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Login Areas for Products

January 20th, 2011 No comments

We have just integrated login areas on our website. So you don’t need to remember where to go to log in. Please click on the login button on the navigation bar to go to the respective login area. The login area currently works for:

Email Marketing - dzineMail Melbourne, Australia

DIY Email Marketing Platform – dzineMail

If you use our DIY Email Marketing paltform, please click on the Log In > dzineMail to log into your email marketing application.

Keyword Ranking Tool - dzineSEO

Keyword Ranking Tool – dzineSEO

If you use our Keyword Ranking Tool to improve your SEO, please click on Log In > dzineSEO to view your current rankings, keyword research and competitor information.

DIY Shopping Cart - dzineStore

DIY Shopping Cart – dzineStore

If you have an online store with us on the dzineStore platform, please click on Log In > dzineStore to go into your shopping cart’s control panel and make changes to your products.

CMS - dzineCMS

Plug and Play CMS Platform – dzineCMS

If you use our plug and play CMS platform to make text changes to your website, please click on Log In > dzineCMS to log in and make changes to images and text on your website.

DzineSEO – SEO Platform Update and Offer

August 23rd, 2010 No comments

SEO Melbourne - the platform

dzineSeo now has 5 active clients currently tracking their keywords, SEO Rankings, Google Stats and Traffic stats every month. There are some screenshots of dzineSEO attached down the bottom of this post and an offer for Australian Businesses.


Features of DzineSEO – SEO Platform

  • track your keywords
  • track your SEO Rankings
  • track Google Stats
  • track your Search Engine Optimisation Attributes

Advantages of the SEO Platform – dzineSEO

  • Track if your SEO efforts are producing results
  • Track how well your competitors are using SEO for themselves
  • View how you are being treated by Search Engines
  • Find out if you are getting ROI from your SEO

dzineSEO Offer

Would you like to see how dzineSEO can help you maintain a grip on your SEO? We are giving away free dzineSEO for 3 months for Google, SEO Rankings, Traffic Rankings and upto 10 Keywords for every website that we do till the end of the year. Please email us at for more information.


Screenshots of SEO Platform – dzineSEO

Here are a quick screenshots of dzineSEO for a client. Because of sensitive data we can only include some information here.

Screenshot 1: When was the report last updated

dzineSEO last updated date

Screenshot 2: Traffic Rankings Breakdown

dzineSEO - SEO Australia - Alexa Rankings 

Screenshot 3: Position Breakdown

dzineSEO  - SEO platform for Australia

Website and Online Marketing Software – Announcing DzineLabs

August 10th, 2010 No comments


dzineLabs is where our developers create software that helps your build your website and online marketing. Essentially it is our software development area. Currently there are two inhouse software that we have developed which makes it into dzineLabs.

Currently dzinelabs beta products are only available to existing clients so dzineSEO is available to our existing clients. Full products such as dzineStore is available to all our clients.

Please click on the links to view more information about dzinelabs software

SEO analytics platform for SEO professionals and companiesdzineSEO – the SEO reporting platform 

The SEO Platform for SEO Professionals and Online Businesses – DzineSEO

dzineStore – quick and easy online stores

5 minute shopping Cart

The SEO Platform for SEO Professionals and Online Businesses – DzineSEO

August 10th, 2010 No comments

SEO platform for SEO professionals and Busienss

dzineSeo is one central platform that allows you to track how well your SEO efforts are working for you. Currently companies spends thousands of dollars to get that elusive position in Google. There are SEO companies everywhere who are working for clients and a lot of money is being spent in SEO.

However when it comes to seeing how well that work is performing for you, there are not a lot of tools available. This is where dzineSeo comes into the picture.

dzineSeo is an inbuilt platform by DzineClub which helps you track keywords and how your business is positioned against them. Currently we only work with Google. So on a monthly basis you can see how your keywords are performing on Google. You can also rate your sites through multiple SEO ranking tools and get a report every month.

Quick Overview of features for dzine SEO

  • Track your keywords
  • View positioning of keywords in Google
  • Get monthly reports on keyword positioning
  • View SEO ranking reports
  • compare SEO rankings to last month
  • get alexa ranking reports
  • Track your competitors for keywords

For more information on this exciting tool/platform please send us an email at

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