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Changes to Google Site Links and how it affects your SEO

August 18th, 2011 No comments

Google has just launched a revamped Site Links system on its Organic and in some cases Paid Search Results.

Google Organic Search Result changes

Please view the latest search results for DzineClub. Instead of just being links under the Main website title, there is now a url and a description of the pages in the links. We have seen upto 10 links on a page and with that the result seems to take almost half the page.

How does Google pick sitelinks? There is no definitive answer but runs an alogrithm which picks the specific links on the website.


Paid Traffic Search Result changes

For all paid traffic, Google has also started using site links. Please view example when searching for BMW in Adwords.

The old site links are now coming up in paid search. We are actually more stoked that we have 10 site links while BMW has 6 🙂



How does this affect your SEO

This is going to cut traffic for any company which is in 2nd spot and so on.

Paid Search is more Valuable

Also this makes Paid search more valuable for businesses because the paid listing are comparable to organic listings and will more likely make a customer click on it. This means that lower end companies are better off investing in Adwords than Full on SEO.

How can you improve your listings?

Look for your brand and make sure that you have site links coming in your list.
Meta descriptions are really important now so that your visitors can see the descriptions on your inside pages. If there is a link that you would rather not have in your listings, remove that using Google Webmaster Tools

Friday’s Weekly Stat

June 23rd, 2011 No comments

We have now started a weekly stat on Friday where we bring up an interesting stat from the weeks technical/marketing news and one about DzineClub.

Marketing Stat of the week

How much is a unique visitor worth for Google, Microsoft and Facebook?




Please note that this data is from ComScore for 2009


DzineClub stat of the week


The total value of products from our clients currently on sale on our “DIY Shopping Cart” stores.

Personalised Results in Google? Good or Bad

June 22nd, 2011 No comments

We live in an era of filtered and personalised information. Our biggest sources of information are personalised to our needs. The top 2 sites providing us the most information in our daily lives are heavily personalised to our needs.

Facebook filters your news feed based on what you have clicked and viewed
Google filters the information based on where you are, what you have clicked and viewed in the past

Bing now combines search with social results.

Ironically, that’s the reason we love them and spend so much time on them and if they didn’t we probably wont use them as much.

Here is a great video that discusses relevancy and filters.

First Page of Google – Latest Keyword Rankings

January 14th, 2011 No comments

Latest Keyword Ranking Report

The latest Keyword rankings for our site is out from DzineSEO and we now know why we are getting a higher volume of traffic. In the last few months we have aimed at getting to the front page on a number of keywords and the latest DzineSEO report shows that we are there. There are a few keywords where we have made the jump and we have come up out of the blue on a number of other keywords.


First Page of Google – Here we come

This is what you like to see when your latest SEO report comes out. This is how we are getting better traffic. We have jumped spots for all the target keywords that we are focusing on. On some keywords, we have managed to make it to the top spot and mostly on the first page of Google in the matter of months.


Do you want to get on the front page of Google?

We have made it easy for you to get to the front and stay there and track yourself and your competitors. Here is what you need to do:

License our Keyword Ranking Tool

Keyword Ranking Tool - DzineSEO

Our Keyword Ranking tool allows you to track your SEO efforts, see how you are ranked against keywords and see what your competitors are doing.
More information here on our Keyword Ranking Tool >>

Talk to us about how to structure your website to be Google Friendly

We can help you put the right resources in place to get you to the front.

Australian States According to Google

December 6th, 2010 No comments

We just saw The United States of Autocomplete and got us thinking about what was the most popular search term in Google Autocomplete for Australian States and Territories. We also put in the capital city and the State abbreviation to see if that makes a difference for what people search and what shows up. Here are the results.

If the text is not clear, please click on the image to view the larger version:


The Results

Australian Capital Territory

  • Australian Capital Territory legislation
  • Canberra Times
  • ACT health

New South Wales

  • New South Wales Supreme Court
  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • NSW Tab

Northern Territory

  • Northern Territory News
  • Darwin Weather
  • NT News


  • Queensland Transport
  • Brisbane Lions
  • QLD Transport

South Australia

  • South Australia area code
  • Adelaide Weather
  • SA Water


  • Tasmania tourism
  • Hobart Airport
  • TAS Freight


  • Victoria Police
  • Melbourne Weather
  • VIC Roads

Western Australia

  • Western Australian Newspaper
  • Perth Now
  • WA Today

Google Instant – might not be good for most businesses

September 12th, 2010 No comments

The DzineClub team is very excited about searching on Google Instant but as we study our behavior on how we use Google Instant, we are fairly disappointed with what it means for most Small to Medium Businesses. We see Google Instant as great for searchers and overall search experience but not great from a SEO perspective.

As we were testing Google Instant, we realised that we are very keen to see what is in our screen and not scroll. If we want better results, we were more interested in changing / appending search terms on the search bar. Essentially we did not even scroll down to see the bottom of the page but were very focused on what was on the first few results.


