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Website Design and Development

Static and Flash Websites Static and Flash Websites Services Information

If you want to build an online brand with minimum budget and online is not a big focus for you but you want to make a quick move into this area and inform your visitors and your customers about your services, then a static website is the best way to go. perfect to learn abouthow websites work and see how it can work for you.

However if your brand is all about looks and if you want to make an impression with your brand, then a flash website can really hit the nail on the head.

Content Management Systems CMS Services Information

if you have a lot of data and they change regularly and you want to be able to make changes yourself and add and delete content to your site as required, then we can set you up with one of the many content managed solutions we also have a built-in solution that is required can be used. If you have an existing database of products, services and collateral around that, a dynamic site that connects to your database and shows that information to the web can also be built.

Shopping Carts

Quick and Cost Effective Shopping Cart

have you got product to sell? Do you want your visitors or customers to be able to buy or purchase your solutions through your website via a credit card then an e-commerce store is the best way to go. You can then add products to your inventory as required.

Advanced Custom Shopping Cart

Wan't more flexibility? Try one of our Magento Commerce solutions


Search engine optimization SEO Melbourne Services

search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are a major source of traffic. Your website needs to be optimized to make sure that these search engines can see that your site exists and picks up the right message that you want to push. We can help you make sure that your site is being indexed by the search engines so that there is a high possibility that when somebody is looking for you they can find you instead of your competitor.

Search Engine Marketing SEm Melbourne Services

while search engine optimization can improve your rankings on Google and Microsoft and Yahoo, it is very hard to land on the front page of Google and Microsoft. Instead of trying to get on the front page through organic keywords, you can buy keywords or bid in keywords so that when somebody searches for keywords that you are trying to target, your advertisement comes up on the sponsored listings on the page. This can sometimes be just as effective as appearing on the front page of Google, Yahoo or Microsoft. For every click that a visitor makes on the search engine to land on your site, you pay a small amount of money to the search engines. If done properly, and well tracked, you could achieve substantial conversion.

Email Marketing / Newsletters

Email is the cheapest channel to do marketing. For the 30 odd channels of marketing Email still gives you the highest ROI. ask us how you can make use of this channel to push your brand further.


More Information on Email Marketing and Pricing >>>

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing Facebook Design and Applications

Social media is as big as search engines and can really help you push your message further to the right audience especially if you are targeting teenagers and young adults. We can help you set up accounts and applications on Facebook, MySpace and twitter and help you understand and market through these channels.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics Integration and Consultation Web Analytics Integration and Consulting Services

do you know how your website is working? We can help you put a reporting engine at the end and provide you with periodic reports that can tell you how you website is helping you meet your key online business requirements.

Customer Surveys Web Analytics Integration and Consulting Services

want to know how your customer thinks? A well-designed survey either on the website or through an e-mail, with specific questions that relate to improving your online brand can help you understand what your visitors want and what ticks them. We can help you set up surveys on the website and via e-mail.

Banners and Ads

Static, Animated and Interactive Banner Ads Web Analytics Integration and Consulting Services

Banner Ads are a great way to deploy your advertising in major Ad Networks and portals and get your services in front of a lot of people.


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Social Media Management Social Reputation Management


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There are heaps of reasons what sets us apart from other companies however what we feel is really important for you is this. Most companies build you websites and set up things, they don't understand what makes a business successful. It's not just a shiny website but the framework and the marketing.


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