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Latest Projects Update – 2011

May 26th, 2011 No comments

We are currently working on the following projects for our clients

Car Listings Website built in WordPress

We are currently building a car listings site in wordpress which will allow different vehicles to be put into different categories and searched on.

Facebook Viral Competition App

We are also currently working on a Viral facebook competition that leverages the abilities of Facebook to create a viral effect.

Three Online Magento Stores

We are building three online magento stores which will be released live in the next few days

Email Marketing for 2 Clients

We will be enabling email marketing for two of our clients

Two Interactive Catalogues

We are launching two interactive catalogues for two of our clients this month. We will put up updates as soon as they are ready.

Two Mobile Websites

We will be building two mobile websites this month for clients who have existing websites and are seeing a lot of users come from mobiles. These websites will work on all the mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

More updates to come

Online Catalogue – Interactive Software

February 20th, 2011 No comments

Do you still use a Print or a PDF Catalogue?

Whilst using a Print or a PDF Catalogue is a great idea, there are some drawbacks if you don’t have an online version of it that can be accessed from your website at any time.

We can help you turn your Print or PDF catalogue into a stunning online version with real turn page effect. This means that your customers can view your catalogue without downloading anything and can read it like a book.

Whenever you update your catalogue, all you have to do is update your file and everyone is looking at the latest version.

Advantages of using an online Flip Catalogue compared to print catalogue

Some advantages of using a flip catalogue compared to a print catalogue are such

Search Engine Optimisation

The print catalogue doesn’t give you any visibility on Google. your PDF catalogue gives you a better visibility, However a flip catalogue will give you a lot of visibility for Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This way your visitors and customers can find your catalogue by just searching for it on Search Engines rather than having to go to your website and downloading it.

Access your Flash Flip Catalogue Anywhere

All you need is a browser and internet. And everyone has that. The address of your catalogue will be similar to and when you type that into your browser your visitors will be able to read your catalogue like a book.

Mobile Devices – iPad, iPhone and Android Support

We can make your catalogue available on your visitors mobiles as well. Even on the iPhone, iPad and Android, your customers can read your catalogue like a book with a real page turn effect.

Offline access via CD, USB, DVD

You can also allow your visitors to download an executable file that opens up your catalogue so that they can use it when they want. This allows them to access your catalogue without any internet.

Google Analytics Deep Integration

With your print and PDF catalogue, you get no stats on how successful it is. You might be able to get some data as in how many people downloaded it but that’s about it. You need more stats and data to increase your marketing effectiveness. We will embed Google Analytics with your catalogue so that you can view stats such as

  • How many times the catalogue has been viewed
  • How long are your customers spending on the catalogue
  • What is the most popular page on the catalogue
  • What cities of the world are your visitors coming from
  • How are your customers finding your catalogue

and lots more…

Using this information you can not only provide your customers with a better catalogue but also more relevant content.

Full Screen Catalogue View

Your customers can access the catalogue in full screen giving them better views of your catalogue as well as uninterrupted time to go through everything that they want to see.

Finding content faster on your Interactive Online Catalogue

Having your company catalogue is great but if you have a big catalogue, it becomes a pain finding information on the catalogue. The online interactive catalogues we build for our clients have the following features to make it easy to navigate

Table of Contents

A table of contents which you can use to direct your visitors to the content they are interested in. So your customers can open the Table of Contents click on the products page, view the products, click on “how to order” get to the order page and get instructions on putting the order.

Search for any text on the Online Catalogue

We extract the data from your PDF catalogue and index all the text so that your customers can simply go into the catalogue and search for the product using a name.

Interested in improving your catalogues?

If you are interested in improving your catalogues and looking at examples, please email us at

Email Newsletter Showcase

July 2nd, 2010 1 comment

We have started uploading Email Newsletters that we have done for our clients in the past. Some of the designs are outdated and we are starting from the start so we’ll add them over time. So for examples of emails that we have done head over to our email marketing section under Services. Once we have uploaded about 20 odd designs, we’ll create a separate page for them. Please click on the image or the link to view our email newsletter showcase.

Our Newsletter Showcase gets updated every week with new designs so please bookmark the page.

