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QR Codes familiarity, Why we scan and Where

August 17th, 2011 No comments

Read hear about what is a QR Code

Here is a quick infographic by Lab42 on how many people know about QR codes, How many of them use it, why they scan QR codes and where they use QR Codes.


QR Codes at Events

July 1st, 2011 No comments

What is QR code

A QR or a “Quick Response” code is a black and white square code that contains information such as a link, product, website etc. A mobile phone with a camera and a QR reader will be able to read the code and display the information on the site.

What are QR Codes?


Who uses QR codes

QR codes are actually a really good technology but hasn’t picked up as well in Australia, but is everywhere in Japan, Korea and picking up in very well in USA.

QR Code Testing at an Event

We are testing QR Codes for one of our clients tonight and will update the results when they come up today.

QR Code Videos

We all know that we now look at videos more than read any text so here are some videos that discuss QR Codes.

Advertising with QR codes


CK Jeans QR CODE Billboard in New York
Kyplex Cloud Security Seal - Click for Verification
Ping your blog