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Changes to Google Site Links and how it affects your SEO

August 18th, 2011 No comments

Google has just launched a revamped Site Links system on its Organic and in some cases Paid Search Results.

Google Organic Search Result changes

Please view the latest search results for DzineClub. Instead of just being links under the Main website title, there is now a url and a description of the pages in the links. We have seen upto 10 links on a page and with that the result seems to take almost half the page.

How does Google pick sitelinks? There is no definitive answer but runs an alogrithm which picks the specific links on the website.


Paid Traffic Search Result changes

For all paid traffic, Google has also started using site links. Please view example when searching for BMW in Adwords.

The old site links are now coming up in paid search. We are actually more stoked that we have 10 site links while BMW has 6 🙂



How does this affect your SEO

This is going to cut traffic for any company which is in 2nd spot and so on.

Paid Search is more Valuable

Also this makes Paid search more valuable for businesses because the paid listing are comparable to organic listings and will more likely make a customer click on it. This means that lower end companies are better off investing in Adwords than Full on SEO.

How can you improve your listings?

Look for your brand and make sure that you have site links coming in your list.
Meta descriptions are really important now so that your visitors can see the descriptions on your inside pages. If there is a link that you would rather not have in your listings, remove that using Google Webmaster Tools

DzineClub Digital Services explained

June 16th, 2011 No comments

Since DzineClub looks at end to end services, we always get asked what we really do. The answer is that we believe that it is a whole process and we provide services around everything digital.

Here is a quick graphic that explains all the services we provide:


Getting New Leads/Prospects/Traffic

We help you get your traffic through SEO, SEM, Facebook Marketing, Linkedin marketing and Email Marketing.

Online Development

We help you engage these leads through a variety of applications and channels including Websites, Online Stores, Mobile Websites, Facebook Apps and Pages and Catalogues


We can help you then turn these visitors into leads/customers using Conversion Forms, Shopping Carts and Downloadables. At this point we will also look at cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to maximise your conversion.


Once the conversion happens, we get into phase 2 where we put Nurturing Programs, surveys and automated emails to help you retain these customers for when they need your products/services at a later stage.

So what is our distribution of Clients

90% of our clients use more than one services from us. Ranging from Online Stores, Websites, Email Marketing, Web Hosting almost all of our clients use multiple services.

Here is how they use us:

DIY Online Store: 10+ Clients
Keyword Rank Checker: 5+ Clients
DzineMail Email Marketing: 15+ Clients
Website Hosting: 25+ Clients
CMS Platforms: 20+ Clients

We will post all the examples of our services over the next week so that you get a better idea of what we offer.

First Page of Google – Latest Keyword Rankings

January 14th, 2011 No comments

Latest Keyword Ranking Report

The latest Keyword rankings for our site is out from DzineSEO and we now know why we are getting a higher volume of traffic. In the last few months we have aimed at getting to the front page on a number of keywords and the latest DzineSEO report shows that we are there. There are a few keywords where we have made the jump and we have come up out of the blue on a number of other keywords.


First Page of Google – Here we come

This is what you like to see when your latest SEO report comes out. This is how we are getting better traffic. We have jumped spots for all the target keywords that we are focusing on. On some keywords, we have managed to make it to the top spot and mostly on the first page of Google in the matter of months.


Do you want to get on the front page of Google?

We have made it easy for you to get to the front and stay there and track yourself and your competitors. Here is what you need to do:

License our Keyword Ranking Tool

Keyword Ranking Tool - DzineSEO

Our Keyword Ranking tool allows you to track your SEO efforts, see how you are ranked against keywords and see what your competitors are doing.
More information here on our Keyword Ranking Tool >>

Talk to us about how to structure your website to be Google Friendly

We can help you put the right resources in place to get you to the front.

