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A/B Testing Guide for Website Design – AB Test

August 2nd, 2010 1 comment

1. What is AB Testing

A/B testing is the simplest method of checking which content works best for your target audience. You create two versions of your content, divide your target audience into two random groups and show the two versions. You then compare the conversion metrics on those two groups to see which one works better.

A B Testing Guide for Website Design

2. What things can/should you test on AB Test

  • Call to action Buttons
  • page Layouts
  • Sign up Forms
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Checkout Processes

3. Where can/should you use A/B Testing


On your Website

  • Home page of your website
  • Sign up pages on your website
  • Any High Traffic Landing pages on your website

eCommerce Store

  • Checkout Page
  • Add to Cart call to action
  • Product Landing Pages

Email Marketing

  • Subject Lines
  • Call to action buttons

Search Engine Marketing

  • Main Tag Line
  • Descriptions

4. A/B Test Best Practices


Test Pages with high traffic

Not enough traffic means that the results might not be accurate. Make sure your testing sample size is large enough.

Keep the Tests running until you are confident that one wins over the other

Small conversion wins are not a good indication of a winning content. Have the tests running for a reasonable time and only accept content that is visibly winning.

Start Small

If you are starting out on A/B testing, start by making smaller changes such as placements of content blocks on your website

Put  Bolder Testing for smaller percentages or New Visitors

if you are making a radical change on your content to test, test it on a small percentage first. Lots of times big changes on site don’t resonate well with the visitors. Many tools allow you to test new visitors rather than returning visitors so test on this group first before testing it on all the visitors.


5. AB Test Case Studies

These websites give you case studies on what has worked and what haven’t worked when it comes to A/B Testing has a repository of A/B tests performed by users and uploaded to the website. You can see the different versions, what was different on them and how they performed. A/B testing resource

Similar to shows the different test and results of testing. It also allows you to test your gut feeling and see how correct you were.

which A/B test won


Google Website Optimizer Case Studies

Success Stories Section of Google Website Optimizer with information about what was tested and what kind of results came up.



6. A/B Testing Tools


Free A/B Testing Tools

  • Google Website Optimiser

Paid A/B Testing Tools

  • Adobe Test & Target powered by Omniture
  • Amadesa A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Maxymiser Multivariate Testing
  • Optimost
  • SiteSpect
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