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How many keywords to target – SEO

August 25th, 2010 No comments


Small Businesses

Small businesses will struggle to target a broad range of keywords because that requires a good online infrastructure, online time and money investment and a good SEO investment. The best way is to target very niche sniper keywords (upto 5) which are location focused or very niche product focused. You should however make sure that you are updating your sites with 10-15 extra shotgun keywords which will be brand focused so that as you grow you can expand on these.

Medium Businesses

The more infrastructure you have, the more time and money you can spend, the better your results will be. Medium Businesses can target upto 20 sniper keywords based around their niche products and services and constantly target upto 50 shotgun keywords. Obviously you will have at least 3-5 that pin points customers to you.


Tracking Keyword Performance

Make sure that if you are spending money on your keywords, you are tracking each individual keyword in these 3 settings

  • How are you ranked against those keywords
  • How many impressions are you getting organically and how many searchers click on your link to get to your website
  • How many conversions you are making against those keywords every month

These stats will help you cover the gaps on the traffic flow.

Are you Tracking Outbound links? Google Analytics link tracking

June 18th, 2010 No comments

Google Analytics Outbound Link tracking

If you are using Google Analytics and not tracking your outbound links, you might be not getting enough intelligence on your website. Here are some of the things that outbound link tracking can tell you

How many times someone has clicked on your email link (in contact us) compared to how many emails you have received.

If you have a high number of clicks, but a low number of enquiries, it might make sense to create a contact us form and use that instead.

How many times are your PDFs getting downloaded

Have you got documents in your website. If any of your PDFs have a very high demand, it might make sense to ask the user for their email address before they can download the PDF. This way you are capturing more data about your visitors

Are you sending a lot of traffic to your affiliates

You can essentially track if you are sending a lot of traffic to your affiliates and if you are, and if they are turning into sales or enquiries, you should charge commission on that traffic.

Outbound links tracking

Even your general outbound links (such as maps, review sites ) etc, you can track them to see if any of your investments are turning into action for you.



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