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DzineClub Digital Services explained

June 16th, 2011 No comments

Since DzineClub looks at end to end services, we always get asked what we really do. The answer is that we believe that it is a whole process and we provide services around everything digital.

Here is a quick graphic that explains all the services we provide:


Getting New Leads/Prospects/Traffic

We help you get your traffic through SEO, SEM, Facebook Marketing, Linkedin marketing and Email Marketing.

Online Development

We help you engage these leads through a variety of applications and channels including Websites, Online Stores, Mobile Websites, Facebook Apps and Pages and Catalogues


We can help you then turn these visitors into leads/customers using Conversion Forms, Shopping Carts and Downloadables. At this point we will also look at cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to maximise your conversion.


Once the conversion happens, we get into phase 2 where we put Nurturing Programs, surveys and automated emails to help you retain these customers for when they need your products/services at a later stage.

So what is our distribution of Clients

90% of our clients use more than one services from us. Ranging from Online Stores, Websites, Email Marketing, Web Hosting almost all of our clients use multiple services.

Here is how they use us:

DIY Online Store: 10+ Clients
Keyword Rank Checker: 5+ Clients
DzineMail Email Marketing: 15+ Clients
Website Hosting: 25+ Clients
CMS Platforms: 20+ Clients

We will post all the examples of our services over the next week so that you get a better idea of what we offer.

Checklist for Content work

March 18th, 2011 No comments

Here is a great article about Content writing from “The Elements of Content Strategy” – a book by Erin Kissane

The Elements of Content Strategy


Here is the outline of the first chapter

  • Good content is appropriate for the user and the business
  • Good content is useful
  • Good content is user-centered
  • Good content is clear
  • Good content is consistent
  • Good content is concise
  • Good content is supported

Click here to read the first chapter “A Checklist for Content Work”
Click here to buy the book


Great Slideshow on Content Strategy

Along with that, here is a great slideshow on Content Strategy

Context As a Content Strategy: Creating More Meaningful Web Experiences through Contexual Filtering

Facebook Fan Page Gallery – FBFolio – Now taking user submissions

December 30th, 2010 No comments

We are now opening up FBFolio – The Facebook Fan Page Gallery for user submissions. If you have either a great looking Facebook Fan Page Gallery or a very functional Fan Page Gallery, please submit your links to

Please note that we might not be able to enter all the submissions because of quality control and staff time restrictions. But we will try our best. Also there is a few days wait before it shows up on fbfolio.

Facebook Fan Page Gallery -

New Facebook Fan Page – Discount Party Supplies

December 15th, 2010 No comments

We have just designed and gone live with one or our new client’s Facebook Fan Page – Discount Party Supplies based out of South Australia. 

Discount Party Supplies specialises in kids party supplies and have a great range of kids party supplies. They also deliver Australia wide for no more than $9.95 Postage.

Facebook Fan Page Features

  • Profile Image that has contact details and gives an overview in a glance. So you could be anywhere inside the Discount Party Supplies Facebook Page and you can see the contact details straight away.
  • Landing Page that gives overview of the business and invites the visitor to like the fan page to get a discount coupon
  • Welcome page for fans who can view the discount coupon and use that on the store while ordering

    Facebook Fan Page for Discount Party Supplies

    Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing

    September 11th, 2010 No comments

    We at DzineClub are seeing a fundamental shift in the internet powerhouses, particularly Google and Facebook but Yahoo and Bing lurking at the background. Lets look at some recent stats and news on how all this is evolving and what it might mean in the future.


    Google Vs Facebook : Stats on Search and Social Media


    According to new reports, In the month of August, Americans spent more time in Facebook than in Google. Add this to the fact that around March, Facebook topped Google in the amount of users coming to the site and got no 1 status in Alexa.


    Sharing Vs Searching – Google Vs Facebook

    The clear indication here is that we are now socializing more than searching and it only expected to increase with time.


    Google’s swipes at Social Networking

    Google BuzzGoogleBuzzLogo

    The famed Google Buzz has not made an impact as it was supposed to. Google Buzz had a massive whiplash from users because of automatic opt-in.


    orkut-logo Orkut, Google owned Social Network and extremely popular in Brazil,Paraguay and India  is at risk from Facebook gaining grounds at those countries.

    Google Me

    There are rumours that Google is building a competitor to Facebook as “Google Me”. If the rumours are true this could be a worthwhile competitor to Facebook. Only time will tell how Google Me would stand against Facebook if it is underway.

