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Top 1000000 website Analytics Providers Research

November 28th, 2010 No comments

Are you a web analytics company?

Do you want to know how many websites are using your software?
Do you want to know how many websites are using your customers software?
How do you competitors rank with you in the top 10, top 100, top 500, top 1000 for any country in the world?

Do you offer products and services around web analytics?

Do you have integrations with web analytics platforms?
Do you want to only approach companies who use a particular analytics platform?
Do you want to sell your services to companies who use the platform that integrates with you?

If you answer yes to these, you might be interested in our analytics platform that analyses analytics companies usage.

We will soon be releasing a tool that allows you to find out what analytics provider a website is using (any website in the top 100,000). Stay tuned for more details.


The top analytics providers websites for top 10 websites in Australia

top analytics providers in australia

Interested? Contact us at for more details

Free Business Leads Generation

September 11th, 2010 No comments

One of the keywords that users are searching for on our site is how to get business leads in Australia. Here are some quick thoughts for free leads

Free Lead Generation – ticking all the boxes

Here are some free ways about how you can generate leads for free for your business.


Free Business Directories

List yourself in all the free business directories. Below is our blog posts that list all the free business directories.

Free Australian Business Directories – more leads, improve SEO


Add yourself to Google Places

Make sure you add yourself to Google places to make sure that you are showing up when users search locally. This is also another way to get to the front page of Google.

Get to front page of Google – List your business to Google Maps for free – Google Places


Make your business a facebook fan page

Make a facebook fan page for your business and invite all of your facebook friends to like it. Once you have a few fans, start listing a few products and services there and see how you go.

How to set up your facebook fan/business page

Service Page with phone numbers

Ever seen those “looking for a roommate” ad on your local laundromat? Type something up in Word, Print it out and post it to where your target market hangs around.


Call people

It is hard to do but is the only way to offer your products/services to new clients. Get an unlimited plan or set up VOIP in your home so that you get unlimited landline calls.

Custom Facebook Page Design – DzineClub Australia

September 8th, 2010 No comments

Lately we have been involved in building a few Custom Facebook Pages for our clients. Please view the screenshots and jump to view the pages.


DzineClub Australia Custom Facebook Page Design

Our own custom Facebook page design that shows what’s possible within Facebook. It features


A custom facebook landing page

All of our non-fans are directed to this page which prompts them to like the page. It also has a few screenshots of our work across different services that we provide.



Custom facebook portfolio page

This features a slideshow of our work. you can click on back and next and view the websites we have built and also click on them to go to the individual websitess



Custom facebook flash portfolio page

This is an Adobe flash version of our custom portfolio page. It is similar to the portfolio but is built in adobe flash so does an automated slideshow.



Custom Services Tabs

These are custom tabs of our services. You can click on individual tabs and get a description on what we can offer businesses.



Custom Facebook Enquiry Section

If you click on the Free Consultation tab, you can put in a meeting request with us directly.



Next time we will look at some custom Facebook pages that we have built for our clients.

Get to front page of Google – List your business to Google Maps for free – Google Places

May 13th, 2010 2 comments

get to the front page of google - australia

Take advantage of online search to grow your business and brand.

Google Places – Add your business listing to Google

What are the advantages of listing your business on Google Maps:

Better Visibility to your business

  • Your business gets better visibility when people search for your business. You could potentially get to the front page of Google quickly
  • Your listing gets displayed when local users or users who search locally in the area search for you or your business type. This allows you to quickly expose your brand to local customers


  • It is free to add your business. You could even upload a data file if you have branches or multiple businesses

Get more customers

  • Create Coupons as an incentive to get more customers
  • Display photos and videos of your business
  • Add services and products to differentiate yourself from your users

Reporting and Insights

  • Get insights into who is searching for your business and what products/services they are searching for. This information can help you identify new products to offer as well as remove products/services that are not on demand
  • Get insights into where users are searching from. This information can help you identify target markets and audiences for marketing

    Want to add your listing now? Head off to and click on Add new business.

DzineMail – 5 minute email creation – Email Marketing Australia

April 24th, 2010 No comments

To showcase the capabilities of our Email Marketing platform, here is a quick video that shows you how you can import a list of subscribers, set up a professional email campaign, deliver it to that list and view reports all within 5 minutes.

You can essentially have this email marketing platform set up with your customised email template within 24 hours. Contact us to find out how you can send out your email within 5 minutes.

To view a larger full screen version, please click on the video and use the fullscreen button.

DzineMail Email Marketing Australia – 5 Minute Email Campaign

Email Marketing Australia - 5 minute email


Need a DIY email marketing platform to quickly send out emails and track them? Contact us at

Free Australian Business Directories – more leads, improve SEO

March 22nd, 2010 5 comments

Here are the top completely free Business Directories in Google in Australia. We recommend adding your listings to these directories to get more traffic into your sites. At the bottom you have some paid listings too.

Free Business Directories
Australian Directory of Government and Business Associations

Hot Frog
Australian Business Directory

Local Business Guide 
Free Business Directory

Start Local 
Australian Business Directory and Search Engine

Yellow Pages®
Yellow Pages® Local Business Directory


Paid Business Directory

Free Business Directory Listings

Australian Local Business Directory

Business Directory of Australia

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