Keyword Ranking Tool DzineSEO V2

January 6th, 2011 No comments

The Version 2 of our dzineSEO Keyword Ranking Tool is now out with heaps of new features:

Keyword Ranking Tool Login Area

We now have a Platform Login Area where you enter your email address and password to access the Keyword Ranking Tool.

Keyword Ranking Tool Login Screen


A new Interface

The new interface is built to help you get to your stats faster. Currently It has information about your current keyword rankings, keywords, past results, information about competitors and a link to SEO resources.

Keyword Ranking Tool Navigation


Current Keyword Ranking Stats

The Current Keyword stats now give you ranking against your keywords for upto 10 pages of Google so that you can optimise your Search Engine Efforts better. You can compare that with your last rankings on how you were ranked last time. Currently the stats only work with Google with it being the major player.

Also find out how many pages are being indexed by Google and what your Alexa Rankings is.

Keyword Ranking Tool Rankings

Target Keyword Research

In this area you can look at your keywords and research them. To not divulge what our clients can access, we won’t discuss this much because this area gives you an advantage against your competitors. However you can add all of your keywords and look at their stats and activity around the internet.

Past Results and Keyword Ranking Comparison

Compare your Keyword Rankings against Past Results. So if you have had an account for the last year, you can see how your keyword rankings have improved over time.

Keyword Ranking Tool Past Results

Competitor Keyword Research

Keep an eye out on your competitors. Find out what Keywords they are targeting and what keywords they are getting visibility on in Google.


More Information

We will be releasing plans and pricing for our Keyword Ranking Tool shortly so stay tuned. We are still putting the polish on a few areas but once that is complete, we will be releasing it around late Jan. For more information please email us at

Australian States According to Google

December 6th, 2010 No comments

We just saw The United States of Autocomplete and got us thinking about what was the most popular search term in Google Autocomplete for Australian States and Territories. We also put in the capital city and the State abbreviation to see if that makes a difference for what people search and what shows up. Here are the results.

If the text is not clear, please click on the image to view the larger version:


The Results

Australian Capital Territory

  • Australian Capital Territory legislation
  • Canberra Times
  • ACT health

New South Wales

  • New South Wales Supreme Court
  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • NSW Tab

Northern Territory

  • Northern Territory News
  • Darwin Weather
  • NT News


  • Queensland Transport
  • Brisbane Lions
  • QLD Transport

South Australia

  • South Australia area code
  • Adelaide Weather
  • SA Water


  • Tasmania tourism
  • Hobart Airport
  • TAS Freight


  • Victoria Police
  • Melbourne Weather
  • VIC Roads

Western Australia

  • Western Australian Newspaper
  • Perth Now
  • WA Today

Current Online Projects

October 27th, 2010 No comments

DzineClub is a fairly new business so not everyone knows what we do and what we are currently working on. Everyone that we have been talking to is asking what Projects DzineClub is working on currently. So I thought we would put up a list of our projects so that you know what we are working on, our expertise and if you have a similar project in mind.

Home Builders Website – Zuccala Homes

We are currently finalising Zuccala Homes website which is a CMS driven home builder website. The website has a good mix of jquery, flash and social media components. Here is a list of what we are doing with them

  • Custom CMS Implementation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Web Analytics
  • Email Marketing

Recruitment Website – Melbourne

We are currently building a recruitment website for a Recruitment company in Melbourne. The CMS will allow the client to post jobs and use custom advanced pages

  • Custom CMS Implementation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Web Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy

A high profile rapper from California

We are currently doing the whole digital strategy for a rapper in California who is about to launch his debut album.

  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Selling Songs and Ringtones
  • Merchandise store

Hopefully this gives a basic idea of the projects that we are capable of running. Feel free to reach out on for any questions.

Sydney Day Tours – Sydney Joomla SEO

October 17th, 2010 No comments


We have just started working on SEO with a client in Sydney who run day trips to the Royal National Park.  We are using WordPress and Joomla to generate content to get visibility across main keywords on the website. We are then using tools to get properly indexed by Google and Bing to maximise visibility on both the Search engines. The third process is going over Facebook and creating a good presence there. Then its all about using online tools to create better customer service.

