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WordPress Development, WordPress Design

January 3rd, 2011 No comments

WordPress CMS

We love working with WordPress. It is one of the most versatile, quick and SEO friendly CMS that we have ever come across. Usually we can accomodate most of our client’s needs by making the changes to the WordPress platform.


WordPress Themes

Because of how we can theme WordPress, we can still make a site look and feel different to other sites and follow clients style guidelines.

So having a site built in WordPress  does not mean that you will lose any look and feel of your website. The front of your website looks just as great as you wish. The backend is provided by WordPress giving you the best options for SEO and CMS capability.


WordPress Development Last month

Here is a list of a few websites that we have developed in WordPress Blogging Platform in the last few months for our clients.

Luxury Beauty Concepts WordPress Website Development

Luxury Beauty Concepts is an award winning leading supplier of luxury, professional hair products and skincare products. We just developed their website in WordPress which makes it easier for them to add new products, product lines, run promotions, blogs etc.


PointPal WordPress Website

Imagine no more bulging wallets or purses -  and no more lost rewards and store club cards. Imagine being able to join new rewards programs right from your phone. Imagine never having to sign up for another program again. You can do all this with PointPal and best of all, its free to use. Head down to their site to view the demo, sign up for a free trial or to receive a quote.

MarketingWise Website

Marketing Wise is a Melbourne based company that develops marketing strategies for businesses. Its strategic planning and consulting services are delivered by Melissa How, an accomplished marketing consultant and lecturer, Associate Member of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMAMI), and Double Masters in Commerce Marketing (MCom.Mkt) and Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MEI).


Blog for Strategic Marketing Executive – Mitchell Mackey

Mitchell Mackey is a strategic marketing executive with extensive experience delivering business results for Ansell Healthcare, Mercedes-Benz, consultancies and organisations in Australia, Asia and Europe.


Legal People WordPress Website

The New Legal People Website just launched last month. Legal People is a leading, highly reputable specialist legal recruitment service provider located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD in Bourke Street (opposite the Law Institute of Victoria). Legal People are one of the first established legal specialist recruitment agencies in Australia with over 35 years of experience.

Wordpress Website for Legal People



MonstaG Website

MonstaG is one of the hardest working rappers in the biz. Originally from Long Beach, California, Monsta has been a powerful force on the music scene for a mighty long time. Running his own record label, Sour Diesel Muzik, production company, United Polynesian Entertainment and even his own clothing line, this man obviously likes to spread his wings wide. Musically he rolls solo and as part of underground RnB movements The Regime, Wesperados and All Gas No Brakes. He has toured extensively through Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the US, supporting for the BIGGEST names in the business including Nelly, Busta Rhymes, Chamillionaire, Boo Yaa T.r.i.b.e and Devin the Dude.

MonstaG WordPress Website


Imagine Creative Website

Imagine Creative are one of our partners. They are an amazing Graphic Design agency from Melbourne and help their clients overcome their clients marketing and advertising challenges.

Imagine Creative WordPress Blog


Day Tour Sydney WordPress Blog

Understand Down Under run day tours and moonwalk tours around Royal National Park in Sydney. The Royal National Park is Sydney’s hidden secret. More than just bush & rainforest, the Royal boasts beautiful coastlines.  It is only 30km South of Sydney; so instead of sitting on a bus, UDUs travellers relax or swim at the beach.

Day Tour Sydney WordPress Blog


Facebook Folio WordPress Website

We recently built the framework and launch which is a gallery showcase of custom Facebook Designs and helps visitors rate and feature the best designs.

Facebook Folio WordPress Website


El Kool Koala Backpackers WordPress Website

El Kool Koala are a backpackers in Taganga, Colombia. Their old website was hard to manage and not user friendly. The new WordPress website allows them to make changes quickly, add photos and videos and maintain reviews from backpackers.

El Kool Koala Backpackers WordPress Website

NepalClub Nepal Information Wodpress Portal

NepalClub is an online wordpress portal for Nepal and information about Nepal. Our Client needed a very flexible framework that not only allowed a lot of data to be stored but also easily tagged and searchable information.  We built the site in wordpress and is now live. Aesthetics being a big part of the website, the client can go in and change the main image using just a few clicks.