Email Newsletter Design Showcase >>>

Email Newsletter Showcase Gallery

Also if you haven’t checked it out yet, please click here to see how you can send out an import a list, set up an email campaign and send it out in 5 minutes.

5 minute email - set up and send out an email in 5 minutes

The StartUp Toolkit – The business plan for Early Startups

June 1st, 2010 No comments


Starting a new ummm… startup?  Thinking of starting a new business but don’t know where to start?

Visit to get your priorities in line and visualise how you will run the company, what is your value proposition etc.

The areas that it focuses on are

Value Proposition




Revenue Model

Customer Segment


External Risks

Key Performance Indicators

Google Analytics – Advanced Segments – Returning Visitors from Australia

March 14th, 2010 No comments


Advanced Segments in Google Analytics are very powerful. This allows you to drop your website visitors into separate buckets/segments and view reports around those particular segments.

An Example of Advanced Segments in Google Analytics is

All Australian Users who have been to the site before

For DzineClub, these are high value customers for us. So we analyse this segment to see what they are doing. Some information that we can now find out about them are

– where did they originate (this will help us target more on that source so that we can generate more loyal and local customers)

– Goal Conversions (how is the goal conversion on our local and loyal visitors)

– What pages do these segments go to

An interesting fact for us was that our Australian Returning Visitors segments browsers were majority of Firefox and Chrome browsers. So we can assume that they are a bit more tech savvy and we can provide content which could be a bit technical.

monitor your blog, social media – Do you look or Do you look and learn?

March 10th, 2010 No comments

Looking – this is what most people do.

They monitor their blog. They look at the latest post and see how many people viewed it, where they came from, where they found the blog.

They monitor their social media – how much something got retweeted, how many fans on facebook pages, how many followers on twitter.

Then they go about generating and sharing new content with a little thought on the back on the mind saying – generate more content and I’ll get more traffic.

Looking and Learning

What a lot of people don’t do is that they don’t learn from what they have written. They don’t learn from what they see in reports in their blogs and social media.

Individual Post Analysis

Every blog post that gets viewed should be analysed for why it was viewed. You need to know what particular search query drove the user there.  You also need to make sure that what they are searching for, they can get the answer on your blog posts.

Trend Analysis

Look at a range of posts and see why some of them are more popular than others. This should give you an idea of what your users want. Instead of now just generating new content, generate content that is more relevant to these active users.

Group your posts together and see how the groups are performing

Group or Categorize your blogs and compare how each category is performing against the other. See which categories are getting fuller and which ones are empty. Are you filling up categories for products/services that you don’t want to offer.

Flooding is not a good strategy

Unless you have a big content generation team and lots of time in your hands, flooding your blogs and social media with content is not a good strategy. Spend your time wisely choosing the topics, making sure your target market likes those topics and finds it helpful and then push them out. Once you do, look at their behavior and learn from them.


A Blog is not just about informing people, it is also about learning from them

How do you pick the right marketing channel

February 21st, 2010 1 comment

There are over 30 marketing channels in existence today. Traditional marketing, Direct marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, mobile marketing etc.

As a business owner or the marketing manager, how do you correctly choose which mediums to engage. Unless you are an enterprise company or have a lot of money to throw around, it is very hard to engage all of these marketing channels.

Do you need to use all of these marketing channels?

No. You should work on a channel(s) which your target audience will most likely interact with.

How do you pick the right marketing channel for your target audience?


Do some research on the audience. By research you don’t have to run focus groups, all you have to do is think what marketing channels your target will use.

  • What age-group are they?
  • What social networking site do they use?
  • Do they watch a lot of TV?
  • Would they drive to work and listen to FM on the way?
  • Do they use e-book readers?
  • Are they hip and music oriented?
  • Do they go to pubs?
  • Do they subscribe to newspapers?
  • What can the content of the going to be more interested in?
  • What kind of mobile are they most likely to use?

The more you know about the audience or that target market, the better you can focus your marketing and advertising around channels that they are more likely to be interested in and interact with. If you have a tracking and reporting analytics system on your website, you can get answers to some of these questions through that.

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