Here is a bit of information about Understand Down Under. There is a bit of information about the two most popular trips that UDU run for visitors as well.


Day Tours from Sydney – Understand Down Under


UDU commenced in 2006, after over three years of planning.  Its main focus was providing an experience of a lifetime, and everyone who has been on an UDU our will tell you that’s exactly what it is.  UDUs first eco tours where it’s guided bushwalks, a challenging adventure through wilderness and remote beaches.   UDU now has day tours from Sydney that allow people of all ages and abilities can understand the Royal National Park’s hidden beauty.

The Royal National Park is Sydney’s hidden secret. More than just bush & rainforest, the Royal boasts beautiful coastlines.  It is only 30km South of Sydney; so instead of sitting on a bus, UDUs travellers relax or swim at the beach.

Here are the two most famous UDU tours:


1 Day Royal National Park Eco-tour


Sydney Day tours - Coast Track  Sydney Day Discovery Tour  Sydney Day Sea Cliff Bridge Tour  Sydney Day Tour - Wattamolla

UDU’s day tours are a great mix of active discovery & serene relaxation.  The highlights of the itinerary are:

  • Discovery Eco-walk – exploring the magical Wattamolla, learning how to live in Australia’s bushlands & hear dreaming stories
  • Garie Beach – plenty of time to swim, play Aussie beach games, relax or sunbake.  For the more adventurous, climbing to the cliff-top for a breathtaking panoramic view
  • Throwing boomerangs & spears, alongside the Hacking River
  • Tranquil bushwalk through temperate rainforest
  • Afternoon tea with awe-inspiring views from Bald Hill; home to Lawrence Hargraves, Australia’s pioneer of flight
  • Grand Pacific Drive – taking time to see this incredible area, including the distinctive Sea Cliff Bridge.  


Sydney Moonwalks- Sunset to Sunrise


Sydney Moonwalk Tour Dinner  Sydney moonwalk trip picture  Sydney Moonwalk Sunset Picture  Sydney Tour - Evening Trip Picture

For memories that are out of this world!  After a candlelit dinner, as the sun sets and the full moon rises over Wattamolla lagoon, join in on adventure of a lifetime. Get your glow sticks on and get back to nature, where you will learn all of the Royal National Parks natural wonders, and become a first class night photographer. 


Book Sydney Day Tours


To book a Sydney Day tour, please click here to view available dates:

Book Sydney Day Tours now

Keyword Cannibalisation – quick tips

September 27th, 2010 1 comment

What is Keyword Cannibalisation

Keyword Cannibalisation is a process where your pages don’t get indexed properly by Google because they are similar in content or keywords. So in essence they are fighting with each other to gain rankings on Google and at the end not getting anywhere because Google cannot prioritise and distinguish those pages.

So having more pages with similar content is not necessarily a good thing to lift your ranking. It might be working against you.

Obviously Search Engines don’t want users to build copies of popular content to get higher rankings on websites. Remember Search Engines want the user to have a good experience on the site. Most of the things that Search Engines do is based on the user and not on the website.

Search Engines want to see a good distributed content across the website so that when a visitor jumps from one page to the other, they get good information from the second page.


What causes Keyword Cannibalisation

  • Multiple pages with same titles
  • Multiple pages with similar heading tags
  • Multiple pages with similar content
  • Multiple internal links going to different pages, so if you have a link saying services which goes to 5 different pages, it is suss 🙂
  • Multiple similar external links going to different pages

Solution to Keyword Cannibalisation

  • Create different titles for each page and make them separate
  • Use different keywords in headings of your pages
  • Don’t create multiple similar copies of the same page. This is pointless form SEO, user experience and conversion perspectives. After a few pages on the same topic, just go back and improve them instead of adding new ones.
  • Don’t have similar links going to different pages of the website. So in one page if it says click here to view services, make the other one click here to view our ABC Services etc

Joomla SEO – Sydney Client

September 25th, 2010 No comments

Improving your Joomla SEO to increase visitors

We are currently involved in doing some SEO work for a new client in Sydney. Usually most Joomla sites are setup and used to push out content. You usually tend to use extensions to do  outside most of your out of the box functionalities.

