Website Design Process

How do we design our websites? Please click on the tabs to view details:


website design australia process

1. Scoping the Website

This stage is a preliminary meeting where we sit down with you and find out about the direction of the website. Where you plan to take it, whats your target market, what approach you are using etc.


  • Who your target market is for your website
  • What do you want to achieve out of your website design

After the meeting, we will then look at your current website if you have one, look over our notes, look over your competitors websites, do a detailed analysis on your existing website and your competitors webstie. The outcome of this is an analysis report and a website mockup.

2. Implementing the Website

This is the process of going live. We ideally want to get you live as soon as we can. So we go through the following process


  • Create a prototype of the mockup
  • Fill in the content
  • Implement SEO Components based on SEO analysis
  • Test Website
  • Go Live

3. Improving the Website

The last stage is looking at how successful the website design is for you and then making changes based on that


  • We view visitor behavior
  • We review content and see what is being consumed
  • We improve the website based on the findings