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Email Marketing Triggered Nurturing Programs

July 12th, 2011 No comments

What are Triggered Email Dialogs / Nurturing Programs

While email marketing is all about sending content to a group of subscribers at one time, a nurturing program is about sending smaller bits of content to users over time. These smaller bits most likely are not running at the same time.

Where can you use Triggered Email Dialogs/ Nurture Email Programs

Nurturing Dialogs are mostly useful for trainings, events, product training, service training and date based events. These are not useful for company news and updates.

You can use it for:

  • Sending a series of 3 or 4 emails to your subscriber when they join the newsletter and educating them .
  • When a customer buys your product/service you can send a series of emails that train your customer on using the producr or the service.
  • Send Happy birthday email to a subscriber (if you have their birth date)
  • Send product renewal emails to your customer a month before their subscription expires.
  • Send feedback surveys to a customer 7 days after purhcase of a product/services.

Demo of a Dzinemail Nurturing Program

Here is a demo of how a nurturing program works.

To view the demo, just enter your email address on the form below and we will send you a series of 4 emails talking about a nurturing program. Here is how they will come to you:

Enter your email to view the demo

  • A welcome email instantly after you subscribe
  • Second email after an hour
  • Third email after an hour of the second email
  • Fourth email after an hour of the third email


DzineMail Nurturing Program Demo

This can be your subscription form, or product information form, event form.. you get the point 🙂

Export Contacts from Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 to DzineMail Email Marketing

May 4th, 2011 No comments

Exporting Contacts from Outlook 2000 – 2007

  • Open Outlook
  • Click File > Import and Export
  • Click Export to a file and click Next
  • Make sure “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” is selected and click Next
  • Highlight/Select the Contacts Folder and click Next
  • Save the File

Exporting Contacts from Outlook 2010

  • Open Outlook
  • Click File and then Open
  • Click “Import”
  • Click Export to a file and click Next
  • Make sure “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” is selected and click Next
  • Highlight/Select the Contacts Folder and click Next
  • Save the File

Importing Contacts into DzineMail Email Marketing

  • Log into DzineMail
  • Click on Manage Subscribers tab
  • Click on Add new Subscribers button
  • Click on Import from a file tab
  • Click on Browse button and browse to the location of the file
  • After selecting the file, click on Import these subscribers button
  • Match the columns as required, make sure you match the email address and the name columns
  • Click on Import

Awesome new email marketing report: Dzinemail Worldview

April 1st, 2011 No comments

Social & Location Interaction  with your email campaign

The contact map view report has just been released for Dzinemail which allows you to view in real time how and where your subscribers are interacting with your email marketing campaign.

View in real time

  • who is opening your email from what location
  • who is clicking on your email from what location
  • Who liked (Facebook) your campaign from which location
  • Who tweeted your campaign (twitter) from which location

Email Marketing - Customer Location Iteractions

View Profiles not just email addresses

A picture speaks a thousand email addresses 🙂 View your customers social profile pic as they interact on social networks.

Location Based Social Interactions

Has your latest email campaign started in Australia but gone viral in Brazil? Find out by looking at the map.

Share interactive email campaign map on website

Share the map view on the website to show how successful and global your last campaign has been. Need help on setting this up? get in touch with us at

Zoom upto Street Level

You can zoom upto street level to view where your customers are interacting with you.

Full Screen View

Need bigger picture? You can view the report in full screen

How do you access it?

  • Log into dzineMail
  • Set up a campaign which has got facebook like and twitter tweet buttons
  • Send out a campaign
  • Select the campaign to view report

Email Marketing Best Practices and Portfolio

January 27th, 2011 No comments

Email Marketing Porfolio

We have just come across email templates that our staff have designed for Australia’s Biggest companies such as BMW, Tourism Victoria, Renault, South Australian Tourism Commission, VicHealth etc. We are building a showcase folio document that shows all the templates. This will be available as a download on the email marketing area shortly.

We already have a portfolio section for all the email newsletters we have done for our clients. So feel free to view that as well.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Things have changed a lot in Email Marketing lately. As such, best practices have changed too. The new say of doing Email Marketing is integrating it with your CRM and you Social Media, supporting mobile devices and understanding buyer behavior.

This will also be a free download from our Email Marketing area shortly. Stay tuned while we build these and send it your way.

Part 1: Email Marketing Best Practices: Email Addresses

Here is Part 1 of our Best Practice Series. This covers the new onslaught of 500 million new email addresses and how you should market to them.

Email Marketing Best Practice: Emailing addresses email address marketing


DzineClub Email Marketing Services

We provide email marketing service for over 10 Australian Companies. They can choose between a range of platforms that suit their needs the best and use us for the strategy to improve their marketing. Contact us or click on email marketing under services for more information.

Email Marketing – Melbourne Clients

January 8th, 2011 No comments


New Melbourne Clients in our Email Marketing Platform

From next week we will be starting three new clients on our email marketing platform dzineMail. dzineMail is a DIY email marketing platform that allows you to quickly send out professional looking email to your subscribers and look at results. On top of just sending emails, the new features allow you to set up triggered emails to set up customer journeys.

We are very excited to have five new clients start to use our platform in the next month. We will have a graphic design agency, a recruitment firm, an online store and two trade companies start to use the platform.

New templates in the Email Templates Gallery

This will also mean that there will be new templates in the email templates gallery. If you haven’t had a look at the email templates gallery, please view it under portfolio. We have also got some templates that our staff built for BMW for their email marketing so we will be adding them to the gallery soon.

Why choose us for your email marketing?

Our staff have built campaigns for the best companies in Australia and have successfully helped them implement email marketing campaigns. We are cost effective but very effective in terms of ROI. We not just provide you the tools but also guide you through the best practices for sending out your emails and getting returns on them.

Email Newsletter Showcase

July 2nd, 2010 1 comment

We have started uploading Email Newsletters that we have done for our clients in the past. Some of the designs are outdated and we are starting from the start so we’ll add them over time. So for examples of emails that we have done head over to our email marketing section under Services. Once we have uploaded about 20 odd designs, we’ll create a separate page for them. Please click on the image or the link to view our email newsletter showcase.

Our Newsletter Showcase gets updated every week with new designs so please bookmark the page.

Email Newsletter Design Showcase >>>

Email Newsletter Showcase Gallery

Also if you haven’t checked it out yet, please click here to see how you can send out an import a list, set up an email campaign and send it out in 5 minutes.

5 minute email - set up and send out an email in 5 minutes

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