As we are working through their site, here are some things you should do from a SEO perspective if you have a Joomla website.

Search Friendly Urls in Joomla

Make sure you have search friendly Urls. You can use multiple plugins or use the generic Joomla functionality to create hits. By default this is not enabled and you have to go in and enable this manually.

Use tag Clouds

Use tags and have a tag list or a tag cloud. This gives search engines more ways of indexing your data.

Use Menus, Categories and Aliases properly

These are not just for identification, these are also to make sure that Search Engines know what kind of content you have. So take full advantage of these

Integrate Web Analytics

Integrate a better analytics solution than what Joomla provides. Something like Google Analytics which is a free tool.

Create a Sitemap

Without a sitemap, you are relying on Search Engines to go through each and every one of your links. Make it easier by creating a xml standard sitemap and having it post to Google and Bing.

Keyword Conversion Tracking – Analytics

September 18th, 2010 No comments

Keyword Conversion Tracking – What is it?

The most important stat for a website is conversion. A conversion might be a purchase for an online store, a filled enquiry form for a services company, a whitepaper download, etc etc. Keyword Conversion tracking helps you understand the most important thing that contributed to that conversion. The keyword that the visitor put into the Search Engine, landed on your website or microsite and triggered a conversion event. These are the visitors that are doing conversion on your website. Lets look at how you can track this.

Keyword Conversion Funnel – Customer Conversion LifeCycle

Lets have a look at a customer conversion lifecycle. 

What you have at the Traffic stage where most of the data gets analyzed is a lot of noise. At this stage, you have visitors coming from multiple sources, referrals using multiple keywords. When Visitors land on your page, some bounce back. Some move into research stage where they are consuming the information.

Once satisfied, some visitors will move into a consideration stage, and with the right information in front of them eventually move into a conversion stage. This is where you want to track what your users searched for to eventuate the conversion.

Keyword conversion tracking

Using Keyword Conversion Tracking with Web Analytics

You need a fairly robust analytics solution to track Keyword Conversion. You need at least Google Analytics or Piwik Web Analytics at the free end. At the paid end, you get more robustness, flexibility, analysis and offline data analysis through platforms such as Adobe SiteCatalyst powered by Omniture, CoreMetrics or WebTrends.  Please view our post on the list of Web Analytics Platforms for more information on these providers.

Google Analytics Keyword Conversion Tracking

  • Set up Goals in Google Analytics (against your conversions)
  • Click on Traffic Sources > Keywords
  • Click on the Goal Tab that refers to your conversion
  • View the report (Note: click on the heading of your conversion name to sort it)

Piwik Web Analytics Keyword Conversion Tracking

  • Set up Goals in Piwik Web Analytics
  • Click on the Goals Tab and pick your specific Goal
  • Select  a suitable date range
  • Click on keywords > Conversion Rate to see the most popular converting Keywords

Keyword Conversion Tracking Outcomes

So now you have the data! But what do you do with the data?

  • Focus on converting Keywords
  • Focus on optmising our landing pages to those Keywords
  • Review Visitor Traffic Path
  • Optmise Visitor Traffic Path.

Source Conversion Tracking & Referral Conversion Tracking

Similarly, you need to start tracking your source and your Referrals for best way for conversion.

DzineClub Web Analytics Services

DzineClub Web Analytics Implementation and Consulting services can help you gain these insights from your otherwise flat ordinary reporting and help you really evaluate your business. Using these information you will know where to invest in moving forward. 

For more information please email us at

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