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Adding an email link to text in Wordpress

Adding an email link to text in WordPress

Select text by dragging your mouse over it. Make sure you are in visual view and not in HTML Click on link button on the toolbar                     insert email link on the popup. The format for email link is mailto:your email address as shown below Click Insert
Adding images to pages

Adding images to pages

Click on pages Click on Add New to add a new page / Click on edit on a page to update any of the pages On the page that opens up, on the top left hand there is a Upload/Insert area Click on the image button A new popup will open up: CLick on select...
Quick user Guide to Wordpress

Quick user Guide to WordPress

Before doing any of these tasks, you need to have logged into your WordPress CMS. Adding a new Page Click on Pages Click on Add New Give the page a title (the title will also be displayed on the menu) Enter your text on the box Click on Publish to publish your page. You can...