebook Email Address

With the introduction of Facebook email address, which we believe is going to be the next biggest email platform, the question for all email marketers is

How do we optimise our email campaigns for Facebook email addresses?

To make sure that when we are communicating with Facebook addresses, it all displays properly, we are doing some tests with generic emails to see which ones work well and which ones don’t.

Testing the new Facebook Email Address

So here is what we are doing. We are testing all the emails to our Facebook address. We are sending a text email, a html email with a signature, an email with an attachment and finally an email from the dzineMail platform to see how they show up on Facebook messages.  Here are the results.

Text Email to Facebook

This just shows normally like any other message you get in Facebook.

Testing Normal Email to new Facebook Email Address

Testing Rich HTML with Signature to Facebook Email

Rich HTML with signature gets stripped down to just normal text. What is also a bit weird is that if you have two contacts with the same name, then the display picture might be pulled from the contacts name rather than email address.

There is an expand button which we thought would show the HTML but just came with a blank email.

Testing Rich HTML to Facebook Email Address

Testing PDF Attachment to Facebook Email

The next stage was testing a PDF attachment to the email address. Here are the results. This worked very well.

Testing PDF Attachment to Facebook Email Address

Testing Image Attachment to Facebook Email

The next stage was testing an image attachment. There was no doubt that this was going to work very well as well.

Testing Image Attachment to Facebook Email

Testing an Email Marketing Email to Facebook

So we finally come to the last test where we are seeing how a normal email marketing formatted email shows up in Facebook emails. Not to be too dramatic but the result of this could very well change how we do Email Marketing forever.

Result: so we sent out an email and we got the email with the subject line.

Email Marketing in Facebook Emails

And we clicked on expand

Email Marketing - Facebook Emails

So a normally formatted email marketing email doesn’t show up in Facebook.

Update 7th Feb 2011 – emails now showing in Facebook

The emails are now showing in Facebook for properly formatted email addresses. 


Guide to Email Marketing to Addresses

Based on the results we have created a Email Marketing Best Practice Guide which is a PDF download.

Download Email Marketing Guide



More Testing and summary

We will be doing more testing and summarizing the results in a download. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive the emails.

If you want to get social with your email marketing, please read through our blog or get in touch with us at

Email Marketing Best Practices and Portfolio

January 27th, 2011 No comments

Email Marketing Porfolio

We have just come across email templates that our staff have designed for Australia’s Biggest companies such as BMW, Tourism Victoria, Renault, South Australian Tourism Commission, VicHealth etc. We are building a showcase folio document that shows all the templates. This will be available as a download on the email marketing area shortly.

We already have a portfolio section for all the email newsletters we have done for our clients. So feel free to view that as well.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Things have changed a lot in Email Marketing lately. As such, best practices have changed too. The new say of doing Email Marketing is integrating it with your CRM and you Social Media, supporting mobile devices and understanding buyer behavior.

This will also be a free download from our Email Marketing area shortly. Stay tuned while we build these and send it your way.

Part 1: Email Marketing Best Practices: Email Addresses

Here is Part 1 of our Best Practice Series. This covers the new onslaught of 500 million new email addresses and how you should market to them.

Email Marketing Best Practice: Emailing addresses email address marketing


DzineClub Email Marketing Services

We provide email marketing service for over 10 Australian Companies. They can choose between a range of platforms that suit their needs the best and use us for the strategy to improve their marketing. Contact us or click on email marketing under services for more information.

Most Visitors on the site

January 14th, 2011 1 comment

Highest Visitor per day – 13th Jan


Yesterday we had the biggest number of visitors to our site since we started the site 2 years ago. Using our own SEO platform, we have also managed to get to first page of Google in a lot of Keywords which has helped.

We are now setting this as a benchmark to improve our traffic even more.

We would like to thank you for visiting our site and hopefully it has been informative to what you needed. We have made it super easy for you to stay updated as we update our visitors through all these channels. Here are some ways how you can stay in touch and no miss on any updates on the site.

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Facebook Like and Tweet Button – Email Marketing

January 12th, 2011 No comments

Social Media Integrated with Email Marketing

We are now integrating the Facebook Like button and Twitter Tweet button on all of our and our clients email campaigns.  This makes it much easier to share your email campaign on Twitter and Facebook. Here is how the report works:


Allow your user to share your email to Facebook and Twitter

You can use the existing platform and use the quick links button to drop your Tweet and Facebook Like buttons anywhere on your email. This way your email subscribers can click on these links and share your email on Facebook or tweet about your email campaign.

share email on facebook or twitter

Share your email on Facebook / Twitter

The next thing you can do is click on the share button from your control panel. This will bring up a popup that allows you to share your email marketing campaign on Twitter, or Facebook.  This way you are leveraging your email subscribers, Facebook fans and your twitter followers.

email marketing buttons

tweet email campaign or share on facebook

Email Social Sharing Report

And finally you get the report that shows how your email subscribers have shared your emails. The report gives you the total number of tweets and Facebook Likes for the campaign. Then underneath it, you can view all the users who liked/tweeted about your emails.

social sharing report for email marketing

Permanent Facebook Like/ Twitter Share Button

For our existing clients, if you would like a permanent Facebook Like and Tweet button on your email campaigns, please send us and email and we will integrate it in your email for free.


