eCommerce Store Process

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1. Marketing Framework

We want to make sure that when you launch your eCommerce store, there is a realistic period of time where you'll get our ROI. So the first step is for us to make sure that you have a marketing backbone in place to drive those visitors to the website and help them make the buying decisions


  • Looking at existing Customers and their propencity to buy online
  • Looking at Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing to get new visitors to your new store
  • Looking at Search Engine Optimistation factors to estimate number of visitors to your new site
  • Looking at email marketing to push out store information to subscribers/customers

After this stage, we will give you a realistic expectation on how successful your store will be and when you can expect ROI. We'll also put recommendations that will help you get more sales.

2. Scoping the eCommerce framework and extras

At this stage we will look at available frameworks including own own dzineStore to see what best fits your needs. Somtimes the most flexible framework turns out to be the most complicated for a clients' needs.


  • Looking at available frameworks
  • Discussing ongoing maintenance
  • Looking at available client resources
  • Choosing a framework
  • Choosing extras for the eCommerce Store

3. Implementation

At this stage, we will start gather the store attributes, product attributes, postage information etc


  • Gather Store attributes
  • Gather product and category attributes
  • Put everything in place
  • Launch Store Marketing (step 2) and go live with the site

3. Improvement

This stage is roughly a few months after the initial implementation. At this stage, we will look at how well the store has performed and tweak/improve the store


  • Look at store reporting
  • Look at customer demand
  • Look at optional extras that were put in hold during site launch
  • Improve website
  • Go live with the changes