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DIY Online Store – V2 feature list – coming soon

January 7th, 2011 No comments

DzineStore - DIY Shopping Cart - DIY Online Store

It is exciting times at dzineLabs, we are about to launch Version 2 of dzineStore. The DIY Store that allows you to have your store up and ready in minutes and start accepting orders.

If you do not know what features we have already, please view this post:
DIY Online Store – DzineStore – Updates

Here is the summary of new features coming out


Multiple Images for your products

One feature that all of our clients wanted was multiple images against products. With the new release, you will be able to add new images to your product and have multiple images of the product. You can also choose your featured product and have the other images show up next to your main product.


View and Manage your Orders through the Control Panel

Previously you would have to check your email to see what had been ordered. We have now made it easier for you by allowing you to see your orders via your control panel. Not only can you see your orders, you can mark if they have been shipped or not.


User Email Address

We are now allowing you ask for a customers email address before they start the checkout process.


Better Online Store Themes and Store Customisation

We will be allowing you to use more themes and customise the look and feel of your online store even more.  With the introduction of themes, you can not only give the store your look and feel but you can then tweak that theme to fit your exact needs.


Email Marketing Options

The store already has integration with Campaign Monitor but now you will be able to also send out quick updates to your customers using the Control Panel.


Better Social Media – Online Store integrations

We will be integrating Facebook and Twitter even more in the new iteration of the store allowing your customers to tell their friends how good your product is and how happy they are to buy it.


Facebook Fan Page Integration

We will be integrating the like box for your Facebook Fan Page. So that your customers who might not be ready to buy from you straight away can like your store and then come back at a later stage or when you send them updates via Facebook.


YouTube Video Integration

We all know how video helps you sell more, but we rarely put this to practice. Well you won’t have an excuse anymore once we have integrated YouTube videos with your products.


Release Dates and Pricing

The expected release date for the new version is mid February. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get notified of this new release. Of course if you sign up with the existing version of dzineStore, you will be automatically upgraded to the new version when it is out.

The pricing is the same  $1000 AUD + GST to set up plus maintenance fee per year. For more information please email us at

DIY Online Store – DzineStore – Updates

November 30th, 2010 No comments

WIth the launch of two new online stores based on dzineStore framework here are the udpates on the platform:

Modern Skin – Looks Better

The store has been updated so that it looks much better than the older store. It is more sleek, pleasing to the eye and more functional.

The buttons have been smoothened and the menu bars have been give the web 2.0 effect.

DIY Online Store - New Look


Share your product on Facebook, Twitter

The social media integration has been improved. There is a button next to each product to like it in Facebook or tweet about it in twitter.

DIY Online Store - Social Media Integration

Build more subscribers, fans, followers, viewers and customers

The Store itself now has integrations with your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and eBay accounts. If you have a Facebook account, a twitter account, a YouTube page or an eBay store, all you have to do is put the link to them on the control panel and they will automatically show up on the homepage and on the store pages.

DIY Online Store - Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

Google Analytics Integration with Online Store

Just put in your Google Analytics code and the Online Store will start showing Analytics reports on your Google Analytics Dashboard.



Campaign Monitor Integration

Do you use campaign monitor as your email provider. If you do, the newsletter section can subscribe visitors directly into your campaign monitor account.

online store campaign monitor integration


Flash Slider on Front Page

You can choose between a flash slider or a jQuery slider on the front page to promote your products. Having jQuery slider means that your store is 100% visible in iPhone and the iPad and your mobile customers can buy products using their mobile devices.

Better PayPal Integration

We have improved the PayPal integration so that you only need an email address to start your online store making it quicker and easier to set up. You can also accept payments via credit cards through the PayPal integration making it more safe and secure for both yourself and your customer.


Lots of more updates coming soon, stay tuned. Pricing for dzineStore starts at $1000 AUD + GST per year. If you need a store by Christmas, please contact us at

DzineSEO – SEO Platform Update and Offer

August 23rd, 2010 No comments

SEO Melbourne - the platform

dzineSeo now has 5 active clients currently tracking their keywords, SEO Rankings, Google Stats and Traffic stats every month. There are some screenshots of dzineSEO attached down the bottom of this post and an offer for Australian Businesses.


Features of DzineSEO – SEO Platform

  • track your keywords
  • track your SEO Rankings
  • track Google Stats
  • track your Search Engine Optimisation Attributes

Advantages of the SEO Platform – dzineSEO

  • Track if your SEO efforts are producing results
  • Track how well your competitors are using SEO for themselves
  • View how you are being treated by Search Engines
  • Find out if you are getting ROI from your SEO

dzineSEO Offer

Would you like to see how dzineSEO can help you maintain a grip on your SEO? We are giving away free dzineSEO for 3 months for Google, SEO Rankings, Traffic Rankings and upto 10 Keywords for every website that we do till the end of the year. Please email us at for more information.


Screenshots of SEO Platform – dzineSEO

Here are a quick screenshots of dzineSEO for a client. Because of sensitive data we can only include some information here.

Screenshot 1: When was the report last updated

dzineSEO last updated date

Screenshot 2: Traffic Rankings Breakdown

dzineSEO - SEO Australia - Alexa Rankings 

Screenshot 3: Position Breakdown

dzineSEO  - SEO platform for Australia

Website and Online Marketing Software – Announcing DzineLabs

August 10th, 2010 No comments


dzineLabs is where our developers create software that helps your build your website and online marketing. Essentially it is our software development area. Currently there are two inhouse software that we have developed which makes it into dzineLabs.

Currently dzinelabs beta products are only available to existing clients so dzineSEO is available to our existing clients. Full products such as dzineStore is available to all our clients.

Please click on the links to view more information about dzinelabs software

SEO analytics platform for SEO professionals and companiesdzineSEO – the SEO reporting platform 

The SEO Platform for SEO Professionals and Online Businesses – DzineSEO

dzineStore – quick and easy online stores

5 minute shopping Cart

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