For more information about dzineMail email marketing platform, please click here…

Email Marketing – social media links

January 10th, 2011 No comments

Social Media Buttons on Email

We are now including social media links with all our email marketing templates, so if you have any of these social media accounts

  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Twitter Account
  • YouTube Page
  • LinkedIn Account
  • StumbleUpon Account

We will now put a link for them on the top of all our emails. So that not only does your email goes out to your subscribers, they can then share it and post it to their friends.

Email Marketing – Melbourne Clients

January 8th, 2011 No comments


New Melbourne Clients in our Email Marketing Platform

From next week we will be starting three new clients on our email marketing platform dzineMail. dzineMail is a DIY email marketing platform that allows you to quickly send out professional looking email to your subscribers and look at results. On top of just sending emails, the new features allow you to set up triggered emails to set up customer journeys.

We are very excited to have five new clients start to use our platform in the next month. We will have a graphic design agency, a recruitment firm, an online store and two trade companies start to use the platform.

New templates in the Email Templates Gallery

This will also mean that there will be new templates in the email templates gallery. If you haven’t had a look at the email templates gallery, please view it under portfolio. We have also got some templates that our staff built for BMW for their email marketing so we will be adding them to the gallery soon.

Why choose us for your email marketing?

Our staff have built campaigns for the best companies in Australia and have successfully helped them implement email marketing campaigns. We are cost effective but very effective in terms of ROI. We not just provide you the tools but also guide you through the best practices for sending out your emails and getting returns on them.

WordPress, Email Marketing and eCommerce Resource for Clients

December 30th, 2010 No comments

DzineClub Client Resources

To start off the new year, we have just launched DzineClub Resources. This is a separate Resource section for our clients where they can go and learn how to make the most out of the platform that they are using.

Since we have developed 5 WordPress websites in the last month, the first few posts on the site are about WordPress and how to use it properly. Here are some tutorials

Adding an email ink to text in WordPress
Adding images to pages in WordPress
Quick user Guide to WordPress

We will be developing this resource area in the next few months so that our current clients can leverage their solutions to get the best results possible.

Please click here or on the image to go to the resources area

DzineClub Resources Area

what is in an email address? heaps – email marketing Australia

August 11th, 2010 No comments

So you have an email marketing list as most companies now a days. Normally you’d be doing any of these things based on time and resources

General email marketing process

  • you send email newsletters to them regularly

  • you send ad-hoc emails during promotions
  • you look at reports and try and keep your open rates high

If you are fairly bored with repetitive emails

  • maybe you look at bounces and try and correct them
  • you might change your subject lines and try and get higher opens

If you are an Advanced email marketing user

  • you might A/B test different subject lines and content to optimise user experience
  • you might connect your emails to your analytics and read ROI from emails rather than open rates
  • you might use social media tools and connect your email newsletters to your social networks to leverage

    Knowing your email subscribers social media details

      We all know that the better we know our subscribers, the higher our open rates and higher conversion, But I doubt many people look at the existing list and try and use external tools to enrich user data in them.  With all the social media and api’s that let you collect information about users, it has come to a point where you should look at your subscriber list and get information such as

      • age groups
      • social network involvements (facebook, twitter, linkedin)
      • How involved they are in facebook, twitter, linked in

        Imagine …

      Imagine that your list that you have today of just email addresses, lying in your email marketing platform can be grouped as active facebook users, active twitter users, social media influencers, age groups, gender, location etc The way you will be able to target the list will exponentially increase your email marketing effectiveness.


      What can you do with email marketing data like this

      • send emails to facebook users asking them to join your facebook fan page
      • send special offers to twitter influencers, where if they tweet your brand, they get special offers or discounts
      • target gender specific emails on product sales
      • target age specific emails
      • target location specific emails

      Contact us to Generate demographic user information from email addresses

      If you have an email marketing platform and you have a good social media strategy, we can help you get demographic and social media involvement about your users so that you can target them better and increase relevancy

      Integrating Social Media with Email Marketing

      July 29th, 2010 No comments

      Integrating your Social Media with your Email Marketing creates an opportunity for your email content to immediately go viral. If your content is great and it gets shared by a Social Media influencer, you could reach a huge amount of users by sending out your normal email newsletters.

      Integrating Social Media with Email Marketing to reach viral customers

      inserting links to your social media account

      • follow us on facebook to your facebook account
      • follow us on twitter to your twitter account

      This will help you grow your fan base

      allowing email subscribers to share your email newsletter on their social network

      • inserting share link to facebook (link it to the online version of your newsletter)
      • inserting share link to delicious (link it to the online version of your newsletter)
      • inserting share link to digg (link it to the online version of your newsletter)

      This will help you push your brand out.

      Email Newsletter Showcase

      July 2nd, 2010 1 comment

      We have started uploading Email Newsletters that we have done for our clients in the past. Some of the designs are outdated and we are starting from the start so we’ll add them over time. So for examples of emails that we have done head over to our email marketing section under Services. Once we have uploaded about 20 odd designs, we’ll create a separate page for them. Please click on the image or the link to view our email newsletter showcase.

      Our Newsletter Showcase gets updated every week with new designs so please bookmark the page.

      Email Newsletter Design Showcase >>>

      Email Newsletter Showcase Gallery

      Also if you haven’t checked it out yet, please click here to see how you can send out an import a list, set up an email campaign and send it out in 5 minutes.

      5 minute email - set up and send out an email in 5 minutes

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