    Facebook’s swipes at Search / Video


    Facebook Search

    Facebook already uses Bing for its search. However lately, Facebook has been testing a search feature which shows current news and web pages based on how many users have liked it or shared it. Blogs and News Websites are the forefront of information production and most of them now have a Facebook share or a Facebook like button on them. This means Facebook doesn’t have to go out and index its content, but its users do it for Facebook.

    However Facebook status updates are very personal and sharing news on Facebook is still in infancy which means that search will lack recency and news content. This is where Bing comes in. More details on that below.

    Facebook Fan Pages on Google

    Google has started integrating Facebook Fan Pages in its search capabilities. Searching for Any reputable business now shows the home page and then their Facebook page after it. With new Custom Facebook Pages, how long before we just start searching for those businesses from inside Facebook?

    Facebook is now the third largest Video Site in the US

    The latest research also puts Facebook at the third largest video site in the US after Google Video Sites (Youtube / Google Video) and Yahoo Sites (Yahoo, Flickr). While Youtube lost half a million viewers, Facebook seems to have jumped 3.6 million new viewers. Yahoo also had a significant grown of 10 million new viewers.




    Yahoo seems to be another big winner in August with all the redesign and social networking integrations paying dividends for it beating Google in monthly traffic. The search integration with bing  brings a neat search results for Yahoo.

    Yahoo’s swipe at Google:

    We love this video




    While this is going on, Microsoft’s Bing has been winning a few battles of its own.

    Integration with Facebook

    With Bing powering the external search on Facebook, Facebook has the capability to list news recommended by Facebook-ians 🙂 and list Bing underneath it for Real time and more relevant search.

    Bing and Yahoo Integration

    From August 24 , Bing has been powering Yahoo Search in US and Canada. This creates a much better search experience for Yahoo users

    Wolfram Alpha and Twitter Integrations

    While Wolfram Alpha integrations are now showing in Bing, Twitter tweets were powering the Bing real time search.


    So what does this mean to businesses?


    Advertising your business

    Its the time to advertise your business in Facebook and Google. Facebook for products and services that are likely to sell via recommendations and for the long tail effect and Google for short tail effect and to target specific searchers who are specifically looking for your product.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Search Engine Optimisation should be focused on Google but also Yahoo/Bing. Make sure that you are focussed for Yahoo/Bing combination as that covers 3 grounds. Yahoo, Bing and Facebook.

    Social Media Optimisation

    Your online properties should be now optimised for Social Media too. Make sure you have like button against your news and recommend buttons next to your products. Make sure lots of fans like your content and your pages.

    Integrating Social Media with Email Marketing

    July 29th, 2010 No comments

    Integrating your Social Media with your Email Marketing creates an opportunity for your email content to immediately go viral. If your content is great and it gets shared by a Social Media influencer, you could reach a huge amount of users by sending out your normal email newsletters.

    Integrating Social Media with Email Marketing to reach viral customers

    inserting links to your social media account

    • follow us on facebook to your facebook account
    • follow us on twitter to your twitter account

    This will help you grow your fan base

    allowing email subscribers to share your email newsletter on their social network

    • inserting share link to facebook (link it to the online version of your newsletter)
    • inserting share link to delicious (link it to the online version of your newsletter)
    • inserting share link to digg (link it to the online version of your newsletter)

    This will help you push your brand out.

    Setting up your Google Adwords Account for SEM, PPC

    April 20th, 2010 No comments

    Setting up your Google Adwords Account

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a last ten years, you probably know what Google Adwords is. If you have been living under a rock, welcome to the wonderful world of Google.

    Google Adwords is the advertising product for Google. Using Adwords you can run ads for your business in Google Search Engine and Google’s Advertising network. Putting up Ads is free, however if someone clicks on your ad, you will get charged a fee. The process of putting up your ad on a Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing is called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and the way you get charged per click is called Pay Per Click (PPC). Businesses use Google Adwords to advertise their products, improve their brand awareness and to get on the front page of Google (if they can’t get there by SEO alone). From an advertising perspective, the front page of Google is the most valuable space in the internet.

    It’s also fairly easy to set up your own Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  or Pay Per Click(PPC) Campaigns. So how do you start? First let’s set up your account.

    Pre-Requisites for setting up your account

    Your personal Details
    Existing Email address if you want to use your own email address


    Setting up your account > Create Google Account

    Now Google will give you a choice of either assigning an existing Google Account for Adwords or creating a new one.

    Assigning an existing account:

    • If you already use an email address to access other Google Services (Gmail, Google AdSense, Google Analytics etc) click on this radio button and select “I’d like to use my existing Google Account for Adwords”. Then enter your account email and password to log in.

