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DzineClub Australia has an experienced team of Drupal developers who can help to give you or your business an online presence using the content management system provided by Drupal.

Popular companies are using Drupal to create websites because it is considered as one of the best content management system. Drupal can be used to create a wide variety of websites like blogs, intranet applications, friendship community sites, e- commerce sites and more. It is also voted as one of the best content management system. Some of the key features of Drupal are listed below:



Wordpress Development AustraliaDrupal CMS Feature

Publishing Content

Drupal can be used to publish articles, post comments or managing and organizing huge variety of contents in an easy manner. Contents in Drupal can be published using story, page or blog.

Story has a unique feature of collaborating content.  Here other individuals can be authorized to contribute content to a book. Story is a set of pages connected together in a hierarchical sequence having chapters, sections and subsections. Story is mostly used to create manuals, sites resource guides, frequently asked questions etc. By default the content written inside story is seen at home page and provides ability to post comments.

Page is used to create and display information that rarely changes. It does not provide facility to post comments like story does.  Website pages like about us page can be created using page.


Blog is used to create online posts.


Wordpress Development AustraliaDrupal CMS Feature

Search Engine Friendly Urls

Drupal provides a facility of using customizable URLs that are both user and search engine friendly.


Wordpress Development AustraliaDrupal CMS Feature

CMS Modules

Modules are add-ons which allows to extend and customize the core functionality of Drupal. There are lots of modules developed by the community which is available free of cost.


Wordpress Development AustraliaDrupal CMS Feature

Online Help

Drupal provides a comprehensive guide in the form of documentation, user manuals, tutorials, books which allows user to easily install, use or configure it. One can also post queries for online help in case of difficulty.


Wordpress Development AustraliaDrupal CMS Feature

Open Source CMS Platform

Drupal is open source that means the source code is freely available under the terms and conditions set by the GNU general public license. One can extend or customize the features of Drupal unlike other proprietary Content Management System or Blogging software.


Wordpress Development AustraliaDrupal CMS Feature

Theme Based Personalisation

The look of the Drupal can be customized to meet the individual user preference.


Wordpress Development AustraliaDrupal CMS Feature

Role Based Permission for Users

We do not need to individually set the permission for each of the user. Role based permission can be set. Hence, each user is assigned with a role to give the required permission. Users can also be grouped based on the roles i.e. role based grouping.


Wordpress Development AustraliaDrupal CMS Feature

Built in Search

Drupal provides built-in searching mechanism. All the content present in Drupal is fully indexed and searchable. Hence, searching content is very easy in Drupal.


Wordpress Development AustraliaDrupal CMS Feature

User Authentication

User can register and login into the system locally. However, Drupal has provision of authenticating users from the external source like Jabber, Blogger, Live Journal or another Drupal website. Drupal can also use LDAP server for authentication if used in an intranet.


Wordpress Development AustraliaDrupal CMS Feature

Content Management Features


  • Polls

    Drupal has a built-in poll module which allows administrator or user to create poll and show it in various pages.

  • Design Tempaltes

    Drupal segregates design from business logics. Hence, it  is easy to change the look and feel of the website with the knowledge of just PHP and HTML.

  • Threaded Comments
    Threaded comment model in Drupal allows users to post comments in articles, forums or blogs. It increases the interactivity. Users can easily see a discussion on a topic.

  • Version Control

    It is one of the important featured in a Content management system. Version control in Drupal allows users to track all the details related to a particular content like published date, created, modified date.

    It also allows to rollback to an earlier version of an article thereby reducing the time to restore the changes.


Wordpress Development AustraliaDrupal CMS Feature

Flexible and Extensible Blogging Platform


  • Blogger API Support

    It provides flexibility to the users of Drupal who want to use external tools to publish or read posts in blog of Drupal. Blogger API like Blogger Data API, MetaWeblog API, Movable Type API are popular. This module can be configured and activated.

  • Content Syndication
    News aggregator can easily read the content syndicated by the Drupal website. Content can be exported in RSS format which is easily read by the news aggregator or RSS reader. People can also subscribe to it.

  • Platform

    Drupal supports a wide variety of server platforms like IIS, Apache, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OS X platforms.

  • Database Independence

    Drupal is built on top of a database abstraction layer to support MYSQL and PostgreSQL but can also be extended to work with other databases.

  • Multi-Language Support

    Using Drupal one can easily create a multilingual website, blog or application to cover wide range of audience.


Wordpress Development AustraliaDrupal CMS Feature

Administration, Reporting and Analysis


  • Tracking Visitors and Statistics
    Drupal can show browser based reports with information about referrals, content popularity and how visitors navigate your site. This helps the site owners to check the popularity of the website and content and take corrective action for the section which is less focused.

  • Logging and Reporting
    All the events that occur within the website is logged which can later be view by the site administrator.

  • Web based administration
    Drupal provides easy to use GUI based web administration which can be accessed from any part of the world making website easily manageable.

  • Increased Performance through Caching
    Caching can be used to avoid database queries all the time which helps to diminish the server load when the website is having high volume of traffic. Many high traffic websites perform well using this feature.


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