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The StartUp Toolkit – The business plan for Early Startups

June 1st, 2010 No comments


Starting a new ummm… startup?  Thinking of starting a new business but don’t know where to start?

Visit to get your priorities in line and visualise how you will run the company, what is your value proposition etc.

The areas that it focuses on are

Value Proposition




Revenue Model

Customer Segment


External Risks

Key Performance Indicators

WordPress for non-geeks

April 22nd, 2010 No comments


Lately a lot of our clients have started using wordpress as their blog/website engine. So to help them understand and utilise wordpress themselves, here is a guide. We will cover in this guide

– How to add pages to your wordpress site
– How to add blog posts to your wordpress site
– How to create a menu for your wordpress site
– How to add and remove widgets from your wordpress site

We will endeavor to update this guide over the next week, so if you are a client who is getting this implemented in the next week, bookmark this page to get the details.


If you are looking to use wordpress or wanting a new website with a blog that you can manage yourself, drop us a line at Our team can send you a portfolio of wordpress websites that we have done for our clients in Australia.

How to set up your twitter Account

October 25th, 2009 No comments

Step 1:

Go to and click on the green Sign up now button


Enter your Full Name, Username and Email. Also put in a password and the words displayed on the box and Click on “Create my Account”. When you create your username, please make it business specific, that way it will be easier for other tweeters to search for you and follow you.


Twitter will allow you to import your Gmail, Yahoo or AOL address book and invite friends to follow you


You can skip this step if you like. ( If you would like to import your contacts, click on the service, put in your email and password and you’ll be given a list of contacts to invite. )it

Finally twitter will automatically put in recommendations for you to follow. Feel free to uncheck the ones you would not like to follow. Surprisingly “Jeremy Piven” is on the list. Leave him 🙂


Click Finish and you are all set. To put a new tweet, just put it in the “what are you doing box”. They are limited to 140 characters. To follow other tweeters go to their page. Such as Dzineclub ( and click on Follow. That means that you will get more updates from Dzineclub in your twitter account.

The last stage is to then promote your twitter account via your website/email marketing/business cards etc.

Happy Tweeting!!

Online Website Primer for people who have never had a website

August 8th, 2009 No comments

If you have never had a website before, this is what you need to start up. Basically if there was no internet, it would be the same as starting a brick and mortar shop. Lets look at the steps. You would need to register a business. For an online website you would need to register a domain. You have choices of the following (,,, There are other domain endings as well but we do not recommend using them unless you are a non profit organization or an association or a mobile website.

Once you have the name sorted, the next stage is to lease some space. As you would rent out a space or a shop for your physical store, you will need space on the website. This is called website hosting. Please make sure that you get enough space (at least 100 Mbs and 1GB traffic) per month. This will ensure that if you get an upsurge on the number of visitors, then your website can handle it.

Now the third step is to create a custom website that explains what you do and put it on that space. Similar to having brochures/products/logo on your physical store, this is where you can hire a web designer, such as us :), to look after that part. There are a lot of things that go into building websites and a lot of considerations. A website now is not just a website. A good website is what does the work for you and brings people in without you having to do too much. A bad website pushes out information to the people who you invite and send links to.

The last stage that most companies do not think about when building a website is the marketing side of things. As they where I come from “if you talk you can sell flour, but if you can’t you can’t even sell rice”. Marketing epitomizes this. Its all good to invest in a website, make it the best website in the world. But if nobody knows about it, how are you gonna get return from your investment. So when you plan your budget, it is wise to set a part of it for your marketing. How do you market initially. Basically depending on your budget, here is what you can do


– Word of mouth, tell your friends families and ask them to spread the word
– Submit your website to various directories on the Internet such as Yahoo Directory and DMOZ
– Find other businesses who compliment your business and exchange links with them on the website (but make sure you are not in direct competition). So if you sell paintings, a framing business is great as a partner.

Small Investment

– Create leaflets and leave it in mailboxes
– Business Cards and PostCards
– Email Marketing And so on and so forth…

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