About Us

is a results oriented online marketing and design company based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide specialised services in online website design, website development, email newsletter design, email marketing, search engine marketing and optimisation as well as print and brochure design. Our philosophy revolves around creating a unique branding for our clients that is both extremely appealing and descriptive of your services.

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The 360 degree Experience

With DzineClub, you can expect a 360 experience around your online strategy such as

  • Acquiring New Customers and Marketing to them via targeted emails, sms and other channels
  • Developing Online solutions that is in sync with where you want to take your business
  • Continually Innovating on your strategy to pinpoint success factors and improving them as well as eliminating failure points

Why us?

There are plenty of Web Design and Online Marketing companies in Australia. Why should you use us and what makes us different than all the other companies?


In a few words we would say we are authentic and we do not want to build websites but we want to save and make you money. Here are our points of difference:


Cost Effective Web Design and Marketing

We are cost effective. Over time we have fine tuned our processes so that you can get advantage of it. Because of it, we are faster and we know what to look out for from the start. We barely go over project deadlines and the time saving goes back to you as cost improvement.


Tangible Results - Measure Dollars

We know what gives you results and we can put our processes in place so that you can see in numbers how your efforts are turning into dollars.


Industry Expertise

We have a lot of know-how and industry specialization around marketing. We have learnt the details so that you can use them for your business.


Small/Medium Industry Knowledge

We have worked with a lot of small to medium businesses. So we won't ask you for a requirements documents if you dont have one and we can hold your hand and take you through how to set up and what you should and should not have on your website or your marketing.

DzineClub Australia Services Our Services - Analytics, Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation, Email Marketing


We love making our clients successful Online!

Website Design and Development
Wordpress Blogs and Joomla CMS
Magento and Online Stores / Shopping Carts

Email Newsletters and Marketing
Analytics Integration and Consultation
Social Media Reputation Management
Facebook Fan Pages / Twitter
Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Marketing

Social Media Management Social Reputation Management


How well are you prepared for Social Media


Have you got a Facebook Fan Page?

Do you have a twitter account?
When searched for you online, what comes up?

Have you had a customer backlash on blogs/twitter/facebook?
Are you prepared for a customer backlash?

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What sets us apart from other companies?


There are heaps of reasons what sets us apart from other companies however what we feel is really important for you is this. Most companies build you websites and set up things, they don't understand what makes a business successful. It's not just a shiny website but the framework and the marketing.


We dont just make websites, we help you become successful online