Google Instant for Small/Medium Businesses – Good and Bad

Bad – Searchers might click on what’s in front of them than go through pages or scroll

Essentially Google Instant will get users used to getting the info straight away and clicking on it. Which means that the top 10 links will get more clicks. So if you are on the front page, you will get more traffic while the rest of the pages will get less traffic. This is not great news for companies which are fighting to get to the first page but have been getting trickled traffic on the other pages. When you use Google Instant, you are more inclined to stay on the search box and tweak your search terms there than to even scroll down to the 7-10th positions.

Good – Searchers will add words to make search more specific

We doubt most users will even scroll down to the bottom, but will be more used to changing the search term on the instant bar to get relevant results.

This is a good thing as you can now tweak your SEO to not target those broad keywords to get on the front page but more specific keywords to get users who tweak their keywords to get those relevant results.


Overall we see this as a win for the users, but not necessarily for the companies unless you are already on the front page. Searchers will be using more broad terms and only going specific if they can’t find results.  We think that the bottom dwellers even on the front page will lose a bit of traffic and subsequent pages will lose even more.

The SEO Platform for SEO Professionals and Online Businesses – DzineSEO

August 10th, 2010 No comments

SEO platform for SEO professionals and Busienss

dzineSeo is one central platform that allows you to track how well your SEO efforts are working for you. Currently companies spends thousands of dollars to get that elusive position in Google. There are SEO companies everywhere who are working for clients and a lot of money is being spent in SEO.

However when it comes to seeing how well that work is performing for you, there are not a lot of tools available. This is where dzineSeo comes into the picture.

dzineSeo is an inbuilt platform by DzineClub which helps you track keywords and how your business is positioned against them. Currently we only work with Google. So on a monthly basis you can see how your keywords are performing on Google. You can also rate your sites through multiple SEO ranking tools and get a report every month.

Quick Overview of features for dzine SEO

  • Track your keywords
  • View positioning of keywords in Google
  • Get monthly reports on keyword positioning
  • View SEO ranking reports
  • compare SEO rankings to last month
  • get alexa ranking reports
  • Track your competitors for keywords

For more information on this exciting tool/platform please send us an email at

Are you Tracking Outbound links? Google Analytics link tracking

June 18th, 2010 No comments

Google Analytics Outbound Link tracking

If you are using Google Analytics and not tracking your outbound links, you might be not getting enough intelligence on your website. Here are some of the things that outbound link tracking can tell you

How many times someone has clicked on your email link (in contact us) compared to how many emails you have received.

If you have a high number of clicks, but a low number of enquiries, it might make sense to create a contact us form and use that instead.

How many times are your PDFs getting downloaded

Have you got documents in your website. If any of your PDFs have a very high demand, it might make sense to ask the user for their email address before they can download the PDF. This way you are capturing more data about your visitors

Are you sending a lot of traffic to your affiliates

You can essentially track if you are sending a lot of traffic to your affiliates and if you are, and if they are turning into sales or enquiries, you should charge commission on that traffic.

Outbound links tracking

Even your general outbound links (such as maps, review sites ) etc, you can track them to see if any of your investments are turning into action for you.



Want to get more intelligence from your website and use that to improve your business?
Talk to us

Showing events on your site

June 14th, 2010 No comments

Google Calendar for Events

Events are now an integral part of some businesses. For a small business adding an events section and making it an online part can cost a fair bit of money and resources. Here we’ll look at how you can at the least quickly set up a calendar on your website without it costing a lot of money for you.

For this you will require a Google account as we will be integrating your Google calendar on your website. So please create a Google account and go to to view your calendar. You can double click on any date to add your events. Once you have filled out your events, please follow these steps to integrate it to your website.

Here are the steps.

1. Click on the down arrow next to the calendar and click on calendar settings

Google Calendar for Events


2. Copy the code under Embed this calendar to copy the code to your Google Calendar. If you need the colours and sizes customised, click on the link.

Google Calendar for Events

3. Paste the code on your html page or give it to your web designer.

You can also do other things with your calendar such as:

  • Display events from Multiple Calendars in the same calendar. So you could have your events calendar with your product launches calendar
  • Change the amount of information available on the calendar

Get to front page of Google – List your business to Google Maps for free – Google Places

May 13th, 2010 2 comments

get to the front page of google - australia

Take advantage of online search to grow your business and brand.

Google Places – Add your business listing to Google

What are the advantages of listing your business on Google Maps:

Better Visibility to your business

  • Your business gets better visibility when people search for your business. You could potentially get to the front page of Google quickly
  • Your listing gets displayed when local users or users who search locally in the area search for you or your business type. This allows you to quickly expose your brand to local customers


  • It is free to add your business. You could even upload a data file if you have branches or multiple businesses

Get more customers

  • Create Coupons as an incentive to get more customers
  • Display photos and videos of your business
  • Add services and products to differentiate yourself from your users

Reporting and Insights

  • Get insights into who is searching for your business and what products/services they are searching for. This information can help you identify new products to offer as well as remove products/services that are not on demand
  • Get insights into where users are searching from. This information can help you identify target markets and audiences for marketing

    Want to add your listing now? Head off to and click on Add new business.

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