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Drupal 7 Thoughts – Example Site

January 8th, 2011 No comments

Drupal – the open source content management solution that powers roughly 1% of all the sites on the internet has just gone live with its new major release Drupal 7.  We just did a test run of the site. Here are some of the things that we noticed:

Drupal 7 Installation

The installation was a breeze and is comparable to the famous WordPress Installation now. We had no issues with the installation and everything looked great.

Drupal 7 - Installation Screen


Drupal 7 Admin Panel

The admin panel is very easy to navigate and is clear on how to add content (as a page or an article) on the website. The rest of the page is also very well structured. You can set up blocks from directly within Drupal which gives you more flexibility on how you want your site to look.

Drupal 7 Admin Dashboard - DzineClub Australia

Drupal 7 Themes

Adding and activating themes was very easy. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of settings to change on the themes currently but with time it should improve. For our example site, we have used the Danland Theme pictured below.

DzineClub Drupal 7 Website

Example Drupal 7 Website

We have set up an example Drupal 7 website so that you can play around with the front end.

Please click here to go to the example Drupal 7 website.

Goals in Piwik Web Analytics – Tracking Conversion

August 27th, 2010 No comments

Piwik Web Analytics

One of the newer plug-in in Piwik Web Analytics is Goals. This plug-in allows you to track Goals on your website, put monetary value against them and analyse which areas and sources of traffic are contributing to your goals.

It is not as advanced as Goals in Google Analytics and not as comprehensive. It doesn’t have a conversion funnel and multiple stages but still does a really good job of giving you an overview about how and why a conversion is happening on your website.


Types of Goals and Setting them


Visitor Goals

Visitor Goals can be set up and assigned a dollar value when

  • a visitor visits a page on the website
  • a visitor downloads a file
  • a visitor clicks on a link to an external website

Manual Goals

Manual Goals can also be set up and called as required

  • Visitor makes a purchase (The price value can be passed to the Goal)
  • Visitor clicks on a link
  • Visitor Fills a form (or a form element)

Once all of these are set up, comes the interesting part.


Reporting – The Interesting Part

Once you set up your goals, this is where it gets interesting. The data you can get out of Goals in piwik quickly is amazing. Here is the info you can get

Please note that all the reports below are reflective of only one goal – enquiries

How many Goals you are hitting every day

A graph of daily Goals on your dashboard, which gives you a quick overview of how many goals you are hitting daily and the trend

Goals Trend Piwik Web Analytics

What is your conversion Rate on Goals

Based on the conversion graph you can see how many conversion you have had, and what is our conversion rate. If you have setup multiple goals you can see the overall conversion rate for all the goals

What Keywords and giving you the highest Conversions

This report is very good and quickly gives you a good overview of what keywords are producing conversions for you.

What Keywords are attributing to your conversion - web analytics 

What Search Engines are Giving you the highest Conversions

A report on what Search Engines are Giving you the highest Conversions

What Search Engines attribute to your conversion

What Websites / Affiliates are Giving you the Highest Conversions

Some Affiliates might be sending you a lot of traffic but not necessarily turning that into conversion. This report will help you identify the hit rate for goals against your affiliate websites

What Marketing Campaigns are giving you the highest conversions

This includes your email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, Advertisements, Offline campaigns that you have tracked as well as your SEM Campaigns

What is your breakdown of conversion across Search Engines / Direct Entry and Referrers

Which of your referrers gives you the highest conversion. I

Conversion Goals referrer breakdown - web analytics

Conversion Goals  Breakdown by Country and Continent

What countries and contributing to your Conversion Goals

Conversion Goals Breakdown by Country - Piwik Web Analytics

Conversion Goals Breakdown by Time of the day

What time of the day are your visitors most likely to convert

Conversion Goals Breakdown by time of the day - Web Analytics 



Would you like to get these reports for your website? Get in touch with us at

Open Source CRM solutions

March 9th, 2010 No comments

SugarCRM – Commercial Open Source CRM

vTiger Open Source CRM


Fat Free CRM – Ruby on Rails-based open source CRM Platform

As we find out more CRM and explore these CRMs we will put more reviews and reports on these.

Piwik – Open Source Web Analytics

February 15th, 2010 2 comments

While testing out free and open source analytics platforms (and the open-source alternative to Google Analytics) we have now integrated Piwik – Open Source Web Analytics into DzineClub. The installation was fairly easy and the system is now integrated into the website. Just the website at this stage and not the blog.

piwik - open source web analytics - alternative to Google Analytics

We are also using Google Analytics but The reasons why we picked Piwik as well are

  • Data Ownership 
    Piwik will give us more flexibility around the data gathered and exporting it. Also we can be rest assured that they don’t access or use the data.
  • Plugins and Extended Functionality
    We want plugins and Extended functionality. We haven’t included anything on it yet but it’s just a matter of time
  • Real Time Tracking
    We love the real-time tracking functionality that it provides. Although you can do some workarounds around Google, but its not real-time tracking. Knowing how the website is responding to a campaign within the first 5 minutes can sometimes be a key in success and failure of that campaign.
  • Hosted Locally
    It is hosted locally, so it will not go down unless our server is down. Plus because of this we can be rest assured that if a provider decides to charge for a system down the track or discontinue it, we still have the upper hand.

Here are the first 5 minutes of impressions:

  1. The graphs are not as fancy as Google Analytics but very usable
  2. There is an amazing Adobe Air app that lets me track what is going across the site
  3. I like the plugins-report. It tells me if my users are using flash, silverlight, cookies, realplayer, quicktime, windowsmedia, java, gears, director and PDF plugins

We will be testing it thoroughly and updating the blog with what we find. Let us know if there is anything you are particularly interested in finding out.

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