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We have built AussieNighlife which is a nightclub portal for Australia. Also with experience across building websites for Restaurants, Hotels and Real Estate, we know what drives you traffic to your NightClub, Bar or Lounge Website and what to do online to drive people through the doors.


CMS Capability


Self Maintained

  • You will be able to change your Nightclubs, bars or lounges website yourself
  • Add, edit and delete new pages
  • You can have a rotating gallery of your venue or your visitors to build the atmosphere on your website


Photo Gallery

  • Set up and mange photo galleries
  • Allow facebook users to comment and like your photo galleries


  • Set up Events
  • Allow visitors to RSVP to your events
  • Allow visitors to receive special promotions



Marketing your NightClub or Bar

Facebook Marketing for your NightClub or Bar

  • We will set up the site so that you can start using Facebook to promote your NightClub or Bar
  • Set up Events and get people RSVP'ing through Facebook Events

Social Media Marketing for your NightClub or Bar

  • Set up social media sharing so that your bar's details, photos and events can be shared on facebook, twitter and myspace

Email Marketing for your NightClub or Bar

  • For those visitors who prefer email, you can get your existing list and send them emails with a special offer on the day to drive people through the doors
  • Send an offer a week before someone's birthday with an offer for a free drink card


SMS Marketing for your NightClub and Bar

  • Why not use SMS to get people to put their names on Guest list. For examples the first 20 to reply get free entry before 12 pm :)


SEO and Affiliates

Search Engine Optimisation and Affiliates can drive huge amounts of visitors to your site. We can help you leverage these channels.


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What sets us apart from other companies?


There are heaps of reasons what sets us apart from other companies however what we feel is really important for you is this. Most companies build you websites and set up things, they don't understand what makes a business successful. It's not just a shiny website but the framework and the marketing.


We dont just make websites, we help you become successful online