    Creating an new Account

    • If you do not use any of the Google Services click on “I do not use these other services”
    • Fill out your existing email address and set up your password.
    • Set up your time zone and currency and click on continue
    • Google will now send you a account verification email to your existing email. Log into your existing email. You should have an email from Google Adwords, open it and click on the verification link to verify your account.

    Adding your mobile number

    Once verified, Google will ask you to add a  mobile number to your account. We recommend you do this to make sure your account is more secure.

    Congratulations!! Your Adwords account is now set up. Next time we’ll look at creating a small campaign for your business. For the next step you will need a credit card and some keywords that you want to target. To make sure that you don’t miss out on the next stage, please subscribe to the blog via twitter or rss feeds. To receive email notifications please send us an email at

    How do I improve my Google listing

    April 19th, 2010 No comments

    Improve your Google listings

    Lately we’ve been talking to a lot of small business owners who have the same questions about improving their online business. One of the bigger ones is

    How do I improve my listings?

    Here is what you can do today to improve your listings:

    1. Break down your website pages into smaller pages and optimise the titles on them

    The more pages you have, the bigger you look and have more options of changing titles on those pages to target Search Engines. If you have a page, that is longer than 2 pages, break it down.

    2. Add your website to to Business Directories

    Add yourself to Free Australian Business Directories. We don’t see a lot of advantage in adding yourself to a paid one unless you are trying to be a featured business.  We recently put up a list of Australian Business Directories here:
    List of Australian Business Directories

    3. Add your website to vertical specific Business Directories

    Do a search on Google for your vertical specific Business Directories and list your website on them. Also Vertical specific online magazines, portals allow you to add yourself as a service/product provider

    4. Share links with complimenting Businesses

    Find out any local businesses that compliment your business and link to their website and ask them to link back to you. What’s even better is that if they put a little blurb around your business so that visitors to their site already have an idea about what you do. This will also look good from a Search Engine like Google perspective. Make sure you do not over do this or you might actually lose your listing.

    5. Start a Blog

    Think of a niche topic around your business and start a blog. Start putting down your thoughts and your product/service information on the blog. Make it more informative that product-based for best results.

    6. Start Search Engine Marketing

    Start putting a bit of money on Search Engine Marketing. Start a Google Adwords account and start out with $100 budget for a month and see how you go.

    Please note that your site needs to look good compared to other sites for you to get any leads. Do a search on Google and view the pages to see how other competitors are working.

    7. Put a reporting System to track and analyse

    Because doing all these things take time and in some cases money, you need to make sure that you are tracking all your efforts to make sure that you are getting results back. We recommend using Google Analytics to track to see if you are getting more visitors to the site because of these efforts.

    Next time we’ll tackle the second most popular question “How do I get more customers?”

    Google SEM – Are you getting more salespeople than leads?

    March 8th, 2010 No comments

    Are you doing any Search Engine Marketing / Google Adwords?

    Is your Search Engine Marketing being Abused

    Are you getting a lot of companies offering you Search Engine Optimisation and their services instead of quality leads to the site?

    What do you know about your Google Adwords/Search Engine Marketing Leads

    For the leads that you get from your Google Adwords / Search Engine Management/ SEM Campaigns

    • Do you know what keywords they searched on the Search Engine to find you?
    • Do you know what search Engine they used to find you
    • Do you know how many pages they looked at before they filled out your enquiry form?
    • When you spend your money on Search Engine Marketing/PPC/Google Adwords, these are the most basic stats that you need to know. 

      Advantages of a good tracking system against your Google Adwords / Search Engine Marketing

    • Give you peace of mind that your Search Engine Marketing / Google Adwords is not being abused
    • Help you identify leads and find out what they did when they put in an enquiry
    • Help you find out where those leads originated from and what browser they used

    DzineClub can help you really track your Search Engine Marketing campaigns and give you all the stats that you want. Plus there is the peace of mind knowing that you are not spending your money to get other companies to offer you their services. Contact us at for more information on how we can help you with your Search Engine Marketing.

    CRMs – SugarCRM, Salesforce, ZOHO CRM

    February 23rd, 2010 No comments

    We recently went through a phase of choosing the right CRM for our business. And we looked at the various options that were out there. We tested Salesforce but wanted something more open source, we also tested ZOHO which was great but we thought that if we are using the time and money to customise a solution for ourselves, why don’t we put that for setting up our customised CRM and for that we have chosen Sugar CRM. We will post a comparison post one of these days with our findings.

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