NepalClub WordPress Portal

Business Project Manager

Business Project Manager is a Project Management Platform. We build the website in WordPress to give it the best Search Engine Optimisation capability

Business Project Manager WordPress Website

Do you need WordPress Development in Melbourne or  WordPress Development in Sydney

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Finalising the site – Zuccala Homes

October 23rd, 2010 No comments

Finalising the website for Zuccala Homes

We are now finalising the Zuccala Homes website. Based on user feedback and customer feedback, we have implemented a lot of changes towards the newer version of the website.

New Changes

The navigation menu has been turned black, the search boxes orange and house and the Google maps from House and land packages has been removed because it wasn’t being used.

A header image that will be the default on all the pages that don’t need flash interactivity has been used to freshen up the look and reflect on the main theme of the page.


Mobile Friendly Website

With most of the home builders websites, we realised that most of the websites were built in flash so was not accessible from the iPhone. Zuccala Homes Website has been built so that it is mobile friendly and can be accessed just as easily through an iPhone, Android or a Windows Mobile phone.

CMS running behind the Zuccala Homes website

A custom CMS that runs behind the website is being built to allow Zuccala Homes to add new homes, house and land packages and display centres themselves. Next time we will discuss how the CMS works and how it was built.

Website Update Checklist

September 22nd, 2010 No comments


ReDirect Old Links

We are currently in process of updating a few websites for our clients. We are moving a lot of clients  from ASP to PHP.

This causes a lot of issues where all the old links are .asp and the new links are .php. This means that all the links that are already indexed by Google will be completely replaced with new ones. This also means that they possibly will lose a few links to that. So we are making sure to put redirects so that this doesn’t happen.

Improve Usability and Functionalty

A new website should always improve the functionality over the old one. It should be based around what works and improving those, removing what doesn’t work and testing new things. Do some A/B testing and come up with the best results.

Improved Web Analytics and Reporting

Always improve your reporting when you update your website. Reporting and Web Analytics are evolving all the time. Make sure that when you update your website you dig in deeper into your reports and try and set up custom reports that give you better understanding of your visitors.

We recently built a report for one of our customers who can now see for every keyword that they got traffic for what page that keyword was on.

Improve User Communication

Make it easier for your potential customers to send you enquiries and make it easier for you and your staff to communicate with those users.

Improve SEO

Make sure that firstly you dont lose your SEO ranking and also make sure that your new website is better positioned for Search Engines than your last.

How do you do this? Please check out our SEO platform which helps you track your SEO.

Start Data Capture

Find out how you can start capturing visitor information.

Should you make a whitepaper available?
Should you create an email newsletter?
Should you let users subscribe to your blog via email?

Integrate Social Media

Link it to your facebook, twitter, linkedin feeds. Allow your visitors to share your content to their network and become fans of your facebook page.

Website Design Portfolio Update

August 4th, 2010 No comments

Website Design Portfolio

Its been a while since we change the look and feel of the site. So we have finally decided to give it a quick facelift. We are putting in a lot of javascript to make it more usable and easier to find information. We are starting with the front page and have just implemented a showcase of work that we have done using tabs.

Currently you can go through the tabs and see some a quick portfolio of our work. They are categorised in

  • Website Design
  • Content Management Systems
  • Shopping Carts
  • Email Marketing

We are also finalising two websites this month so those will be added to the portfolio shortly. Please click on the yellow tabs down the bottom to scroll through the portfolio.

Website Design Process – Website Update Process

July 23rd, 2010 1 comment

Process – Website Design / Website Update

One of the questions that we are asked all the time is what process do we use to create or update websites.  We have had a process page up on our site for a while but never put anything in there. So here is the process we use to for all of our Website Design.

Website Design Australia Process

Scope – Website Design

At this stage we will sit down with you and find out more about

  • Who your target market is for your website
  • What do you want to achieve out of your website design

We will then create a mockup based on our discussion and existing websites if you have one.

Implement – Website Design

This is the process of going live. We ideally want to get you live as soon as we can. So we go through the following process

  • Create a prototype of the mockup
  • Fill in the content
  • Implement SEO Components based on SEO analysis
  • Test Website
  • Go Live

Improve – Website Design

The last stage is looking at how successful the website design is for you and then making changes based on that

  • We view visitor behavior
  • We review content and see what is being consumed
  • We improve the website based on the findings
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